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25 Jan 2021 10:09:55
Rangers have just confirmed the signing of scott wright from aberdeen on a pre-contract 👍They however hope a deal can be thrashed out, to get him before the end of the month 🤔
I welcome scott wright to the greatest, most successful football club on the planet 👍.

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25 Jan 2021 10:53:06
Expect Scott Wright to be as good a signing as the last player we signed from Aberdeen Ryan Jack. We don’t need him this month but will be interesting to see how McInnes now reacts with second place in SPFL up for grabs.

25 Jan 2021 10:59:38
Obvious lack of ambition by him.
Why else would he come to us to warm a bench. Not good enough to get into our first team.

25 Jan 2021 11:25:08
Slim Jim nothing like supporting our new signings.

25 Jan 2021 11:26:59
Slim jim is it your opinion he's not good enough for rangers or the managers. Because i trust Gerrard not you.

25 Jan 2021 11:37:10
Admire your optimism Slim Jim! Young hungry Scottish player who will develop under our coaching and world class training facilities. Good luck to the boy. He obviously has confidence in his own ability. Look how much of an impact Jack has had and Christie for the manky mob!

25 Jan 2021 11:46:56
Derek mcinnes confirmed that Scott Wright's going to see out his deal and won't arrive at rangers till the end of the season stating talks broke down supposobly, still time yet but I'd say we don't need him right now anyhow.

25 Jan 2021 11:59:23
How is it a lack of ambition? Surely its the opposite. Boy obviously believes he is good enough to make it here. Absolutely mind-boggling comment.

25 Jan 2021 12:27:48
Slim jim our management team have been good so far at spotting a player so what makes you think this boy can’t come in and do a job?

25 Jan 2021 12:36:29
If he is anywhere near as good as Ryan we have definitely won a watch Bankie.

25 Jan 2021 12:42:34
Slim jim what are you talkin about lack of ambition? The guy obviously has belief in himself in his own ability that he can make it. Same as 99% of the players that come to us. Jones barker etc. Of you are a professional footballer and don't believe in yourself then nobody else will. If rangers have shown interest then why would he think, na the don't really want me am no good enough for them.

25 Jan 2021 12:56:54
Absolutely nowhere near good enough for rangers. A terrible signing and waste of money again. Stewart and Jones are both better than Wright n can’t get near. I’d say wrights better than barker, however neither are good enough. Just think it’s a total waste of time signing. Hope to be proven wrong but highly doubt it.

25 Jan 2021 13:01:13
Dear dear slim jim get a grip.

25 Jan 2021 13:21:59
Bankie how do we not need him? He can play on the right we have loads of games coming and injuries can happen.

25 Jan 2021 13:45:54
We have to sign some Scottish players how many in the international team would we buy?

So we need to look at upcoming talent most will fail, however we will find that 1 that fits in.

Good luck to the lad hope it’s him.

25 Jan 2021 14:00:10
If you guys think he will be a first team starter then you are deluded.
Jones, Barker, Stewart, Hastie, remember them? Not good enough and Wright is going to be another.
Bench warmers at best.
Only thing going for him is being Scottish and helps us fill the bench in Europe.

25 Jan 2021 14:04:14
Hes far better than greg stewart IGWT younger, quicker, more direct, tracks back. Wont play every week but he's got plenty of potential and may turn out to be a really shrewd signing.

25 Jan 2021 14:05:43
KJA9, our current a squad is more than sufficient. Don’t worry though expect Wright to be with us next week when McInnes sorts himself out and his chairman realises SPFL runners up spot available.

25 Jan 2021 14:19:26
Neil McCann signed from a very poor team many years ago, just like Wright is doing now. At the time we had internationals in every position yet the manager saw something and the boy believed. McCann went on to be an incredible player for us and one of the best wingers we have ever had.

Maybe the reason we have done so well this year is that negative and impatient fans like Slim Jim aren't there to berate every misplaced pass. Good luck to the kid taking the gamble to leave a very poor team where he is guaranteed a game to test himself at a significantly higher level.

25 Jan 2021 14:20:53
I’d love nothing more than to be prove. Wrong, hope the boy does a turn for us. Doubt he’ll lever be a starter I think u all must admit that however perhaps he can be a decent squad player. I’m only giving my oppinion that he isn’t good enough for rangers and has done nothing of significance to merit a move to us. Good luck tk the boy but I don’t see it. Another hastie Stewart Jones barker and so on. We’ve had a lot of bad signings guys dunno why it’s being said that most signings have been good under gerrard. That’s not the case and it’s a fact. Ojo, ejaria, grezda, Stewart, Jones, barker, hastie, Flanagan, polster, Andy king, prob more I've forgot. Gerrards done an outstanding job and I’m 1 of his biggest fans and have never went against him. But to say most
Of his signings have been great isn’t true.

