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27 Oct 2023 23:57:10
John227. You getting a sniff of anything regarding TD/ DOF mate?

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28 Oct 2023 09:34:28
White horse no.

28 Oct 2023 14:55:01
I think the scent has ran cold.

28 Oct 2023 15:18:33
Did someone (Clement? ) not say this might take a few months?

28 Oct 2023 15:30:31
James Bisgrove was talking in weeks or months, Rangers will struggle to attach an elite level DOF for obvious reasons.

28 oct 2023 20:08:11
noticing you only post negative words mate

what is happening on here, from green holes to constant negative posts from new names, what exactly is an "elite level dof".

and what's the obvious reasons?

28 Oct 2023 21:02:56
Well spotted TT1212. 24/ 7 mate!

28 Oct 2023 22:53:12
Hes right though? Weird thing to dig him up over.

28 oct 2023 23:23:18
elite level dof, you need to step back mate, you have a strange outlook on scottish football

we will employ the best we find, elite or not,

elite level, wit.

29 Oct 2023 01:06:16
Like I said 24/ 7. New posters. Old news.

29 Oct 2023 09:07:53
I'm glad there's posters like you and Tom on here, white horse, who can see what these imposters are all about. Honestly, the only thing that pees me off on here is how some of our own can't see what's right in front of them, who actually interact with these imposters, and then stick up for them. Keep up the good work my friends, and keep calling them out.

29 Oct 2023 10:00:26
Folk do not underwhat rangers say. Mints weeks but the appoi Is imminent.

29 Oct 2023 10:01:39
Well said raise the Roofe. They allow one off them to dictate site.

29 Oct 2023 10:25:57
I was accused of being an imposter when I came on here. Strange behaviour to be honest. So there are the elite few on here that are actual rangers supporters? Or am I getting this wrong? ? apologies if I am.

29 Oct 2023 10:32:31
I know that John, and it's nauseating mate.
For any Rangers supporter, on here, who interacts with one of them, especially after they spout the "new club", "11 year old" crap, is both embarrassing, and vomit inducing.
I have celtic supporting family, in laws and friends, who spout the "new club" pi#h, and they're wallopers too.

29 Oct 2023 11:27:10
Azul, there is a wee community of people in Scotland who spend their lives trying to stoke uncertainty among the fans of our club, with constant little posts that hint at turmoil behind the scenes. They are always just a little suggestive, as if the poster knows more than they are willing to say, and usually turn out to be just smoke and mirrors. Its sad but true that these people are obsessed and seeing Rangers fail is more important than seeing their own clubs succeed.

Maybe people on here are paranoid now, but there has been plenty of confirmed posters whose intent was malicious.

29 Oct 2023 12:32:53
Probably just pub talk but I have heard from a few different people that the board are looking for someone with proper contacts in the main land Europe as they don't believe shopping in the championship is going to take us to were they want.

29 oct 2023 13:38:23
exactly colin, i find it very strange that anyone would call themselves verdant abyss,

29 Oct 2023 14:05:56
I don’t pay attention to any of that noise, but I see your point. I thought verdant was MB ?.

29 Oct 2023 14:13:47
Souness will do the job on a consultancy basis, ideal they don't need a permanent fixture as Clement is a smart guy and not a barra boy like Beale .

29 Oct 2023 14:19:55
Verdant meaning green I see that point as well.

29 Oct 2023 14:47:00
Example of the obvious reason is Jewell was approached and instantly turned the job down because he said the job wasn't worth the headaches and agrervation for the salary being offered.

29 oct 2023 15:35:58
it means a dark green hole mate, an abyss

clearly a reference, how on earth anyone thought otherwise ha# always been beyond me.

29 Oct 2023 22:30:33
I have friends who still say "old firm" but still at the same time state we are a new club ? how can it be old firm . educating these morons is very tough. I might bring in the singing kettle ?.

30 Oct 2023 01:19:25
Seen a lot of first time posters spouting wild stuff recently too. I don’t have any contacts or inside knowledge so generally don’t post rumours, I just like to join in the discussion. John, Whitehorse, Beale and others make this site for me and keep me reading.

30 Oct 2023 07:24:21
I just find it absolutely astonishing that anyone would even do such a thing it's absolutely pathetic, I wouldn't even click on another team page far less trawl through and post kidding on the be one, how sad does your life need to be to do that.

30 Oct 2023 12:35:24
Abyss also had a celtic player in his profile picture so had my suspicions but I and others when new have been wrongly accused of being from the other side and some people are just negative Rangers fans. Back to the OP, see Stuart Webber of Norwich being linked for DoF, leaving them imminently, sure his name was mentioned previously.

30 Oct 2023 14:24:02
Raisetheroofe, I agree with a lot of what you say mate, but to call interacting with a celtic fan nauseating is just pathetic honestly, no wonder the hatred continues with the divide of both fans, with silly comments like that. I know it's not on this site but I've been with my partner 25 years she's celtic daft, we have brilliant banter between us regarding the old firm, I'm sure I'm not the only one with a celtic supporting missus, and it's certainly not nauseating talking to her.

30 Oct 2023 19:47:51
You obviously never got my post Boy blue, so maybe try reading it correctly before spouting the "pathetic" rubbish.

31 Oct 2023 11:22:41
Huey the guy Webber has a good track record.



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