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22 Mar 2020 14:14:49
Rumours doing the rounds on social media and some news outlets (sceltical on how trustworthy) that Atletico are considering a move for Morelos.

Figures quoted seem to be about £10-15 mil which I'd be a bit disappointed with tbh.

Would be disappointed to see him go in any case.

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22 Mar 2020 16:46:55
click bait i guess.

22 Mar 2020 17:21:29
Pre winter break massively dissapointed with price. Post winter break he's not kicked hee haw. And would bite someones hand off for 15mill. madrid have some pretty decent strikers just now. He will be away tho. Like many others i would expect.

22 Mar 2020 17:28:12
dont blame them for wanting to leave incessant moaning from fans and slagging off from papers, therrs a pandemic going on and all you read and hear about is negativity towards us, the spfl and the press in scotland is an utter disgrace.

23 Mar 2020 01:11:29
Moaning fans? Are fans not allowed to moan considering on december 29th he had 28 goals and by the end of march he has 29? i'd say so.

23 Mar 2020 07:46:35
Jims90, you say you'd be disappointed with £15 Milliom for Alfie, I'd be amazed if anyone would pay that for him. He hasn't tried hard enough or looked anything like the player he was pre-break, he is a very well paid player who is massively underperforming at present, and he has a bad attitude, he has become a liability, and needs to go for the best we can get, sorry folks, I do like Alfie, but he's lost it.

23 Mar 2020 09:25:49
Trueblue, i done a post about this before xmas, so now i'm glad people are starting to agree, people said back then i was parra, back then when i posted it i think we were two points behind with a game in hand, so its not sour grapes due to our current league position,

23 Mar 2020 11:27:22
Hi Paul,

Your spot on again.

Don't think we will ever get to the truth behind the disasterous performances after "TWO" successive winter break seasons.

We need to be told what's up cause no way could Stevie or us survive a third one like that. (even without the panic virus propaganda) .

23 Mar 2020 12:42:58
It’s no great secret that a very large amount of our fans are moaning faced glory hunters. Couldn’t fault any player for deciding they’ve had enough of it.

23 Mar 2020 12:46:52
Tjrfc end of March? 😂 our last game was on the 12th and he was suspended after the winter break. I agree he has been poor but don’t make out he has played for 3 months solid this year.

23 Mar 2020 13:46:51
Awe EverySat,

Surely all our fans / supporters want us glory, but to call us glory seekers in the negative way you seem to put it dismays me.

That's what supporters are for, to cheer the team on to GLORY and are entitled to moan at dismal performances, even the boo boys feel they have the right to do that, they pays their money pay's for their rights.

If the players can't up their game and react with a better performance, then they are at the wrong club and should leave for a junior one.

23 Mar 2020 17:21:46
billy, It hurts me as much as anyone when we are poor and losing, but I choose to support the team through thick and thin and don’t constantly make the same players scapegoats. Remember where we were 5 years ago.

24 Mar 2020 09:55:05
Hi again EverySat,

Of course you support the team through thick and thin that's what our supporters all do believe it or not, so do the boo boys although you would not think so if you are on the outside looking in.

My main point was the players should be able to up their game if they are getting stick from the fans for poor performances, but certainly not being subjected to humiliation in public by our manager, that's a far different kettle of fish.

In my line of business, if I perform below par I get told about it and make sure I up my game. (workshop carpenter) .

Let's hope we never ever go back to where we were 5 years ago.

Cheers my friend.

25 Mar 2020 17:27:46
il go out on a limb here, and say its yet another rumour that is untrue. ……. Athletico will like others before them be asked by some reporter form their own country, about this matter and state, that nope never made enquiry never thought about it never talked about it and in fact its all a lie, same old same old, groundhog day again,

26 Mar 2020 16:57:18
The believable latest of Athletic has, to have arose from Rangers alleged interest in 20yo winger Riquelme or however its spelt. He's heading towards end of contract but the only way we could afford a 30m player would be in swap for Morelos. I would take in heartbeat, his effectiveness as winger phenomenal and he's professional for a near teenager unlike Alfie.



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