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23 Mar 2021 17:43:41
Romanian newspapers (read: not very competent type of journalism) are full of rumours regarding Ianis Hagi to Lazio (again! )

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23 Mar 2021 18:18:19
20 mill, a starting point. good luck to the lad, he is a diamond.

23 Mar 2021 18:21:29
If decent offer let him go.

23 Mar 2021 19:58:19
I'd rather lose him for around 8-10m than lose the likes of kamara or barisic.

23 Mar 2021 20:59:08
I’ve said it before hagi will move around many clubs in Europe, he’s that type of player,

24 Mar 2021 04:55:53
I like Hagi and you can see him getting better as he's also getting bigger and stronger. He gets kicked from pillar to post every game and always just brushes himself down and goes again. I wish he was more consistent then he would be worth mega bucks.

24 Mar 2021 08:36:06
Hagi will improve but if we could get away with just selling him for 10 million a would be happy.

24 Mar 2021 09:30:06
Unbelievable that people think Hagi is only worth 8-10 million while rating other players with less ability at double that! Hagi is technically one of our best players but he is being wasted when played in a wider position. He excels at the "number 10" position and that is where we should be playing him. I personally wouldn't be looking to accept anything less than £20m for him.

24 Mar 2021 10:01:23
There is no chance Rangers will get £20m for Hagi. Some people on here aren’t in touch with reality.

24 Mar 2021 10:29:35
IMO we need to keep him and nurture him because he is a gem. A rough diamond just needs polished to be worth a fortune.

24 Mar 2021 10:41:09
Possibly one of the most underrated players this season, scored quite a few important goals and assisted too.

24 Mar 2021 11:06:25
BWD! In your opinion, Hagi is one of the most underrated players this season, but Morelos is a waste of a Jersey? Classic! You have to be at the wind up? No way are you serious?

24 Mar 2021 12:46:20
20mil for Hagi, where do people get these outrageous valuations from. Sell hagi aribo so we can keep Kamara Kent etc. 👍.

24 Mar 2021 13:07:54
A player we don't need to sell and is still a project. I would expect us to be looking for a minimum of £10m for him.

24 Mar 2021 13:38:22
Don't think we would get near 10million for him.

24 Mar 2021 15:02:30
Thr belgians paid 8 mill euros to us and cut there losses after 1 season to us for 3 mill. he's had a decent season but in dream land if u think he's worth 20.

24 Mar 2021 16:15:16
This is becoming like a parallel universe here i don't want to upset anyone , but if you think there's a club in the world who will pay 20 million quid fir a guy who's a sub in the Scottish league you must live on another planet

Hagi is a classic example of a journeyman player and will join many clubs mainly through his family connections, watch and see, anyone who actually believes the boy, who hasn't nailed down a permanent position in any club yet, is worth 20 million is beyond belief really ,

Do you know what £20 million actually is? Yiur saying a substitute in Scotland is going to become one of the most expensive players in Europe , really, want to bet?

Hagi is good when the game suits him, he never kicked a ball after his firstc2 games and hasn't mailed down a ace since then but the deluded believes nothing underc20 million will do? Its just ridiculous, , maybe throwing monolopoly money around is ok in the house, but it doesn't happen in the real world, this is a guy who's mainly on the bench against Hamilton and Kilmarnock , who's going to pay 20 million, ? PSG?

24 Mar 2021 16:17:05
Not worth £20m however when your in a stong selling position for a player who isn't want away you often can get more than what people judge as their 'worth'.

Your worth what someone pays.

I don't see hagi as being in a rush to move on, has a lengthy deal with us. His numbers are impressive and his name brings him extra attention.

24 Mar 2021 16:20:41
dtb, he may be One of our most technical players, but he doesn’t make the team against Kilmarnock or Livingstone, or most others sometimes, he won’t go for even a quarter of what is being mentioned here, maybe some people forget clubs have lost millions, they certainly would never be interested in paying a fortune for a Rangers fringe player, even van dick went cheaper, it’s just a mystery that anyone would think otherwise.

