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17 Jun 2020 15:30:00
Wrote to castore about the kit. The symbol should be embroidered. I was mistaking it with the training kit. I can admit when I'm wrong.

Alfie might be off to Arab country and Tav off to England. Say we get 22 million for the two. To keep everyone happy we could get dykes, cosgrove, shankland and kamberi for say 5 million. What a selection to have. Then spend 8 million on two mids and 8 million on two defenders. We need something different. Kent and hagi should come good. Jack as captain and hladky v McGregor for goalie. Mccrories back and docherty as subs.

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17 Jun 2020 15:40:19
Rossco then we will be broke. You’re sums seem to forget wages.
In case u have not noticed any euro qualifiers behind closed doors. That’s three million hole in budget. Then who knows if crowds allowed in if we get to group stages.

17 Jun 2020 15:45:55
Do you know if we'll be due any money after this season's Europa League is finally finished next season John?

17 Jun 2020 15:50:48
Sorry mate but that selection is awful 🤣.

17 Jun 2020 16:03:49
If morelos goes i fear the worst if that's are choice of strikers.

17 Jun 2020 17:13:54
You must have the lowest set of standards I’ve ever seen. Utter dross those players you’ve suggested.

17 Jun 2020 17:22:14
Roscoe if Morelos goes I’d like to be a bit more ambitious with replacing him. buya turey would be on my list among others.

17 Jun 2020 17:33:28
Mr grumpy not sure when they pay out, if they have paid up to date.
But over the season not counting gate money we have earned significant prize money.
Also when we got out off group stages we receive payments for TV games against braga and Leverkusen
Last year clubs across Europe received prize money at end of June.
If u want me to work out approximately what we received per round I will.
Uefa europa league web site details prize money very well.
It’s always a good read and curs out all the guesswork on here
Gate money which we have already collected was around
Eleven million, from nine home ties
And before a certain other jumps in we have to pay outgoings, I know that, that is not the question.
Ball park using sfa formula they amount to about 20% of income.

17 Jun 2020 17:36:33
Totally agree Bathgate. Every player signed has to be better than what we had.

17 Jun 2020 17:40:15
If we get rid of fredo then we need much better than cosgrove (just a big lump) kamberi (not good enough)
Dykes absolutely no chance is he good enough to play for rangers ever.

We will need to hope they had the scouts out before the season it’s over because none of those 3 are good enough to be no1 striker.

17 Jun 2020 17:47:38
No disrespect to Dykes and Cosgrove but we should be aiming our sights higher.

17 Jun 2020 17:52:01
Absolutely correct kJ I think Taylor also not good enough to be number one.

17 Jun 2020 17:55:55
We should be getting about 2million from spfl, second place and the rest from euro run.10 million or something. We aren't in the hole. Look at our prizes that we're owed. We haven't even finished our run in Europe yet!

Fods, halliday, flanagan, Alnwick are already gone. Rossiter too, who was on at least 10k a week. We're already saving a good amount on wages. Yes the 4 strikers I mentioned are awful as some say, but then others on here bang on about signing them. They're not my standards. We all want mbappe or messi, but remember where we play. What is our standard in scotland? Our league is more or less 6 professional teams v pub teams. With all the bad news surrounding our club and the spfl, which good players would honestly want to come to scotland? Who was Morelos before he signed for us? Kris Boyd? Some get better here. Others fade away. Hagi wasn't even selected in genk, then comes here and destroys Braga. We all want the best, but we take who's available in our budget. Remember we're a business.

17 Jun 2020 18:08:44
And AGAIN the opening post wants to sell players off on the cheap.
English 3rd division players noone has heard of are being priced at 15mill+
Get a grip man.

17 Jun 2020 18:00:06
If there's a 2nd wave there won't be football for 6 months at least.

17 Jun 2020 18:35:10
The 2 of them are at least 27-30 mil. Tav might not be the best defender but neither are most full backs down there.

17 Jun 2020 19:21:47
So we would have Defoe, kamberi, cosgrove, dykes, shankland all looking for a start in what is most likely going to be a 433 formation with one striker? 🤣 if we sell morelos, bring in kamberi on the cheap and spend 5-10m on a quality striker. Give us options that way and 150k (ish) for kamberi is a bargain given he looked better than morelos for tail end of season.

17 Jun 2020 19:30:23
Kamberi for £150,000 would be Ok and I quality striker who can score goals at European level, given that we expect to be in Europe every year. We have enough fringe players picking up money for nothing.

17 Jun 2020 20:16:40
Why sell top goalscorer and replace him with 4 players in the same position who aren't anywhere near as good, dykes and kamberi would be good squad signings but a direct replacement for morellos would be a minimum requirement.

17 Jun 2020 22:08:00
I’ve just read an article saying that we’re to receive over 2 million from the incomplete season and around 20 + million from Europa league run.

18 Jun 2020 00:42:49
20 million+. this money is still not good enough for some on this site. All negative. It seems as if morelos is a god and if he goes we're doomed. He's the most important player. Who was he before he joined? A no-one. 2k a week first year and now on 30k+ a week. Red cards and all. Are we all thanking caixinha for bringing him here? No. He's a good player, but I'd rather reinvest the profit he brings in. Everyone forgets when he's let us down. Yes he bangs in the goals, but a player isn't bigger than a club. Look at Beckham and Alex. F. It seems that if Alfie goes we're Fu**ed. Get yer head out the arse. There's a million players out there available. A bad attitude shows and I've seen it many times watching him pitch side. If he's not sold, I hope he comes back better with a more professional attitude. I'm sick of watching us play 10 v 11 against shi#* teams due to Alfie's behaviour.

18 Jun 2020 13:31:47
Love Morelos as much as the next man, but it’s probably the right time to move him on if a good fee comes in, replacement sights should be set higher than the names mentioned, however I do expect Gerrard to be looking at big physical guys, he knows it’s needed as an option up here, if he goes expect that guy to be Toney or similar costly alternative if he stays I expect it to be an impact guy like dykes etc.

20 Jun 2020 17:15:00
A think Rangers need a bit of steel on the park, think Kenny McLean would be a really good signing him being a massive Rangers fan aswel, and looks as tho Norwich will be relegated.



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