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12 May 2020 15:07:34
On line reporting rangers only got 40% of vote.
Should not pick a fight we won't win.

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12 May 2020 15:16:27
40% is a lot and shows a vote of no confidence.

12 May 2020 15:19:54
Since you like to use cliche
Look at the bigger picture
They won a battle, the may not win the war.

12 May 2020 15:21:25
30%, do the maths 13 from 42.

12 May 2020 15:26:35
Correct blue, I was only typing what bbc said.
We need to move on.

12 May 2020 15:27:39
no real surprise. too many self obsessed clubs with an anti Rangers bias. Liewell and his cronies on the SPFL board have a few in their pockets. We need to take it to the next level which is the courts. That is the only way to remove these corrupt incompetent individuals.

12 May 2020 15:46:13
We tried and gave the club's a chance to change the direction Scottish Football is taking.
Most clubs seem happy. Self interest / money rules the day.
We move on. 👍.

12 May 2020 16:43:07
33% if we are talking maths.

12 May 2020 18:44:22
Is anyone really surprised? I’m not. I am disappointed tho. Spfl said an independent investigation could be bad for finances. rangers offered to pay for it so that takes that excuse away. it should’ve been a no brainer for everyone to vote for it and find out how things are really being run. Scottish football is corrupt to the core but what do we do now?

12 May 2020 18:52:39
Try again Big Peter. If you're stuck let me know and I'll be happy to explain how percentages work lol.

12 May 2020 21:57:49
I don't think this whole situation will be over until there is serious change within the SPFL board. We have gained more support and there are more clubs becoming vocal and speaking against the SPFL board and there is now an almighty spot light on them. don't be surprised if we take advice and further action in this matter. Park is reported to be furious at the fact lawell was allowed to speak and rangers weren't. His basis is rangers raised the motion and lawell is only a member club and not part of the SPFL board.
Change is coming and the SPFL and lawell better watch out.

12 May 2020 22:21:15
27 fooball clubs voted against rangers i hope their names are published so rangers supporters know which grounds to boycott. Hit them financially.

12 May 2020 22:24:40
wonder what they all have to hide.

12 May 2020 22:27:12
Pistol Pete made an impassioned plea on behalf of the current regime. Wonder why eh? That aside, we were never going to get 75 percent backing of the clubs, especially from the clubs who stand to gain most and the clubs in leagues 1 and 2 who wouldn’t want to run the risk of monies being subject to any redistribution.

I’m more interested in the clubs that backed an inquiry. Aberdeen, Hearts and Rangers make up three of the four biggest clubs in Scotland. If, say, there was further support from Premiership clubs then it further suggests an impending division in the Premiership itself.

12 May 2020 22:36:41
One of the next moves is to financially strangle these cowards. not a single away ticket should be bought not one. let's see if they survive a season with 2 massive pay days taken from them. they have let themselves and the rest of Scottish football down. cowards . or paid off. take yer pick .

12 May 2020 22:45:38
No surrender.

12 May 2020 22:46:47
35.7% did not show confidence. hoarders always need an education.

12 May 2020 22:54:55
and 50% of the premier league. sounds like that's the money!



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