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25 May 2019 23:31:04
The sun online reporting tonight that aston villa willing to pay liverpool £10million for winger ryan kent. The permanent transfer offer is irrespective if villa get promoted or not. Looks very much like now, our loanee young player of the year winger ryan kent,
won't be coming back to rangers after all!
Villa have made liverpool aware, they will make their offer for kent, right after their play off final against derby county. For me personally i'm really disappointed we won't see kent playing in a rangers jersey next season. Still though better to have witnessed this young man's talent playing for my club in the season just finished, than having never had the chance to have him playing for us at all. I wish nothing but the very best for him and truly believe he's a special young footballer, who will be a terrific signing for villa, if it is there he ends up going. He's got all the talent in the world and i like most bears last season, was privileged to have watched him in action for us. Just wished we could have had him back with us next season, one way or another, but not to be. I do however wish our young player of the year good luck and as the song goes, "KENT, KENT WILL TEAR YOU APART AGAIN", but it will be with most likely aston villa now! Good luck young man.

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26 May 2019 07:03:05
He is not a special young player coops, his stats this season are poor for a young player of the year.
He had two outstanding games against Celtic and the majority of the time he flattered to deceive to be honest.
Also he will make a good living out of football especially with the riches down south but in no way is he a special young player.
The boy felix mind the spelling from benfica that’s a special young player.

26 May 2019 07:24:42
Don't agree with you whatsoever GANNET10. Kent has bags of talent and with the hatred towards our club in general out there, you don't pick up the young player of the year award,
for 2 outstanding games against celtic mate! If you think he hasn't played well in the majority of our games, then that's your call, but i honestly don't know what you've been watching. I agree he has to improve on his goalscoring and final ball and i've no doubt he will, as he's still only 22 years old. But he's a terrifically talented winger and most supporters that i've spoke to and of course including myself,
wanted kent back at rangers next season permanently. I would have accepted him in another season long loan deal also. Everytime kent was on the ball, he got our supporters up on the edge of our seats. Just watch kent's career go, when he signs for villa or whoever else. He's a talented winger alright and we have no player currently at ibrox, in his position, anywhere near as good as kenty!

26 May 2019 07:35:22
I too wish him all the best but he is not a special talent. He has been good for us at best did make a difference to our team but fear that the English premiership is above his level.

26 May 2019 07:54:51
Who says he's going to Villa? don't believe everything you read in the papers. At the end of the day its Kents decision where he wants to play. i'm not giving up hope at seeing Kent at Rangers next season. He loves our club and with the attraction of playing under Gerrard and playing in Europe .

26 May 2019 08:12:29
Good though Kent is, one man doesn't make a team. Same applies to Morelos. I'm confident that SG will get 2 or 3 very good signings through the door plus with players coming back like Docherty, Rossiter, Dorrans and Murphy we should be in good shape.

26 May 2019 08:25:38
Have I missed something here, been away a few days, why the name change SuoerCooper?

26 May 2019 08:32:09
If we are to challenge properly next season Kent will be a vital part of that challenge. If we don’t get him then I’m afraid we need more than Jordan Jones and Jake Hastie to replace him because they are nowhere near that level especially when we play the bigger games against that other team.

26 May 2019 09:55:51
Kent is a good player but he's not special. He needs to work on his decision making in the final third and to know when the time for flicks and tricks is. He's undoubtedly talented with the ball at his feet but if like to see a bit more directness in his dribbling rather than trying to turn people inside out.

26 May 2019 09:59:40
Kent was never staying. His lap of honour after the last old firm game told us that.

26 May 2019 10:07:59
Mate get a grip! He was a great player for us this year! Most of us would love to have him back.

26 May 2019 10:21:08
Coop you make me laugh 🙈 he is not a special player and will be average at best down south that’s a fact but will make good money because of sky etc. and I didn’t say he was a bad player but he ain’t as good as some rangers fans think and I think he can easily be replaced with a winger that will produce more goals and assists.

26 May 2019 10:46:24
Kent is a good player, but even if we had the funds we shouldn’t be spending £10m on him however. We need to buy players who will do a job for a few years and can be sold at profit. If we could get for another year loan, or maybe £3m + 50% sell on to Liverpool then fine, if not move on.

26 May 2019 11:17:46
Kent is a top talent, he tore celtic apart. We are a better team with him. Its funny how a lot of you are going on about stats now and their relevance. When I brought up stats to discuss our progress just before we got pumped out the scots cup by aberdeen I was accused of being negative and a tim😂. Anyway Kent is a class act for us and offers a lot to our team. I would rather sell morelos for 10mil and use that to get kent. 👍.

26 May 2019 11:36:58
Good luck to Ryan Kent if he goes to Villa. I wonder if he had been our player if Villa would have offered us 10Mill? don't think so somehow. They would prob have offered 5 and expected us to take it.

