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23 Oct 2023 12:45:22
See Rangers are getting linked with young Sunderland cf Mason Cotcher, I've never seen this boy play but heard many wonderful things about him.

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23 oct 2023 13:24:19
many wonderful things, wow, is he a magician or something, , c'mon mate, yiu heard wonderful things about everyone all summer,

congrats by the way.

23 Oct 2023 13:51:24
?yes Tom many wonderful things about him I'm a Sunderland fan also and any Sunderland fan that watches the youths only praise him, see you now think Dessers could cut it at as a Rangers player big change in a couple of weeks Tom.

23 Oct 2023 14:07:22
??? To be fair mate, Tom's got you there!

23 Oct 2023 14:38:43
Interesting given he started for arsenal u18s 2 days ago.

23 oct 2023 14:57:04
to be fair n8, I've heard many wonderful things about arsenals under 18s too, wonderful things,

bealy, yes i di think dessers could cone good, but not wonderful, just good, and i can't remember saying otherwise however maybe i saw something that changed my mind, dint be so utterly precious, many wonderful things is quite a statement, maybe you just meant someone said he was a decent prospect eh.

23 Oct 2023 15:05:02
Tjs the only interesting thing here is he clearly has potential if Arsenal are sniffing about him.

23 oct 2023 15:16:53
is there something wrong with thinking dessers could come good, i also felt matondo could come good and also i feel danillio needs goals, to lift him, dessers could be a very good foil, strong and willing worker, fantastic pass into the net the other day, if he's played in a 2 he could be very good, imo.

23 Oct 2023 15:46:39
Still waiting on Beale65 naming the people that said sima wasn't good enough ?.

23 Oct 2023 16:29:00
I'm sure he would chose us over Arsenal. Rangers have a very good youth system which allows him to play B team football or an opportunity to go on loan to Raith rovers or Partick thistle.

23 oct 2023 16:36:03
i wasn't one of them i know that, i like sima just think others will also like him, he has a classy touch about him, and pace which is invaluable imo.

23 Oct 2023 16:40:56
Sima far more chance of him playing for us rather than arsenal just now, big part in these deals.

Gofor don't you read this site properly over half this site wrote Sima off after a few games.

23 Oct 2023 16:56:48
I wasn't one of them and have always said the boy could play. I seen him rip us apart, and I always believed in him. As soon as he started to get his confidence back, I knew he'd click.
The only new player who worries me is Lammers - he's a strange one! Has anyone else noticed how much energy he looks like he is using, just to end up doing pretty much nothing? Yes, there's always one or 2 bits of quality, but he is pretty much infective. He has been unlucky, so I'm not giving up on him yet.

23 oct 2023 17:39:04
over half the site, , i never knew that either, sima has quality, possibly something is missing that would see him go to the top, but many will be watching him now.

23 Oct 2023 17:40:22
Strange site this, it starts with a rumour and ends up in an argument amongst each other, chill out lads its only monday.

23 Oct 2023 20:02:08
So you're a Sunderland fan that watches Sunderland youth's and you have heard so much about him yet you had no idea that he is on trial at Arsenal? let me guess, he can play cf st rw ram cam lam etc and is quality. Sounds all too familiar Beale.

23 Oct 2023 21:01:26
I don't want to burst your bubble today my star, as I know you're celebrating your great news, but this thread is hilarious mate, and you're getting it big time. Talk about making an arse of it! It happens to us all, so do fret about it.
My only advice to you is, if you do watch Sunderland, try doing it with your eyes open. Only joking!

23 Oct 2023 22:48:01
Gers where did I say I watched Sunderland youths? so what about arsenal? you think he can't sign for anyone else, he's going to sign his first professional contract, he can choose his next club.

Raisetheroofe you watch Rangers b team, I only watch Sunderland main team mate.

24 Oct 2023 00:43:46
My mate who was a Sunderland supporter has stopped following them cause of the manager. Think that's staunch.

24 Oct 2023 00:51:34
Technically Sima is dreadful… but he’s a goal scorer… wouldn’t spend crazy money on him… when is his contract up? As seems to like playing for us?

24 Oct 2023 01:49:44
You keep saying that Beale 65 but you fail to mention a single name

Even though you say it was half the site

You remember it was half the site but can't remember one name.


24 Oct 2023 01:56:14
Oh and what was it is said Norwich fans not getting to see dowel much Beale65 looks like it's going to be the same with us ?

