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29 Oct 2023 22:46:40
3 points to the good but not good for the nerves. Any hints feom those in the know as to who PC is wanting to bring ion board in Jan? Heard mentioned players he has worked with previously?

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30 Oct 2023 07:27:38
His last 3 clubs don't sell players on the cheal, so unless we can get players in on loan i doubt we are signing anything other than youth players or players who do not feature for brugge, monaco or even genk.

30 Oct 2023 10:05:11
Martins is ooc with Monaco 2024 wouldn't mind him for the rw.

30 Oct 2023 13:09:19
We didn`t sell, Bassey, Patterson, Aribo, Kamara or Sakala on the cheap . We got what they were worth and probably more in one or two cases. We have given managers millions to spend over the last two summers, it has been wasted by those managers, but none of the players bought have been youth players. Probably not wholesale changes in the January window but I would expect two or three probably in the midfield to front areas.

30 Oct 2023 14:35:05

Van Bronkhorst wasn't involved in any of the transfers whilst he was manager. He didn't get the players he asked for and he didn't know Aaron Ramsey was coming until he had signed. He didn't waste money, he should have been given the freedom that beale had.
He got us to a European final with no fit strikers, he was hard done by.

30 Oct 2023 16:00:44
Neither VanBronkhurst or latterly, Gerrard, were allowed to sign the players that they wanted. Thankfully the Directors that were primarily running the show at that time have now gone. I still can't believe that Beale knew and wanted the players that we signed this summer, if he did then I am struggling to understand why the Board allowed him to sign some of them given their recent history.
We need to get away from signing third rate players and set a standard below which we simply won't go and we need to target quality young up and coming players that the manager can work with.
I'm still not convinced with our current Chief Scout and hoping that we bring in a top quality DoF that knows the Eastern European and South American Markets.

30 Oct 2023 18:43:46
Again I think we need to offload some of these guys before we buy more .

Lundstrum . out of contract 6 months

30 Oct 2023 18:48:15
Berkshire I totally agree

If some mid premier league teams struggle in Europe how do we expect to progress to champions League level if we are signing guys from lower championship or division 1 that other English teams don't want

Let's face it if any higher championship team or lower prem team wanted them they would go there instead

We need to be looking at young players from .

North South America

Players on the way up need to take the gamble before other teams in europe.

30 Oct 2023 18:58:45
Crcp, I don`t believe that for a minute, what manager takes a job that he has no input in who the club are signing . If that is true its just another sign of his weakness, I referred to summer windows didn`t mention Diallo, Ramsay and Sands. It also means that GVB was a liar because he stated at a press conference that he was party to the signings made. Gerrards last window was heavily influenced by a lack of cash due to the C.V. season but he still added Lundstram and Sakala on Bosmans to a squad that he had assembled and won the league with. As for Beale, he was the manager, the football expert if you like and he was backed to sign the players he wanted, if he hadn`t then he would not have been to blame for our poor start to the season . The boards mistake was appointing him, not backing him.

30 Oct 2023 20:30:59

30 Oct 2023 21:27:18
Don't know why some of our fans now think its the norm that managers only sign players that they have previously worked with. That was very much a Michael Beale thing because (as he has displayed in tye summer) he does not have an eye for a player, I'd be willing to bet that Clement will be totally opposite to that. He will only sign players he has worked with if the price is right and they add something to the squad. I mean look at the Balogun signing, a guy that was deemed not good enough last summer is resigned because michael beale thinks that he is still the same player he worked with in 2021. Players regress as the years go on, especially when they were over 30 in the first place.

30 Oct 2023 21:28:05
Our current chief scout worked for celtic and should not be here in my opinion. A lot of our signings this year had been on a shortlist from Gerrards time and we didn't manage to get them then. Unluckily for us we now do. Would be a laugh if first player PC goes for is Shankland after years of overlooking him for other duds.

30 Oct 2023 21:34:40
NRD because he is not good injured.

Crcp gio was backed and he wasn’t good enough as our manager his football style was horrendous worse than beales.

31 Oct 2023 00:49:33
Dado, John Park was overruled on most of the players he recommended by Beale. Only Butland and Sima were his recommendations, Luis Palma was his shout as well, agreed at £2.8million but again vetoed by Beale. Park’s recommendations at Celtic netted them Over £100 million profit over 10 years. He is a life long Rangers man, he only joined Celtic after being let down by McLeish who was supposed to take him with him from Hiba along with Andy Watson and Malky Thomson .

31 Oct 2023 08:14:10
Was told at the game on Sunday that Beale was openly telling folk in the summer that Dessers is 10 times the player Danilo is. Pretty much sums Beale up if that’s true. He’s squandered a hige investment on absolute dross in Dessers and Lammers.

31 Oct 2023 11:18:56
Amazu potentially? Clement will know him from his time in belgium.

31 Oct 2023 11:19:47
Fruit I think it had a lot to do with it was not Beale who identified Danilo for Rangers, same re Cifuentes.

31 Oct 2023 12:17:21
Gofor, why Lawrence and why Dowell? Remember Dowell kept Cantwell out of the Norwich team. He's got a lot to offer us. I'm hoping we see PC have a huge effect on him.

31 Oct 2023 14:30:08
Is it not the case dowel played instead o fb any well cause cantwell was frozen out for not signing a new contract? Rather than playing ahead of him as such.

31 Oct 2023 20:47:14
John I think you are spot on, typical of Beale, he had an air of arrogance about him but in the end it seemed more talk and less action. If he was chocolate he’d eat himself.

31 Oct 2023 21:54:47
Storm you really think Gio was worse than Beale? I find that hard to take for me Beale is the worst thing to happen to us since 2012 he’s set us back that far! Gio won the Scottish Cup and made a fortune for the club in Europe in less than a year! And WSL plenty of coaches agree to manage teams with little influence on signings it’s modern day football it’s obviously better if a dof and manager work together but it’s not always the case!

01 Nov 2023 08:18:45
Beale said Dessers is 10x the player of Danilo?!

I don't even think he's 10 x the player of Stephen Hawking.



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