26 May 2019 11:57:29
The truth is somewhere in between his stats are not that impressive in terms of goals and assists but where he’s worth his weight in gold is in the old firm games where he’s been 1 of our best players in each of the last 3 giving us the confidence to go toe to toe and twice completely dominate against them.
That’s why he’s so important to keep.
He has 4 years left on Liverpool contract and has said he wants to settle down at a club and play for 1 who are in Europe and competing for titles that’s not Villa.
It’s all just speculation at this stage and if he doesn’t want to go there he won’t.
I think another loan is 50/ 50 and us getting him permanently prob about 30/ 70 as it requires Alfredo being sold while Kent’s still available for a start and can’t see us parting with more than £6-7m top plus add ons but still a possibility.

26 May 2019 12:26:41
Sell morelos and get kent, best bit of business we could do this summer👍.

26 May 2019 12:30:06
Coldo. Have to disagree, Think that’s the first time Because you are usually spot on, Re Ryan Kent As I had posted before Ryan has the ability, But to have two great games against Them, Doesn’t make you a Top talent, To be a Top talent you have to be consistent, To which Ryan has not done, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺.

26 May 2019 13:00:13
Not one player has been consistent this season cunny except mcgregor really. Kent is in the core of players that are key for us. The lad is only 21/ 22 and will only get better. Kent is a player👍.

26 May 2019 13:13:15
There’s a lot more that he brings to the team with his link up play and movement and the pace he has. I can guarantee he is involved in a majority of the goals we score and chances we create without being directly involved with the actual assist or the goal. To judge him solely on assists and goals and that being your final assessment on him because he’s an attacking player doesn’t come close to justifying how important he is and can be especially in the bigger games with one team in particular he’s been excellent against the last 3 times we’ve played them.

26 May 2019 13:14:28
Coldo 👍.

26 May 2019 13:16:35
Nae bother Coldo. Enjoy the rest off the weekend.

26 May 2019 13:51:14
You too mate, although its raining here and its prob quite nice where you are. Not that I'm jealous😕. Cheers Cunny👍.

26 May 2019 14:37:38
Coldo, to think i disagreed with you quite a bit too. I again think your posts on ryan kent are bang on the money and i'm totally in tandem with what your saying regarding young kent. Also Rick Witter your last post above is spot on mate. I agree with everything you say there also. For once i can't add anything to coldo and Rick Witter's posts regarding ryan kent. Superb guys. 🤔.

26 May 2019 14:44:49
Sell Morelos and get Kent? I love Kent and he's a good player who could potentially be great, but you all better be careful what u wish for. Take his goals out the team and we would be f*cked. His behaviour infuriated me on several occasions but out with his childish nonsense he kept us up at the top of the league contending for most of the the season. And aye, we could get good money and buy other strikers but I don't have to list the aMount of top quality players who have came here and flopped. So I'll say again be careful what u wish for. We need Morelos. He is also young and has a bag load of stats. Get him right mentally and we could be flying for years. Use your heads boys.

26 May 2019 14:59:02
as much as I like Kent, we really would manage if he didn't sign.

26 May 2019 15:21:40
Coldo it was a Baltic 24 degrees today, In Perth WA, Not to bad for Autumn.

26 May 2019 15:40:22
Your just showing off now cunny😉👍.

Easytiger, we were f*cked with his goals. We did not see a massive improvement in consistency until morelos was suspended for 5 games mate. We are a better team without him. Defoe is far better and more intelligent football wise. Arfields goal against celtic would not have happenend if morelos was playing instead of defoe, morelos would have took a touch. We are so much better without morelos, sell him and buy kent👍.

26 May 2019 16:13:41
You can screenshot this, guys. Villa have not, and will not, make a £10m bid for Kent, it's just a speculative punt by this comic and wasn't picked up by a single English paper, not even in Birmingham. And we are still immersed in talks with Liverpool over three players, including Kent. As for those of you who don't think he's a player, I despair!

26 May 2019 16:32:33
Great news daisy👍.

26 May 2019 16:48:18
Daisy yore your wrong mate. It was reported on a birmingham newspaper about villa's move to sign ryan kent on a permanent deal.

26 May 2019 16:57:42
Cunny, even balmy.

26 May 2019 18:46:26
Coldo we had a good 5/ 6 games but Defoe is a 38 year old loanee who's going back to Bournemouth. And if I'm not mistaken r we not paying him a ludicrous amount of money; like half his wages. He, as a striker has linked the play better and enhanced arfields game but he is not the future. he's a stop gap and we were playing great but if I had to be picky I would have a bit more from Defoe from an individual perspective. Even though the team is playing better he's not exactly terrorising defences and peppering the keeper with LM shots. we've got a raw 22 year old goal machine, who when he isn't scoring is giving defences a torrid time. He's young. Teach him to link play better, keep him on the field for most/ all of our games and who knows how many he could score. I think we're forgetting we played quite a good bit of football with Morelos on the pitch aswell. he's now a Columbian International and he'll get better and better .

