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02 Nov 2020 16:04:38
Wee article in the sun online saying both players face an sfa probe but club won't be charged 👍🏻.

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02 Nov 2020 16:40:44
Clubs can't be held responsible for the actions of these idiots. Would be unfair. Was the same as people calling for mcinnes to be held to account, ridiculous, once a player is out on their own personal time the club can't be responsible. 👍.

02 Nov 2020 17:06:54
I’d have expected the clubs to be fined but happy that we’re not. Let’s investigate it, deal with it and move on. January will be here soon and we can get rid of them then.

02 Nov 2020 17:12:13
Coldo the problem with that is a lot of idiots and on here were wanting points of the sheep the lot and I bet they are all quiet now.

I 100% agree with you on this matter tho.

02 Nov 2020 18:25:00
Absolutely KJA9. Clubs can't be deducted points for decisions made in players personal lives, that's absurd. The only way a club should be punished is if the club fails to adhere to testing etc. 👍.

02 Nov 2020 18:30:49
The difference between the sheep and the unwashed, was there players/ player reported for training meaning postponed games. What's happend to rangers is similar however the police broke the party up and reported jj and ge to rangers as standard cv 19 protocol, therefore they've been no where near our training ground or other players. So the players can take whatever the government gives them. And if we can sack sandaza then why not them. Free up wages for right winger in Jan.

02 Nov 2020 20:01:30
What about transfer fees, are we in a Financial position to just forget about over a Million at the very least. Asking for our bank manager!

02 Nov 2020 20:07:30
Smith they won’t be sacked and anyone who thinks they will are being ridiculous.

02 Nov 2020 21:35:31
Sandakan was crap and was an excuse to get rid. These guys, we’ll Edmundson specifically has a sell on fee so no chance will be sacked. Edmundson will either go out on loan and then sold or be given a final last chance but jj will be offloaded in January either for pennies or freed.

02 Nov 2020 23:30:55
No deductions, we saw enough hand outs last season!

03 Nov 2020 13:14:19
Correct kJ. Said at the time be careful what you wish for.

03 Nov 2020 13:16:00
Dundee Hamilton it was not the police that report the players. That would be a massive breach of the law.

03 Nov 2020 14:44:07
Both players will cost rangers financially as you would expect no other club to touch them unless on loan with rangers getting burdoned
With bulk of the wages as Celtic with bolongoli or what ever his name is.

03 Nov 2020 15:22:22
Smithy, yes Rangers are very much in a position to write off a million quid, its multu millionaires who owns Rangers, and they've spent plenty already, however I don't think they will be sacked, but I certainly wouldn't be sure of that, there's a disciplinary code at ibrox, and gross misconduct is dismissal, but i think you will find them gone soon, however I wouldn't be surprised if someone at ibrox decides to tear up they're contract, after taking the legal advice required.

03 Nov 2020 15:23:52
KJ, ridiculous, will you please explain that mate, tell me, if Rangers sCk both after an investigation, who will look ridiculous mate, because there has been an awful lot of warnings and education, no, what you just said is ridiculous because dismissal will be a very strong option, if only to uphold Rangers credibility and moral standards, there will be people in ibrox who will want their contracts ripped up, without any doubt, so no, its not even close to " ridiculous mate.

03 Nov 2020 15:32:36
if you go down the gross misconduct route it's got to be watertitght, or were open to losing and having to pay up all the boys contracts. With the amount of players who have got away with similar, and worse I'm not sure we would get away with sacking them with no obligation to pay up contracts.

03 Nov 2020 17:03:26
55, believe me mate, I know employment law, I also have a very close relative who is probably the top man in that field, personally I been a union rep, employer and player, every case has to be “ watertight “ what is it that folks think it must be somehow very different from other jobs, they may have legal representation but ultimately they will also have signed contracts which work both ways, and gross misconduct will be writ large in every single one, dismissal is a very big possibility although I don’t think that will happen, but we don’t know the facts.

03 Nov 2020 17:16:01
They won't, and they can't be, sacked for what they've done. These guys are protected to the hilt and will be backed by the players union, so unless the club want to get into a legal and financial mess, they won't be sacked. They should never play for the team again, and should be moved on If someone will take them.

03 Nov 2020 18:23:53
Coldo, if clubs can be held responsible for th behaviour of fans then they can for players in their personal life.

03 Nov 2020 19:29:24
Nobody's saying they are treated differently from other jobs tom. I couldn't see my work sacking me for breaking lockdown rules, and I csnt see us sacking the 2 players. You say gross misconduct is in every contract, but there will be nothing regarding c. v in there contract. That's the issue. BMG hits the nail on the head above, fine them and sell them jan.