Sima I like

Lammers I still like grafter even if ability a bit lacking needs something to fall for him

Danilo good stats needs games

Hoping Clement can get cifuentes back to player I seen in MLS

Dessers lol there is something there as I said before but he's still slow as feck and doesn't seem to have the instinct to be in the right place maybe it's a different type of football throwing him but needs to do hell of a lot more if he's to turn it around at rangers.

Lawrence I like but feel it's going to just be injury after I injury same as roofe.

Matondo young still has time on his side but needs to do more when fit also.

24 Oct 2023 02:52:33
I really don't understand folk who write players off too quickly, I tend to give players at least a full season to bed in, some players hit the ground running and some don't, look at borna, first season he was useless then he came good now he's regressed, even Super Ally took time to settle. Some will come good some won't a lot depends on man management, bonds being made with other players etc, etc gone are the "a team that drinks together" and all that. I think dessers is a work horse and would benefit a strike partner or someone who will make runs beyond him, lammers needs to speed his work up as he won't be afforded the same time on the ball in scotland, danilo definetly has what it takes but again needs confidence he is exceptional in the air for his size. These guys just need handled correctly and played in their proper positions. In Clement I think we have an astute manager who knows how to cojoul the best out of players or at least I hope so. 1 thing for sure is when those players no matter who step over that white line with that badge on their chest they will receive 100% of my support.

24 Oct 2023 04:56:04
So you're a Sunderland fan my star ?As you know newcastle utd is my favourite english club mate, so we have a wee bit of rivalry going on there pal ?.

24 Oct 2023 07:25:38
Star you need a thick skin on this site . Any slight opportunity and the usual suspects will be down on you like a ton of bricks.
It’s an avenue to let the personal frustrations in their lives free.
I get your original post and there was no harm in it .
Don’t let them get to you my friend. They are just a tad insecure and need to berate all the time to feel good about themselves.
In my opinion ( need to add that with every post now it seems lol )

24 Oct 2023 07:26:12
Gofor Norwich fans didn't see Dowell much last season, they better open their eyes like raisetheroofe said because he scored many goals for them, also i can't remember the names but their was many, go look for yourself and you will see.

Fine thinking that tom, but I'm very sure the post you put up weeks ago said Dessers would never cut it as a Rangers player, maybe the use of wonderful was the wrong word, but everything is wonderful just now.

More fool you sws. ?.

24 Oct 2023 07:59:01
Agree 100% mols, most bring nothing to this site apart from pulling poster up.

24 Oct 2023 08:15:47
Molsgoals can you name the usual suspects? ?? Bet you can't in my opinion!

24 Oct 2023 08:59:05
*Holds hand up*
I was one who was not a fan of Sima.
He has scored a few good goals but he is still rather wasteful and needs a fair bit of work. He is just playing against absolutely rotten opponents too so looks better.
European games will show his true ability. Also still waiting to see this amazing pace everyone is on about.

24 Oct 2023 09:35:20
Gofor, i also said he wasnt good enough and I've said that he's really turned it around and is impressing me. Plenty of others had said about sima. It seems you are just trying to pick a fight with Beale.

24 Oct 2023 09:44:16
I was also 1 who said sima was horrendous, he's doing decent now tbf but like most players this season they have all played awful more than played well.

24 Oct 2023 10:29:49
Brian gers fan Suspect number one
In my opinion ?.

24 Oct 2023 12:16:44
If Sima wasn’t prone to the odd donkey move then he wouldn’t be at Rangers but I have to admit some of his finishes have been top drawer and his speed and strength puts fear in any defence, don’t know many of us who wouldn’t have him in the starting 11 ??.

24 oct 2023 12:24:13
dont think i did mate, but i was only having a laugh with you, i am happy for you atm, lovely day for the family yesterday.

24 Oct 2023 12:36:30
Well done Molsgoals. We need a bit more love on this site. Peace, love and understanding and many other wonderful things.

24 Oct 2023 16:50:53
Allymc you must have missed his screamer against psv, you can't see Sima pace?

25 Oct 2023 15:47:08
I will be totally honest at first I wasn't happy and a bit mythed, I thought we let the best of our fire power go an brought in too much risk

Simas hit a good run of form n long may it continue, but I fear if he keeps going this way, we won't see him much longer ( like Tilman) money talks.



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