26 May 2019 19:09:49
Defoe will be with us next season. He's played once for colombia mate and by all accounts he wasn't great. In the 6 games we played without morelos we scored 14 and conceded 1. In the last 6 games where morelos played we scored 5 and conceded 9. There's a stat. We are a much better team without him. Take what we can get and invest it wisely. 👍.

26 May 2019 20:37:46
Coldo you are wrong to mention stats in that way, I have always said Kent’s stats ain’t that good for the so called wonder player you all talk about where was these skills when we drew 3 times with hibs got beat numerous times of killie and the sheep? Yes he has had two outstanding games against them but is that all we are looking for in a team? To beat them twice? 🙈
Kent will never be a top top player and he will never make it at Liverpool.
Is he worth 10 million no never in a million years but some English team will pay it and we will never pay that for a player again and I can’t honestly believe fans are saying we should considering where we have come from and what caused it.
I wouldn’t pay over 3 million for him.

26 May 2019 20:43:13
And also I have not once said he isn’t or won’t be a good player but he ain’t a top player that most of you are making him out to be and basing that on 2 games against them
One player doesn’t make a team and can be replaced.

26 May 2019 21:14:47
Gannet, morelos was in the team in the games you mention, that's my point. the difference in the teams performance without morelos is there for all to see. We are a better team in every way without him. As I said in the 6 games without him, 14 goals scored 1 goal conceded. In the last 6 games that morelos played, 5 goals scored 9 goals conceded. Do you think that it was a coincidence that we found our best form since 2011/ 12 without morelos in the team? Sorry mate but you need to open your eyes👍.

26 May 2019 22:46:48
Oh so it’s all fredos fault what a load of BS
When fredo was banned for last few games they changed the formation a bit and that’s what made the difference in those games.
It certainly wasn’t fredos fault Kent never performed in those games I mentioned.

26 May 2019 23:06:18
We also won 3/ 3 games when Morelos was suspended before last spell think we pumped Hamilton away, Dundee at Stmirren at home. 8 wins out of 8 beating Hibs, Hearts, Motherwell, Aberdeen and celtic so basically the main players in the league without Alfredo.

Nobody doubts his quality but he is definitely replaceable, we are too 1 dimensional when he plays up top. When he doesn’t we share the goals and score many more, he misses so many chances despite grabbing 30 this season.
He has been sent off 5 times and usually in the big games like final Euro qualifier, twice away to sheep and away to tramps, personally I v had enough I want him sold and done of fee used to buy Kent and s £3-5m striker.

26 May 2019 23:58:18
Gannet, we are a better team with defoe up top than we are with fredo. The performances proved that. 👍.

27 May 2019 08:36:59
Gannet, you're spot on. The formation was changed to bring in Davis who had found his form and sacrifice a winger, usually candias.

At that point we changed from a team who rarely threatens through the middle and was nearly always reliant on wingers.

Yes, Defoe was part of it, but the changes helped the general play and creativity

Morelos will also excel playing in that formation, as his movement is so good. In fact, he could have scored a few on his return when he came on as sub.

Now that we have proper strength in the middle, you'll see an even better morelos.

27 May 2019 13:25:10
SO why didn't Gerrard play Defoe iso Morelos. because he knows that's where the money is, not with an older wise striker who we have on loan.

I would like to see Morelos playing with the same set up as what we played last few games and see what then.

27 May 2019 13:57:29
Supercooper, you'll have to enlighten me. What local Birmingham paper carried the Kent story?

27 May 2019 14:25:11
Let's put it this way, would rather Kent in my starting Xi than Jones.

27 May 2019 18:03:44
Rangers are a bigger goal threat with morelos in the team. 30 goals in what 51 games? One of the main reasons our form improved was Steven Gerrard, our manager! keeping a settled side (keeping the midfield together, getting Katic back) . If morelos goes we'll definitely miss him. Much more than Kent.

28 May 2019 00:02:45
The problem is if we sell Morelos for £10-15M, awhibare we going to replace him with? Defoe can’t play 60 games per season.

We need to bring in another young (ish) striker, if they turn out to be better than Fredo then sell him in, if not keep him until we find someone who is. If not we only weekend the side and we’ll never win the league chopping and changing so Drastically.

On Kent I agree with Gannet10. Kent is getting better all the time and is becoming a key player for us, but he isn’t a great player, far from it. He never goes missing, is always up for the challenge but had too many off days, a bit like Candeias. He needs to add more goals to his game, could possibly play on the right and cut into his left and have more attempts at goal.

Hopefully we can get him back next year and he can kick on again. Wouldn’t break the bank for him just yet though.



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