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09 Aug 2020 11:16:00
Mahmoud saber claims a number of clubs including rangers are interested in him.

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09 Aug 2020 11:23:39
Just read that, the new salah apparently, how many times has a player been compared to the new 'whoever' then failed to live up to the hype. Don't know anything about him but I think its unfair on these young boys to be labelled before their career has had a chance to start. 👍.

09 Aug 2020 11:40:47
18 years of age doubt he would get a chance under sg he prefers over 30s for the most part.

09 Aug 2020 12:13:31
Js. Is tav goldston balagun Edmundson Katie barisic Jack kamara Morelos Kent hagi Roofe Bassey Itten under 30.
So once again you r talking nonsense.

09 Aug 2020 12:20:45
I'd like to see young patterson getting a chance this year. I think he has shown a lot of early promise. 👍.

09 Aug 2020 12:25:09
None are under 20 John I am exaggerating but I also am not wrong in saying balogun, Davis, Defoe, McGregor, McLaughlin are over 30.

09 Aug 2020 13:28:01
and a good few others it has to be said, js. coldo gambling on youth for 9.75 in a row . or is it 4.75 .

09 Aug 2020 13:36:48
Cheers Eric obviously I am not aloud s bit of poetic licence to exaggerate a small amount although I for one can't name a player under 20 years of age that has had decent minutes under Gerrard.

09 Aug 2020 13:41:19
Whatever number your paranoid imagination conspires to tell you eric😱🤷‍♂️. I think its more of a gamble playing tav than it would be the young lad patterson to be honest👍.

09 Aug 2020 13:50:04
Balogun 32 john.

09 Aug 2020 13:50:58
Agree with you coldo for a change
Tav lost posession 15 times on Thursday.

09 Aug 2020 14:12:10
Cool herewego and NS re Balogun.
However now we can’t right nonsense and call it poetic licence. Age profile lower since Sg came in.

09 Aug 2020 14:12:35
Jenkins, so two keepers and three others with great experience means the manager prefers over 30s? Grow up, man.

09 Aug 2020 14:27:44
John and Covenanter can you name a player under the age of 20 that's had decent minutes under Gerrard?

09 Aug 2020 15:48:20
Not many players under 20 get many minutes anywhere. Weve got a young team, really low average age today.

09 Aug 2020 15:51:30
"Prefers over 30s". You're at it lad. Davis doesn't start anymore. Arfield doesn't start anymore. Balogun is in because our no2 CB (early 20s) is out for a year. We have the best scottish keeper since leighton/ goram and should hope he plays into his 40s. We have an international in McLaughlin. Stop moaning for god sake.

09 Aug 2020 15:56:13
Could be worth a punt. Lad had 30 assists and something like 7 goals. Would cost nothing as out of contract.

09 Aug 2020 15:56:49
Agree john. there's old heads in squad but starting 11 is young average age.

09 Aug 2020 16:16:57
A lot of top teams here in Scandinavia manage to produce multiple first team players under 20.

German football is much the same and tbh I only asked for someone to name 1 player.

Admittedly the squad is getting younger I do not disagree but under Gerrard young players have next to no chance.

09 Aug 2020 17:08:39
Poor try at deflection, jenkins. One minute you're on about over 30s the next it's under 20s. You do talk some nonsense, man.

09 Aug 2020 17:15:42
Over 30s get a lot more minutes than under 20s time and time again you all prove me right!

Say I talk nonsense because I tell the truth.

09 Aug 2020 19:17:57
NS can you name a player good enough to get regular minutes.

09 Aug 2020 19:29:07
Nathan Patterson.

There you go my friend I can answer a question unlike you.