25 Jan 2021 14:25:12
Slim u don’t seem to understand football.
U need 11 on the pitch and at present 9 subs.
So Wright has a contribution to make.
Also are itten, McLaughlin, Defoe, Bassey et al bench warmers as you call them
And we get no added benefit for him in Europe simply takes Stewart place in the numbers game.

25 Jan 2021 14:58:34
Ingerrardwetrust i think you should maybe change your user name on here because you obviously don’t trust Gerrards eye for a player. Give the boy a chance.

25 Jan 2021 15:15:23
John, i can assure you i know and understand football very well.
My opinion is that he is not good enough. Time will tell but i expect this time next year i will be telling you "i told you so"

25 Jan 2021 15:22:13
If u can’t support the sign why bother.

25 Jan 2021 16:19:09
Naw red I think I’ll keep my name as is mate, I stuck by gerrard and supported and believed in him since the day he walked I. The door, not once have I ever doubted he’s the man for the job. Consistently improved our team. When others doubted him I backed him to k the hilt. The signings I’ve mentioned are factually flops and I believe so to will Wright be. Same as I said about barker. I’ll still support the bot but my oppinion of him now, is he ain’t good enough.

25 Jan 2021 16:21:27
Welcome the guy, wait and see and give scott wright a chance before pre-judging him for god's sake guys 🤔.

25 Jan 2021 16:26:04
Boy has 3 less goals than Kent Playing a much deeper role. He's quick, Likes the ball at his feet, Drives at players, is comfortable with both feet. Versatile. Wouldn't be surprised if he's Kent replacement for when he leaves.

25 Jan 2021 16:28:53
Some ssying he good / / not good enough for rangers

Time will tell who was wright and who was wrong

Welcome to the greatest football club on the universe scott wright.

25 Jan 2021 18:09:01
best to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all. c'mon tha rangers!

25 Jan 2021 18:15:01
Slim Jim I remember the same comments being made about Ryan Jack and kamara. Not good enough, settling for a place on the bench and look how they turned out on his day Jack is the best midfielder in the country and kamara is breathingdown his neck. Give the boy a chance before assuming he isn't good enough. Lots of players have came from the group just behind us traditionally hearts, aberdeen, hibs and have performed exceptionally well for us and Celtic.

25 Jan 2021 21:20:25
I just hope Scott Wright is not a visitor to this page. 🙈🙈🙈
All the best to him 👍

25 Jan 2021 21:38:35
Aberdeen will bottle it the last few days of transfer market bet he comes to us on 30/ 31 for 75k.

25 Jan 2021 22:20:14
😂😂😂 true that Andy haha.

25 Jan 2021 23:58:20
I think Middleton to st Johnston is a weird one . Surly he could have been used as part of a deal to get the boy Wright in this window? Even as a loan.

26 Jan 2021 07:44:06
😂 😂 😂 Lack of ambition? No this again. Coming to champions elect hoping to win a place in the team to maybe play against Big clubs in Europe. I for 1 am sure glad that Stoke never went for him.

26 Jan 2021 10:18:30
Wright very foolish to say he see out his contractas shown already how sheepers are going to treat him mcinnes knows it too.

26 Jan 2021 13:22:26
A lot of potential there when you consider he's coming into a skillful footballing side. Rangers must look for bargains and gems which can be molded into the team. Could be a fantastic signing and would be good to get him in now.

27 Jan 2021 12:37:55
Ingerrardwetrust what are you sleeping about? Your previous comment makes me think you don't know football at all. Firstly those 'benchwarmers' haven't lived up to full potential but still contributed in some games. Barker has scored in games we would have drawn and Jones against Killie etc so this whole"it's only my opinion" stuff is nonsense. And what have said is nonsense. Kamara wasn't "rangers class" ( I absolutely hate that comment) and look what he's done. Was Ryan jack good enough Players goto clubs. They will either do well or not. Wright is a good option and even though Aberdeen play him wide will be arfields successor, so Instead of spouting nonsense which actually makes no sense at all when u read it back, get behind him and hope that with better teammates, better facilities, better coaching (as your name suggests) and watch him Improve. At the very worst he'll be a good runner to frustrate defenders.



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