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06 Aug 2020 21:45:51
Didn't see Gerrard speak after the game

It is it true what's being reported.?

Gerrard said everyone knows Morelos has had his head turned? And he's only interested in players who are happy at the club?

Surely he didn't say this and it's paper trash?

If he thought that why pick him?

Only for striker or not

Could have played Kent up front or Stewart
And dropped Morelos if that is what he thinks?

I know we all speculate but to have Gerrard come out publicly and say it

He should be dropped ASAP in my opinion now

Can someone enlighten me as to what was really said ?

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06 Aug 2020 22:07:18
If you rhead the phapers and thake it as ghospel there's no hope for you i'm afraid

06 Aug 2020 22:11:28
That’s why I asked the question

If anyone heard Gerrard speak as I missed it?

I’m assuming by your response sir Walter you heard him speak and as I said In my post if you read it properly I said this must be paper trash?

06 Aug 2020 22:11:29
You can't really justify playing him in this form.

06 Aug 2020 22:36:05
Gerrard said Morelos's head had been turned but that he was professional enough to blank it out and play. That's why we employ a manager - to make tough decisions based on his own judgement.

06 Aug 2020 22:38:19
Yes he did say that stig, sirwalter open your ears and eyes you are the one that there is no hope for👍

Even gerrard knows that alfie is overweight, a yard off it and not interested. We did try to tell you's but you's wouldn't listen🤷‍♂️👍.

06 Aug 2020 23:04:34
SW54 it's exactly what he said. "alfredo has had his head turned, i think we all know that. "

06 Aug 2020 23:08:01
Yes he did actually say it.

06 Aug 2020 23:50:28
He did say that it’s clear to see Alfredo has had his head turned. We need to play him until he does leave though in my opinion, sure he’s losing value every game he doesn’t play well/ doesn’t score but he would also lose value if we were to just drop him from these big games that other teams are going to be watching. Hopefully we can see a deal close to 20 million done soon or his price is just going to keep dropping I’m afraid, no faith that he will score this weekend if he plays.

07 Aug 2020 00:04:29
No i didn't full time whistle i had other engagements so never saw interviews but you stated gerrard himself said alfredo had his head turned i'm saying av not heard the man himself say anything aoart from fredo is raring to go and will play correct me if i'm wrong so what your saying is mhedia drivel you know.

07 Aug 2020 08:17:29
Stig - that's exactly what Gerard said. Think his patience has snapped with him now.

07 Aug 2020 09:40:47
How is it media drivel if he actually said it? Look it up if you don't believe the posters instead of saying they are falling for stuff. Those are the exact words that came out Gerrard's mouth on camera, is he part of the mhedia agenda?

07 Aug 2020 10:08:09
you guys need to listen to full interview. he said his head was turned but was professional enough to get rid of the noise. don't extract what you want to justify your own agenda. you lot can be worse than the media.

07 Aug 2020 10:10:33
SG called it as it is. Morelos needs to buckle down and show he is a player.

07 Aug 2020 10:58:45
Yes He did say what has been quoted, I can't see Morelos playing on Sunday especially as we have 2 strikers possible 3 who want to play for the Team.

07 Aug 2020 14:32:43
Regardless whether his heads been turned he was our best available striker for last night in a game were we desperately wanted to win, let's move on.

07 Aug 2020 15:47:32
Coldo if SG knows fredo ain’t fit why is he playing? And why has he stated on a few occasions that fredo is FIT and ready to go?

07 Aug 2020 18:35:29
KJA9 gerrard is hardly going to say that he is not ready before a game is he? Use your head man, plus he is the only ST we have🤦‍♂️. Gerrard has since stated that he wants fredo sharper and fitter and has now said that fredo's head is turned therefore he is obviously not showing the level of interest in the team that he should be. Gerrard can't wait to cash in on him. Have you not got eyes and ears KJA9.👍.



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