09 Aug 2020 20:01:23
Patterson should be given a run. If you're a young lad, supposedly watching a better player than you dominating defence, you would understand not playing. But watching the supposed professional constantly losing possession, delivering crap passes and passing the ball more times to the opponents, than to your own players, you would be a bit peeved. Tav today did ok, but for a captain, he's an absolute joke. Ryan j. was Captain at Aberdeen and commanded the team. Tav just runs up the pitch, whips in crap crosses and loses position time and time again letting goldson sort out his problems. Against st mirren he looked ok, but they're crap in general compared to us. Any half decent team, punishes us consistently down the right. Celtic had Tierney and sold him for 25m. Why don't we put Patterson in, instead of Tav. Would we be worse off. I seriously doubt it. A captain J. T is not. Butcher, amoruso, Gough, Ferguson, Weir. Taverners name doesn't deserve to be anywhere near those names. As I said yesterday, Gerrard is on a very fine line this season. My opinion is on the fence. 30 years of putting my money in this club and tav is the worst I've seen. Mediocrity isn't what I was brought up to support. The aura of S. G is wearing thin. A player, yes. A manager, not convinced yet. I'll eat my words when the silvers in the cabinet. If it's not, I'll buy popcorn teeth a pint with my own money in a celtic bar. I might burst into flame first though. I don't think we'll lose a game this season. We shouldn't drink so early.

09 Aug 2020 21:15:12
Jsi it must be your turn to take pelters on here pal. I’ll try and back you up a wee bit here using a known name to ya, billy Gilmour. Was played in Europe and also against top EPL teams and ripped them apart. Now before I get shot down I know Gilmour is special but look at the league he was blooded in, the best in the world arguably. When was the last team we blooded a 17yr old and gave them a run? Other teams do it but the expectations of the old firm are that high that maybe managers aren’t allowed the privilege of doing so.

09 Aug 2020 21:42:30
Allow I’m sure u r fishing and know the boy could not play a league game in Scotland as he had not turned 16.

09 Aug 2020 21:43:21
Js the boy not yet good enough.

09 Aug 2020 21:56:14
John he can't be any worse than our so called captain has been performing.

09 Aug 2020 22:22:55
It would put major pressure on a kid to come in and push the captain out of his spot I like Nathan Patterson but I’m not sure he’d be ready for that, SG is responsible for these young players and it could so easily go the wrong way, I would by all means give NP a run in cup competitions.

09 Aug 2020 23:38:39
Paterson is being introduced into the First Team gradually which is ideal for his development.

10 Aug 2020 09:50:47
Js the manager sees Paterson every day.

10 Aug 2020 10:12:28
Well I give up then because tav will cost us (again)

10 Aug 2020 10:25:02
JS it’s only your opinion that Patterson is ready for a run in the team it’s obviously not SG or the coach’s opinion or he would be in the team.

I personally don’t think he is ready to start League games but may get mins thru out the season.
He may start a couple of cup games depending on our who we are playing.

10 Aug 2020 10:51:37
If he is not ready to play ahead of tav who we all agree is not rangers quality then we need a replacement.

But at 19 he should be good enough or are you saying that he is no next Alan Hutton?

Who was starting full back at the same age.

10 Aug 2020 14:19:11
"Cant be worse than our captain has been performing"? Sorry but thursday can't be taken into consideration when criticising people when only helander showed up. Tav put it on a playe for morelos yesterday and defended solidly. Please stop moaning and back your team in our most important season in 25 odd years. IT IS NOT THE TIME TO EXPERIMENT WITH YOUTH.

10 Aug 2020 15:04:04
Thought Tav had a terrific game yesterday. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

10 Aug 2020 16:41:42
Js I don’t disagree tav will cost us again, what we need is a much better rub, Paterson, who I have watched more than 20 times is not that player yet.

11 Aug 2020 11:59:34
Have to agree about Patterson he should be given a run in the team. Why is it players like Tierney and Hickey can be introduced at a young age but Patterson can’t? You need to be brave and give the lad the chance. If you are only going to use him now and then surely he would be better out on loan.

11 Aug 2020 14:01:33
Patterson is completely untested at first team level and flinging him in would be detrimental to his development. I fully expect him to be our cover RB and get adequate game time and be first pick RB for league cup and early scottish cup rounds. I’m hoping be progresses quickly and can really push Tav this year. The criticism of our club captain is way over the top!



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