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23 Jan 2021 23:09:59
Rangers agree pre contracts for jack Simpson and Nnamdi Ofoborh but wants them in this window. Let's hope they have a good few years at the league champions elect. Young enough to have potential sell on in future. Welcome to Ibrox 😊.

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23 Jan 2021 23:46:47
Is this confirmed.

24 Jan 2021 08:19:05
Davie appears both deals are done nothing from rangers.
Benitez going to Celtic whoa.

24 Jan 2021 09:03:48
Seen that John now that would be some signing for them if true let’s be honest.

24 Jan 2021 09:15:14
Benitez is a descent manager too.

24 Jan 2021 09:29:21
Seen same reports both agreed

And benitez 1/ 4 fav for smell. tic job

Dont worry stevie g will chase him back down to newcastle lol.

24 Jan 2021 09:52:04
If Rafa gets The Celtic job were in for a helluva fight next season. He wouldn’t have took it without promises of specific money and also some players who wanted away or we thought would Leave may now just stay. Not going to lie I’d be worried if Rafa got the job let’s be honest he’s world class. One of the best.

24 Jan 2021 10:03:32
Benitez sniffing around for Arsenal job as the board there are looking alternatives to Mikel Arteta, was told this last week by an agent in London, Benitez not interested in any jobs outside EPL, return to Newcastle also an option but its Arsenal he wants.

24 Jan 2021 10:19:01
Apparently Guillem Balague Spanish report says not happen he has offers in Germany and for national teams.

Saw another report saying Roma and Napoli want him also.

24 Jan 2021 10:48:02
Benitez is one of the highest paid managers in the world.
Do we really think they can afford 5mill+ per year for him, another 5mill per year for his backroom team AND THEN, give him 50 mill+ every transfer window for the next 2 years?

24 Jan 2021 11:01:39
He is destined for Chelsea.

24 Jan 2021 11:01:46
John do you know anything about these players? If so could you share please. I know a wee bit about Simpson but not the other guy.

24 Jan 2021 11:02:02
Can’t really see the mahnky mob giving Benitez £60k a week and then having to spend 10s of millions on a new squad as there’s a whole load of work needing done as half of them want away. Also players values are dropping like a lead balloon and a support that don’t actually support them when times get hard. A board that don’t show ambition and then all the negativity that surrounds that embarrassment of a football club. They will end up with someone like brown and Keane as that’s their limit the now.

24 Jan 2021 11:10:13
Saying Benitez fake news. Would have lifted game in Scotland further.

24 Jan 2021 11:30:13
would be great press for Scottish game Benitez n Gerrard but don't see it too much money n think he has a lot of decent offers on the table
like Partick junior's 😂.

24 Jan 2021 11:40:45
Seen rafa mentioned with smell. tic arsenal chelsea newcastle etc

Tic can't afford him

Newcastle will assley give him what he wants £££££££

Arsenal same boat there not spending £££££

And as a chels man NO THANK YOU don't want him

Howe will be at tic

Rodgers will be at chels if lamps goes

Newcas will scrap barrel again for sean dyce

Arsenal will go for cheap coach.

24 Jan 2021 11:49:58
If Rafa goes to Celtic so be it! Because the money it will take for him to come and spend is unreal he was on 12 mil a year so he will be wanting easily 6 a year.

24 Jan 2021 11:50:21
Sean dych won't be any cheaper than Howe for Newcastle. They'd have to pay compensation. Be surprised if Howe would risk his career coming to Celtic. Would need to be promised mega transfer funds. Be a good move for them if they got him though.

{Ed001's Note - Burnley have had a takeover, I can't see Dyche leaving just now.}

24 Jan 2021 12:25:36
Don’t think there’s any chance of Rafa going to Celtic to be honest
It’s paper click bait in my view.

24 Jan 2021 13:09:37
So funny watching them all fall into the trap about rafa absolutely hilarious give him a war chest blah blah blah, one guy over there saying sell about 13 players all but 3 are absolute mince. Just who do they think wants to buy them you couldn't give most of their squad away😂.

24 Jan 2021 13:43:25
I think Eddie Howe will be in the frame, and his attacking style will suit Tic, unfortunately. Rangers have always been built on a solid defence, Tic on attack.

24 Jan 2021 16:24:24
Bgate. No nothing re midfield player.
We tried to sign Simpson two years ago, but never got him, at the time gerrard said he was highly rated, Howe talks him up.
However the experts on here say you can’t have a good reputation and be rated if only played 35 games.
For me I tend to trust Sg view.

24 Jan 2021 16:36:40
John25, how many games did Kent play for the first team b4 we signed him for 7.5mill.

24 Jan 2021 16:43:18
Ok John thanks mate, in Gerrard we trust 👍.

24 Jan 2021 17:11:34
The Benitez thing all started with a fake letter. The last of the phone number is 55 1872. Cracking bit of trolling and everybody has fell into it hook line n sinker.

24 Jan 2021 18:00:58
John 20 games bot 35 and it 25 years old that’s worrying if howe liked him that much why didn’t he use him more 🤭

Everyone allowed an opinion only if they agree with you 🤭.

24 Jan 2021 18:03:37
Bar 72 104 he played before we signed him for 7.5 million
77 before we signed him on loan and he also wasn’t 24 by then either.

24 Jan 2021 18:19:09
Bar 72 sorry I was being sarcastic, I was shout down Friday because I said that Simpson had good reputation. the experts on here said he can’t as had not played enough games.
Kent had played 100 plus first team games.

24 Jan 2021 19:54:13
kJ let’s play games you only want to talk league I include cup ties.
I’ll write what I want.

24 Jan 2021 20:01:14
Also kJ Simpson was 24 in December. So not 25 till December 21.

24 Jan 2021 20:10:25
I love all you Rangers guys, but if you truly believe Benitez has left China for Scotland were mistakem, he has offers in Italy and English managers are feeling the pinch down south the rumour was started by Rangers fans using a fake document and the number ended in 1872 have a good one let the title part commence ASAP and see how they reshuffle in the summer.

24 Jan 2021 21:51:19
Benitez Would be class at chelsea hope lampard keeps his job seemed to do better last year when they could spend no cash.

24 Jan 2021 23:59:56
KJA9 and Iohn25, really?
Between 2015 -2019 he played 0 for liverpool
2015, 2016 17 for Coventry (loan)
2016, 2017 44 Barnsley (loan)
2017 2018 6 Freiburg (loan)
2018 Bristol city 10 ( loan)
That's 76 in nearly 4 years! But we thought he was worth 7.5 mill?

25 Jan 2021 07:46:24
Bar not like u to be wrong again. Played more at Bristol and was on loan at rangers b4 we signed him.
kJ was clearly talking about all loan games before we signed him, try read post properly.

25 Jan 2021 07:51:23
Can’t believe folk think RB is going to that mob, the letter posted on social media is fake, did you see the phone number on it? Ends 1872! 😂.



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