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15 Feb 2020 05:41:44
Lose today and its game over. in fact lose again ever this season its game over.

Its obvious teams know the gerrard system so why not change it. spice things up a bit. in no way shape or form do i know anything about managing a football team but even i can see gerrards tactics are failing miserably.

i don't want him gone, just think this team shouldn't have just 1 set if tactics. the team we have could and should be able to beat the likes of aberdeen hearts and definitely killie, even on a bad day. if we drop any ore points then even i will admit the leagues done.

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15 Feb 2020 08:24:37
It's already over since hearts played us affordable park couple a was ago wake up mate.

15 Feb 2020 09:00:54
Its going to be mighty hard to win the league, anybody can see that but behave yourself its not over! Still 2 old firm games and we've a game in hand and we must win them all, which of course is achievable.

15 Feb 2020 09:31:19
Guys it's already over All this about going against Gerrard is till too premature We are still competing in the Europa and also have a Scottish Cup If we win the Scottish Cup then I rwckon it's an improved season from last!

Let's get behind the team and Gerrard
Gerrard might have been world class as a player and is trying to just as good as a Manager but you all forget he is relatively new to this side of the football and is also learning every day so of course he is going to get some things wrong!
Get a grip the lot of you This Rangers team has come a long way!

We can't just punt an Managar and try another Gerrard has inherited this team and would be far too much money to replace Money we do not have

Gerrard needs the players to have the winning mentality and he is right to call it out!

Shut up Chris Sutton Its ok for you to call the shots from the side and you aren't always correct!

There are players that are not up for it and we need to correct a wrong and get back where we were before the winter break
To an extent we do need more depth in our squad
This is not just Gerrard's fault yes his tactics haven't been 100% Players also haven't delivered

We are all one big family So let's get together!

15 Feb 2020 09:34:11
Hope Stevie gets the guys fired up. Tell them it's a clean slate, highlight the fact that the criticisms are at fever pitch. Not to leave anything on the park. After the events of Helicopter Sunday in 2005 I'll never concede unless it is mathematically impossible. Keep believing. This is the same squad that did so well and played them off the park twice despite horrendous referreing decisions against us.

15 Feb 2020 10:49:43
Stevie's on the rags saying if he concedes failure he would take off the badge walk away and jump in the car.

Take this to means he's going nowhere if he can help it.

15 Feb 2020 11:01:26
God are people still talking about SG six weeks ago he was a hero a great manager yes we’re going through a bad patch but crime where the team was when he came in to where we are now there has been a vast improvement.

15 Feb 2020 11:13:44
Wake up. the league is over don't clutch in to fantasies. we blew it. glad the manager has admitted what I said all along that we have not enough proven winners and we are weak . mentally.

15 Feb 2020 14:48:09
Never give up. Its celtics title to lose now of course but they haven't won it yet.

15 Feb 2020 17:06:50
Let’s just throw the towel in and not bother turning up for the rest of the campaign. Anybody wanting 2 cheap season tickets? Get a grip.

16 Feb 2020 14:11:39
Kaz, that post certainly didn't fill me with confidence. He's still learning, but we are supposed to accept that he's out of his depth? And seeker, that was the most cliché ridden post ever.

16 Feb 2020 16:04:55
The league is already over even if we win all our games (which we wont) who else can take points off celtic.

16 Feb 2020 16:08:41
League is definitely already over. Even if we win the rest of our league games (which we won’t) what other teams will beat celtic. Other teams never seem to raise there game against them. m, and even when celtic play awful the still pick up the 3 points.

16 Feb 2020 18:22:45
any true rangers fan will keep believing.

European matches will make ticks drop points.

give hagi a chance too, he's still learning.


16 Feb 2020 20:48:37
It’s nothing to do with tactics, for whatever reason the players are underperforming the same thing happened last year and the tactics have always been the same, if we play to our full potential we should be to much for almost any team in the league and have been, so it’s not tactical it’s players not turning up, Kent for instance he has ability that’s not in question but he’s been absolutely mince all season a couple of good games but nothing amazing for £7m I’d be expecting the new Laudrup but if Murphy played as many games he’d eat Kent up and spit him out I also think Docherty would be a better cm than Kamara or Aribo both are Rangers men too.

17 Feb 2020 09:10:55
there is valid points to both sides of argument on this thread, however the one statement i find baffling is from Kazmania?!?!

Gerrrard inherited this team? you having a laugh mate? Apart from Tav, Morelos, wes and halliday the entire squad is gerrards players.

17 Feb 2020 09:39:07
Docherty is not a better option than Kamara and Murphy is not a better option than Kent. Absolute clueless and fickle on this forum.

17 Feb 2020 10:50:58
But Murphy is certainly a better option than ojo snd Barker who have had chance after chance. Not one of them 2 could lace Jamie Murphy's boots.



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