03 Nov 2020 19:43:20
jones will go.

04 Nov 2020 02:52:06
Bmg, i'm actually stuck for a response to that, " they can't and they won't " that's a brand new entrance to the world of employment, I don't think I've ever heard that said before, you can certainly hazard a guess that they won't be sacked, and you would probably be correct, but of course you ate guessing, to be silly enough to say " tgey can't is actually naivety indeed, " they cant" you really should start a business on that theory mate, you will have millions who "cant be sacked" joining the ranks, actually i'm not sure if you're having a laugh or just someone who makes gushing unilateral statements without actually knowing anything at all, , if rangers do decide to tear up the contracts mate, will you give them a call to put them right,

04 Nov 2020 02:58:29
this is completely and utterly far removed from a normal job mate, this may be seen by Rangers as a massive slap in the face and damaging to their reputation and sponsorship deals, you going to your pals for a beer is hardly going to bring your company into disrepute, and C.V. has been a major part of company law for some time now.

04 Nov 2020 02:59:34
do you must have been out at that party with them tell me the last time any club was punished for something a player did outside of work,

04 Nov 2020 03:01:19
just to keep you right, clubs get punished for the bad behaviour of their fans at football matches, not at a booze up in partick mate.

04 Nov 2020 07:53:39
My response, if you had bothered to interpret it correctly, said that they won't be, and can't be sacked without it getting messy. I don't need to come on here and tell everyone how much I know about employment law and how my wife's, uncle's, brother in law's cousin is the greatest employment lawyer in the whole wide world like you did, to know anyone can get the sack (of course you can sack anyone) my point was to highlight how messy it will be for the club, and it's probably a mess the club don't want to get involved in.
Do yourself a favour, Tom, read the post right through and look at my previous posts, as it might educate you a bit to understand what the club could be up against. 🙈.

04 Nov 2020 08:10:12
Tom, you're last statement makes no sense! "Just to keep you right mate, clubs get punished for their fans at football matches, not a booze up in partick mate". Again, If you had taken the time to read the post correctly, the legal mess I was alluding to was the one the club would have to challenge brought against them by the 2 clowns for unfair dismissal.
Unfortunately, you have allowed your emotions to get the better of you here, and in a fit of incandescent rage you have only saw what you wanted to see. Read my posts, I am with you on this one and want them out the door, but unfortunately, it's not as easy as that.

04 Nov 2020 10:20:22
Bmg, its what you said mate, " they won't and can't " its word for word, ?

And the fans behavior bit wasn't in regard to you mate, it was a response to dk and his ridiculous statement to coldo about " if clubs can be punished for their fans behavior then they can be punished for their players behavior in their personal life, utter codswallop and balderdash.

04 Nov 2020 10:23:04
" they won't and can't be sacked, these guys are protected to the hilt, and will be backed by the players union "

What part of that did I read wrong mate, ?

04 Nov 2020 10:29:53
And I certainly don't need educated my old chum, I won't bore you, but I employ 6 haulage drivers and one ladies, as well as my daughters, I was also a player and a union rep for years but I m well aware everyone else has had a life and career and I don't mind them telling me because it gives an insight into what they're telling me, and it may give me a new perspective, so simply coming back to have a massive go at my life history is not really nice, I didn't say I was a millionaire and played for Barcelona did I? I told you about my history because it is relevant to employment, and what may or may not happen, anyway I been up all night and its a difficult day for me so I'll be glad if we can bury this debate for now and be very good friends, ? After all we are the peepil.

04 Nov 2020 10:44:47
Ur having a rant tom, both me and bmg said we want them out. Its far less complicated to mske them sit till jan and see what offers we get. Could easily lose an unfair dismissal case and cost the club a fortune.

04 Nov 2020 10:58:22
They won’t 55, the people at Rangers nowad Are vastly experienced and even if they lose any tribunal, it wouldn’t be disastrous, and would probably be resolved quickly and quietly, but again they may simply be sideline during the season and gone by January, have a great day mate.

04 Nov 2020 11:07:55
That's my fault for not wording that better tom. What I meant was they can't be sacked or they won't be without it getting messy mate. If Rangers sacked them (which I would love them to do If they can without it getting messy) and it gets out this isn't the first time these clowns have done it or that other players have broken the rules, do you think these idiots won't divulge that to try and save their own skin? This is what I mean mate.
My apologies for thinking you meant me on the other post, I thought it was all aimed at me as there were no names.

04 Nov 2020 11:48:58
not at all mate, I think Rangers will deal with them and they will go in January, but dismissal is still on the table at the minute, of that there is no doubt and as you know in your job anyone who thinks that's not on the table is obviously clueless but I know you're not, anyway i need a little kip, and up for racing later, I have 2 horses to back at dundalk, Kinch,4,35, and special memento, 5,05, brexit and John and 55, GET ON 0.

04 Nov 2020 11:59:09
My fingers are crossed for a wee win for you mate.

04 Nov 2020 19:41:06
Uncross your fingers mate, disaster.

05 Nov 2020 01:30:17
Dismissal is not on the cards, would be way over the top considering no actual damage has been done, Both could come back into contention later. Need to get behind the team.



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