24 Mar 2021 16:46:30
Italian Media are quoting £10m as the asking price and no one appears to be disputing that. A player is worth what a Club is willing to pay for him. Amazing though it might sound Clubs do pay over the odds as we saw when Arsenal bought a certain Scottish Full Back. Personally I am more interested in who we will sign since I believe that we need to strengthen the squad for next season. I would like to see us sign Lundstrom along with a quality centre forward, (since we appear to be losing DeFoe and I just don't rate Itten) . If Morelos is sold then I believe we will need to sign two strikers. I would also like to see us sign another midfield player given that Arfield and Davis are not getting any younger and Gerrard has already indicated that Jack will need to be managed carefully. I don't see Zungu being good enough. Depending on how Katic progresses and how well Jack Simpson settles in we might need to consider a new Centre back as well, (I am assuming that neither Jones, Stewart or Edmundson will be with us next season.

24 Mar 2021 17:03:54
If anybody thinks we will get 20 million for Hagi then they ate taking some amount of Narcotics get real.

24 Mar 2021 17:07:30
While I really can't see us getting anything close to £20m for hagi.
I think some have been a bit harsh on the lad.
He's not mainly been on the bench.
He's played 38 games this season, he's hardly been a fringe player.
Think he's also joint top player for assists (with Tav) in the spfl.

24 Mar 2021 17:14:30
Berkshire Blue

Some good points mate and very interesting take on the striker situation if Morelos goes. Defoe will also go so your right we would need 2 strikers. Like you I haven’t been overly impressed with Itten and Roofe hasn’t been great either. Very injury prone and has been very poor in some games. Major headache if Morelos goes.

24 Mar 2021 17:37:22
10 million is a fair price and if it let us keep the rest of our players then that’s good business think wright will keep him out the team anyway and would get gauld in on a free to replace hagi.

24 Mar 2021 19:29:54
Rangers will get 6 or 7 at most for Hagi he's been in out all season so nobody is going to pay 10 million us on someone who is not a regular starter yes he's a good player on his day but cannot say he's been a standout all season he has 1 or 2 good games then 2 or 3 non existent I'm sorry but that does not justify 10 million plus.

24 Mar 2021 20:37:35
Don't know why a lot of you arguing with each other for at end of day club will let our players go for buttons as usual.

24 Mar 2021 20:37:42
Just read an article on this and the figure mentioned was 8.5 million. Would be great business but hoping Wilson would be able to get a better fee. Big hope is we must replace players sold with at least someone with the same potential if not better. Would sacrifice Hagi if it means keeping one of our key players. Going to be an interesting summer window.

24 Mar 2021 21:04:34
For 8.5 million I would bite their hand off.

25 Mar 2021 08:55:35
Hagi and Aribo
Along with Kent are the game changers in the team.
I have seen big improvements this season in all 3 players.
I wouldn't be surprised if one of them goes.
Would like to see hagi played in his true no 10 role and to be given the ball more around the box where he can shoot.
He is so close so often.
I expect to score even more next yr.

25 Mar 2021 13:04:23
Think he would want to hang around for crack at champions league football, he won't get that at Lazio, not next season anyway.

25 Mar 2021 18:17:52
Question guys re hagi. do we think he is a better player and has more potential to grow that 11.5 mill ping pong.
Imo I would say yes he is a better player and should command at least 15 mill.

25 Mar 2021 19:00:44
Agree wee blue guy.

25 Mar 2021 23:56:13
I am surprised my posting got so much attention, despite me emphasizing the cited newspapers are not very reliable.

I am quite sure Ianis Hagi wants to stay as long as he has the trust of the manager and it looks that Gerrard values him. Moreover, he is not in it for the money, he wants to play in Champions League. There is no better team for him to be in, and he knows it!

26 Mar 2021 07:49:57
Got to agree soccerfan, he will want champions league football and can get it starting with qualifying to the group stage, if Lazio are desperate for him let them make offer in new year tranfer window.

26 Mar 2021 12:27:17
A footballer “ not in it for the money “” that’s a new one alright.

26 Mar 2021 15:35:40
Is it just Italian and Romanian
newspapers that aren't reliable then?
I havnt known a reliable football paper anywhere,



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