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02 Mar 2020 07:03:11
Lot of folk missing the bigger picture here blaming Gerrard. It's the players mentality that's the problem. Kent gave it away after the Braga game in his interview. Said they feel better when they are the underdogs (which we rarely are) . People will say that's Gerrards fault for signing them but they have the ability. We just need another "born winner" or two in the team. The only ones we have would be McGregor and Davis.

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02 Mar 2020 07:26:20
Davis has been poor last few weeks.

02 Mar 2020 08:11:07
McCorie and Docherty are born Rangers men but not been given a proper chance.

02 Mar 2020 09:18:52
EB he's been poor, like a lot of them since Parkhead. If the reports are true that he's lost the dressing room then he should walk.

02 Mar 2020 09:42:08
give it a rest 1974 the only ones who should walk are the weak lazy players in that team.

02 Mar 2020 10:53:08
Stick by the manager he will get it right the players he signed would never have come to ibrox if it wasn’t for him what I will say is we need a solid center mid with dig and make him captain we miss leadership in the middle of the park when the going gets tough I have nothing against tav by any means he’s a great player who’s lost his confidence but I don’t think he’s the right man for the captaincy + it would take a bit of pressure off of him and let him get on with playing his game we will come good again guys I have no doubt about that. 🇬🇧.

02 Mar 2020 11:02:41
Let’s get behind SG. I think he will learn even more about some of these players who have let him down and we will see a wiser manager next season.

02 Mar 2020 11:18:05
Sweep 1 I’m a born Rangers man but it’s not me who they want it’s a Butcher or a Gough or even a Hurrlock someone who will let players know when they are not pulling their weight nice if he was home grown but not necessarily the only option Butcher was one of our greates captains we need two or three born winner who care where they are from roll on Wednesday night we keep building.

02 Mar 2020 12:19:29
He will get it right, he never last season, he hasn't this season, and next season is 10iar if they win tht. We are damned if we do and damned if we don't now. Its to late if you ask me. We need to rebuild again. That last rebuilding job isn't up for a title fight simple as tht.

02 Mar 2020 13:03:57
If gerard has lost the dressing room why are we performing in europe? . I can't see him quiting he's a winner and was obviously hurting like the rest of us after another poor display. He will get it right.

02 Mar 2020 13:17:10
Davis has probably been our poorest player since xmas. we are at a crossroads here where either the manager goes or a lot of the players go.
For me the players have had their chance now and have shown they don't have the mentality to win here.
The positives to take out of our good euro campaign is that we can move these players on for fees now instead of paying them off.

02 Mar 2020 13:21:38
@car d blue. So what players are you referring to? SG bought them and keeps playing them. If there "lazy" as you say name them?

02 Mar 2020 13:08:10
Look it's got to the point where unfortunately we aren't the same team we was 20 years ago. As much as every single rangers fan and player, staff member doesn't want to see 10iar it cannot be our priority to stop it. We need to get rid of all the dead weight and bring in players that will die for the club and have the ability. We need characters in that dressing room. It's clear that after Gerrard's interview he is just utterly disappointed with the players.

02 Mar 2020 13:32:10
1974 if every team had your kind of support . no manager would last a month . As supporters we need to be a little more robust and stand strong when things go wrong . and show a bit of faith . not capitulate showing a jelly like mentality and will.
Stevie Gerrad will be one of the top ten or even five managers in the future . nark my words

Walk. what a joke . and who to come in . McInnes lol
You say he should do the decent thing . ? Well I think ( ( my opinion ) that certain posters should do the decent thing and get behind manager . team and club when face with adversity . like we did fir ally. 50,000 home support in the lowest division. That’s what it’s about . We will come good.

02 Mar 2020 14:45:32
Brilliant post Molsgoals.

02 Mar 2020 16:34:34
Like him mols but he will never, ever be a top manager. Top managers can adapt to situations during games by changing formation, being proactive with subs. Stevie has no idea how to change things when it's not going right mate, that's not a dig it's just the truth. Wants to play this 4/ 3/ 3 with the 2 inverted wingers as thsts whst liverpool play imo. Hoping it will get noticed if that job ever becomes available but he's a million miles away from being good enough for liverpool in sll honestly. If we play 4/ 3/ 3 again next time out then we deserve all we get.

