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27 Nov 2019 20:19:07
There will be an announcement made before the summer window I can tell you the club is in a good way things are being put in place to secure the club's future long term I really want to shed more light but I can't lads sorry.

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27 Nov 2019 21:33:32
Oh andy, your such a tease😉.

27 Nov 2019 21:36:30
I bought my kid an Xmas present today, wrapped it in a way he will never guess what it is, showed him the package. amd told him I'd love to say what's inside but I can't.

27 Nov 2019 22:14:10
But he will find out at Christmas won’t he Marco? Go on gies a clue what did you buy him?

27 Nov 2019 22:49:03
There is 3 presents, but two of them can't be opend for a bit. And like Andy, I can't say anymore.

28 Nov 2019 01:48:07
There is an arrangement that was put in place just before the season started remember I told you days ago Dave king was stepping down well he has known this since before a ball was kicked someone is taking over no more clues they needed DK to step down becouse as I said there is an announcement coming early when the season ends it's HUGE.

28 Nov 2019 05:44:42
I don't doubt you Andy09 and what you've been told mate. This is what these pages are all about and sharing info with all bears on here.
I heard myself through a fellow shareholder as i couldn't make our AGM on tuesday there, that there is definitely investment coming, with julien wolhardt very prominent in all this. Hope its all true and time will tell. I think reading between the lines myself, that wolhardt may well be the chosen candidate to take over from dave king, as our new chairman. All very positive news i certainly think anyway.

28 Nov 2019 08:50:00
Andy. Where as these investors coming from. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺⚽️👍😎.

28 Nov 2019 12:23:09
It has to have something to do with wolhardt. Hope you're right andy👍.

28 Nov 2019 13:53:37
Andy09 I heard similar news at the AGM and most believe its through Wolhardt but some are speculating Fenway Sports through the Alastair Johnston links, while others are insisting something more left field.

28 Nov 2019 16:12:04
Guys iv just heard something alarming from a usually reliable source who has a family link to a current employee of ibrox (sorry can’t say who) but what he said was the person who might be investing is . David Murray. i'm going to sit on the fence with this one as I don’t believe it and also don’t know how to feel about this if it comes to pass. only problem is, this guys usually spot on. god a hope he’s wrong this time!

28 Nov 2019 16:25:07
Taking that one with a pinch of salt gersdaft.

28 Nov 2019 16:25:27
David Murray gave is all many great memories. If he does it properly then why not?

28 Nov 2019 16:57:48
Yes his name has floated in and out of rumour pot. Guys remember if u have a share issue anyone can buy. Including MA. Unless resolution is passed to say we select investors.

28 Nov 2019 17:25:59
Cmoan Andy give us more please.

28 Nov 2019 18:00:34
Maybe Mike Ashley is on his way back?

28 Nov 2019 21:20:17
I am confident that it is no other than SDM.

30 Nov 2019 22:08:20
Keep reading nominal fee of 30m for Alfie and he'll be away. TBH think in today's market this is peanuts. A good striker in today's market worth twice this. But I will say this and might be shot down, so far there's been no press at all bout possible Fredo interest. Last week possible Leicester and that's it. I'm glass half full kinda guy but I still say let's nix possible amounts until solid offer in window.



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