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13 Jun 2020 16:39:49
Ryan Kent to Leeds. If they go up.
That's the story down there. 9 million.

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13 Jun 2020 16:51:11
I'd take that.

13 Jun 2020 17:05:00
John 25 do you think there is any truth to the Kent rumour?

13 Jun 2020 17:08:11
I'd be wanting more than 9m for him. We paid 7.5m for him.

13 Jun 2020 17:11:01
Potential £2.5m profit after one season that was very hit and miss?
I like Kent but I'd be tempted to take that deal.

13 Jun 2020 17:22:56
Stuarty on what basis are u getting 9.5 millm considering 95% of gers fans saying we paid over the odds for him. he's hardly been outstanding simce signing permanent.

13 Jun 2020 17:23:43
would take that all day long btw. someone offering 9mill for kent. Bite there hand off.

13 Jun 2020 17:38:15
No it’s not been no talk of it on forums or on social media lol.

13 Jun 2020 17:43:19
he cost us 7.5m and is on a long term contract so with promotion to EPL netting Lees 80-100m.

I’d be asking for more than 9m

in circumstance like that, they wld need to offer funny money and 9m ain’t

same as fredo - key player main goal scorer domestically and in europe and on a long deal - it’s not what he’s worth it’s about what clubs are willing to pay us to get him

it has to be serious dough not a bit over what we paid (kent)

13 Jun 2020 17:53:42
Paul We probably did pay over the odds in hindsight but i think he'll come good and if Leeds want him they can pay us over the odds! Sick of letting players go for a song while the manky mob rake in millions. Personally i hope he stays.

13 Jun 2020 18:02:15
I do think something in Kent rumour, they were desperate to sign him when he came to us.

13 Jun 2020 18:08:53
🙋🏻‍♂️I’ll drive him.

13 Jun 2020 18:19:38
Bite their hand off if true. He’s not even worth £3m.

He was pretty poor most of last season.

13 Jun 2020 18:20:31
Gerrard won't sell kent it is 1 of his major signings he was after.

13 Jun 2020 18:30:58
Stuarty i get u mate its frustrating. But look at the players they have sold on. They habe either been very lucky or have unreal scouting system in place. Forster, dembele, wanyama an van dijk all nl boughtnl for peanuts and sold on for fantastic money. I guess winning trophies also helps price.

13 Jun 2020 18:42:03
Sorry rumour must be wrong, Rangers talk says he’s not heard it.

13 Jun 2020 18:53:51
just think what was paid for solanki, kent won't be leaving anytime soon all garbage talk methinks.

13 Jun 2020 20:01:13
Would need to b much more than that imo considering we paid over 7m for him and they apparently have a 20% sell on clause. Can’t see anyone paying that kinda money after the season he had. I think he’ll come good this season. He’s young, forms going to dip. Need to back to boy!

13 Jun 2020 20:02:47
Kent - 9 million to Leeds. That would be a great bit of business. 2 million profit. I'd sell him for that, apparently we still owe Liverpool money though.

13 Jun 2020 20:43:30
We actually bought Kent for six million, two million down, two million this summer and two the following.
1.5 million in addons, 20% sell on.

13 Jun 2020 21:28:19
What a load sh##e! Leeds refused to pay more than 5.5 million for him from Liverpool not going to pay us 9.5 get a grip.

13 Jun 2020 21:42:21
Id drive kent down to leeds for 9 million great disappointment since signed.

13 Jun 2020 21:48:44
Nothing in this guys.

13 Jun 2020 22:08:15
cannot see it.

13 Jun 2020 22:10:21
Would we actually see any of that money tho? I imagine we staggered the transfer fee over a few years, and Leeds would be doing the same so any money Leeds would be giving us we in turn would be giving Liverpool with a little left over.

13 Jun 2020 22:52:32
Go for see it’s went up 500k since my post.

14 Jun 2020 00:15:06
Did you hear this rumour whilst on a petrol forecourt? If so, I believe it will happen as stated.

From now on the only rumours I believe are ones people heard whilst filling their cars. I believe stockbrokers also operate on this strict policy.

{Ed033's Note - Is it something to do with the fumes.

13 Jun 2020 23:52:20
I think you should hold onto him, he must be one of the most over rated, over hyped, over valued players, ever to grace Scottish football, he fits right in at The rangers.

14 Jun 2020 00:14:25
Difference is our players were awesome in Scotland and have gone on to prove how good they were . Virg best defender in world. Moussa about to go to Man Utd or the like Forster became England no. 2. Wanyama then moved on to Spurs.

Injury got better of him eventually. KT will prove what a player he is. Unlucky this year. Then we have Boyata, not a fans favourite for obvious reasons, but plays for the worlds best ranked national team.

Kent will never get to the level these players have. He is lucky to be at Rangers and that's as good as it will get for him. Same with Hagi. I just don't see it. Morelos possibly Championship/ PL relegation candidate.

Would possibly be better going to La Liga. Maybe Getafe or something. Barasic would maybe cut it a bit higher if he would man up. 26/ 27 and let's be honest he's a fairy. Gerrard is to blame. He came in full of the 55 bravado that you all lapped up.

But instead of planning for future he signed journeyman pros to kick us off the park. Now he seems to be looking at younger players but he will be long gone by the time they are ready. Could go back to Sally on that though.

Instead of playing youth he signed average premier league players on ridiculous wages to win a giddy part time league.

14 Jun 2020 09:36:16
fifer, i can't believe you actually wasted your time writing that drivel at that time in the morning, you got insomnia or something, pure utter drivel.

14 Jun 2020 17:13:22
We still owe 6 million to liverpool for him.

14 Jun 2020 19:55:06
Sweep we bought him for six million.



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