02 Mar 2020 16:37:11
Thank you Molsgoals for speaking some sense amidst a swirl of nonsense from many on here.

02 Mar 2020 17:29:23
Here we . Stevie changed it against braga and turned a 2.0 into a 3.2!. and he has changed it before and it worked . Ok he is not changing it every week, but he is learning, and he prefers to give played benefit of the doubt to try and play through their bad patches . Like he did with Arfield . ( master class ) . I know it’s disappointing because we got a glimpse of nirvana, before the door was slammed shut in our faces . but we are not far away and Stevie will get us back there . He needs our backing though.

02 Mar 2020 17:31:26
Bankie . jaws . we are not all doubters . I do believe the rank and file are behind Stevie and we will see that on weds.

02 Mar 2020 18:25:08
SG only changed it against Braga because of an injury to Borna. If he wasnt injured no way he would have made the change he did.
But now he has seen he can change it for a positive outcome I hope he will learn from it and continue to do so when needed.

02 Mar 2020 18:46:35
Molsgoals great post. Remember when our supporters followed the GERS through thick and thin.

02 Mar 2020 19:27:09
I get what you're saying john, and mols. Uou guys know I'm not one to slaughter gerrard, I've always said we need to let a manager build as we at some point need continuity, but I also agree with dome of the other guys points, as in how long do we keep accepting the same formation and performances domestically? We need to get going soon as unfortunately, at any level of footbsll, the manager is ultimately responsible.

02 Mar 2020 20:39:18
As Southend says how has the boss lost the dressing room when they can turn in fighting displays like the Braga ties? Do we really want to go backbto the days when the 4th ranked team from Luxembourg sends us out of Europe in the first preliminary round, or when we can't sleep in the run up to an OF game in case we get humped 4 or 5 nil? Or we go to Tynecastle and lose 4-1? The boss has made mistakes, of course he has, but some of our football this season has been brilliant and I have confidence that he will turn things around. Might be too late for this season but I hope he is given another crack. He is still learning and will get it right.

02 Mar 2020 20:54:11
Herewego my point is not confined to gerrard, our fans wax lyrical about a player one game and slag him to f the next game, then make him a hero next game to slag him following game.
I’m sure you get the picture.

02 Mar 2020 23:46:01
Jctheger. Stevie could have brought Halliday on for bona but he didn’t . he went for the jugular .
Too many people not seeing the bigger picture . if it dosnt suit the present agenda then its discarded

To be honest I am not overly worried Bankie . jaws . John etc . because Stevie will turn it around again . and the same doubters who loved him before but now want him out, will be on waxing lyrical about him again . west of Scotland mentality .! its a gimme.

03 Mar 2020 00:12:05
Agree john too many get too carried away too easily when on a good run. This isn't a small blip the now tho mate this is a major bottle job for 2nd season in a row after xmas.

03 Mar 2020 11:10:41
Tinman and Southend, it's people like you with blind faith who are a danger to the club. You probably had the attitude that everything would be fine as we walked into liquidation. I'm not saying that sg won't come good nor am I asking for him to be sacked or walk. I'm just getting sick of people telling me that things will work out without giving any evidence or opinions as to why they think that. It just comes across as you hoping things will work out. No more please.

03 Mar 2020 13:36:45
STYAD, Nothing blind about my faith I can assure you. I’ve supported the club for over 45 years and have seen it all. For the first time in a long time we are making real progress on and off the pitch.

03 Mar 2020 22:50:25
Evidence STY ., last 16 of europa league . horsing the unwashed at the pig . very unlucky not to win cup
Eh . not able to get a ticket for home games . Lemon saying they need to work out a way to beat the mighty . after 10 years and all the thumping as the unwashed manager says that? I would say that’s progress.



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