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15 Feb 2021 16:54:25
heard the players involved in the C.V. breach were. Bassey, Paterson, Mebude. Dickson, anybody got any confirmation on this?

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15 Feb 2021 17:46:54
I heard much the same barcelona1972!
I also heard that one of them tried to give a false name to the police 😡How irresponsible and stupid can these idiots be 😡.

15 Feb 2021 18:23:55
Yeah no one ever tried to give police a false name before 🙈.

15 Feb 2021 18:37:59
Under serious breach of CV protocol rules KJA9,common mate! Its not foolish youngsters throwing snowballs at neighbour's windows and getting caught with the police and giving a false name, is it🤔.

15 Feb 2021 18:42:53
So you think that it would have been ok for one of our guys to give the police a false name? Are you for real? Don't know about anyone else but I wouldn't dream of doing this 👱‍♂️.

15 Feb 2021 20:11:09
I have given the police a false name before when I was younger.

Also it’s a rumour SGL you have these guys sacked the lot and you don’t even know a thing that has happened.

Seeker mate would rather not speak to you as yer a 🤡.

15 Feb 2021 20:11:45
Serious breach but all the get is a £80 fine.

15 Feb 2021 20:22:11
I once told the polis I was regi blinker. They just laughed at me, and I said, no seriously, you should see me trying to play football.

True story.

15 Feb 2021 20:53:10
Heard he said his name is Greg Taylor, occupation footballer at Celtic 🤣🤣🤣🔴⚪🔵.

15 Feb 2021 21:15:59
Serious breech lol you’d think they’ve just broking into North Korea 😂😂. If they are found guilty of seeing a mate, getting a pizza and some Nat king Cole then give them the 7 match ban and consider punting them in the summer and move on, we have bigger fish to fry than worrying about a couple of guys who’s highlight of their career will be sitting on the bench for Rangers. I don’t know too many 19 year olds who are still following the lock down rules.

15 Feb 2021 21:39:23
Sorry for calling you a clown seeker having my time of the month.

15 Feb 2021 21:43:07
Doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I was brought up to respect the authority of a police officer. Says it all about the type of person you are. 99% of the people on here are decent and love a bit of banter. We don't all agree but we are all united in our love of the club. I've taken a real liking to most, Then there is the other 1%
Thought about chucking the site in right now, but why should I let one rotten apple spoil my enjoyment. Bring it on! 😂.

15 Feb 2021 22:53:26
Seeker millions of people have given police false info at one point especially when you are younger I was right in the 1st instance about you.

16 Feb 2021 01:27:28
word goimg round dickson is viewed the main instigator and will not play for rangers again. also a past indiscretion at play.

16 Feb 2021 07:00:54
KJ a9.seems you have a bit of a habit calling people clowns on this page for no reason eh.

16 Feb 2021 07:49:07
KJA9 the nhs are looking for volunteers, I think you could be doing with coming into a hospital environment for 3 months to see how serious this is instead of sitting at a computer all day posting mince on rangers rumours.

16 Feb 2021 08:45:43
Just imagine this site if we were top of the league,4 games away from winning it and still in Europe,

16 Feb 2021 09:55:08
I have never giving cops a false name either there only doing there job like anyone else people slate bad mouth curse dislike hate etc etc the police but anything hapoens there the first person you would call to help find the culprits who stole from you assaulted you etc etc

If it is bassey paterson etc all i can say is goodbye your rangers days are over.

16 Feb 2021 10:38:03
I was a good little boy and me and my friend got spoken to by police. I panicked and gave my friend's name and he panicked as he was planning on giving a fake name and ended up giving his name. A couple of drinks and first run in with police causes panic. Wouldn't surprise me if one gave a fake name. Police deal with silly little boys everyday doing that type of thing.

16 Feb 2021 13:24:13
Everyone on here that’s itching to hang theses kids out to dry can we all just remember these are kids not one of those names are over 21. I’m not condoning anything but if all this C.V. stuff was going on when I was that age I’m not sure I’d be able to follow the rules millions of people are doing the same thing but footballers are highlighted it’s very unfair to treat them differently from the guy in the street! And as for giving a false name that’s from fear of getting caught for doing something that’s hardly a criminal matter.

16 Feb 2021 13:35:58
I heard it was the 4 young boys. There isn’t any truth to the rumour that 8 of starting line up where there is there? Someone pretending to be a Jambo on sun feed claims to know a whistleblower. Don’t believe it but just checking. Don’t want anything to blow this for us.

16 Feb 2021 16:35:26
These boys should have understood that they were playing for Rangers and that as a Rangers Player they should have behaved and not broken the rules. I appreciate what some are saying about them just being young boys but, if the rumours are true and two of them are Squad players then they really should have known better. In my youth if I had done stupid, (and it wouldn't hopefully have been as foolish as this), then he would have told me to stop behaving like one of 'Them'. That would have been enough for me, the thought of even being considered a Celtic Fan would have been enough, a total insult!

16 Feb 2021 17:05:31

16 Feb 2021 18:11:26
I think you guys are missing the point about the false name scenario. I have to agree after been guilty of doing stupid things when younger to giving a false name and can see why others think it’s wrong, but for me trying to give a false name when you are famous is actually as daft as attending a party during lockdown.
I agree that many people will not have followed all the rules to the letter of the law and some will but as an elite professional sportsman you are in a privelaged position and also in the public domain so anything you do will be highlighted so you need to be following all protocols all the time as it affects your teammates and you are role models for youngsters.

16 Feb 2021 18:13:58
Dickson already in trouble with Gerrard for telling him lies, been told he's never going to play for 1st team.

16 Feb 2021 19:02:15
Was youth keeper kinner who gave false name.

16 Feb 2021 21:38:14
6 counties did he aye 👀.



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