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17 May 2019 15:13:30
A lot of rumours suggesting that former Liverpool player lazar markovic ( winger) who's signed for Fulham this year who has just activated his release clause from Fulham has caught the eye of gerrard.

Think he is a terrific winger who has not had the chance to show his true quality and we al know gerrard is good at bringing the best out of players

Chance to pick him up on a free and he is still young, what do you'd think?

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17 May 2019 17:00:05
We have Grezda, JJ, Canadias, Hastie, Murphy, possibly Kent, Middleton and Arfield. I would like us to start giving our youth a chance otherwise what's the point of the Hummell complex?

17 May 2019 17:49:13
Can give youth a chance once we stop 10.

17 May 2019 18:02:44
Markovic was a cracking player at Benfica, if SG could get that form from him he would be amazing for us, he’s not really done anything since he moved to Liverpool though, so be a bit of a gamble but then again as a free transfer it’s a lot less risk than spending millions on players that should be good. Read somewhere that Erik Durm has been released from huddersfield, I would like to see us try get him as I think he’s pretty good and he’s a free transfer. Both these lads would have a potential sell on value if we got the best from them.

17 May 2019 18:23:58
Where does durm play?

17 May 2019 18:35:11
Adam lallana on loan is the one signing i'd love to happen. He's absolute quality and the very type of player we're needing! Admittedly is very long odds it will happen though.

17 May 2019 18:42:20
As1974 grezda is hopeless, the youth might not be ready yet. Kent and Candieas might be away and jj and hastie have yet to establish themselves. What is the constant fascination with youth all about? If and when they are ready then they will get their chance👍.

17 May 2019 18:57:24
Agree about Grezda. When was the last player that came through our youth ranks who constantly plays in the first team? Because we have to give some young guys a chance. There's surely got to be one. We can't keep buying players. Breed our own.

17 May 2019 19:38:47
All in good time As1974 mate, the youth and reserves are doing great and the potential is there but if you rush them you can do more harm than good👍.

17 May 2019 20:38:46
Durm is a left back but can play at right back too.

17 May 2019 20:50:21
Fair doos Coldo lol.

17 May 2019 22:07:27
Markovic is like Kent they couldn't cut it at premier League level but are superstars in the SPL but on the durm rumours its a no remember he is a CL finalist and on PL wages.

17 May 2019 22:08:21
As much as I want us to sign Kent. I think a fit Murphy and some more game time from Middleton, plus Jones and we'd be okay on the left. I have high hopes for Middleton for next season and the future.

17 May 2019 22:54:37
Markovic can play wide or as a 10. he’s a superb player but I think out of our reach. Lallana is wanted by a few prem teams if a loan or buy is an option, we def can’t afford him.

17 May 2019 23:02:48
Markovic was up and down like a yoyo at Liverpool - one season he was a joke, the next an indispensable player who delivered. I'd take him on a free but then wingers are a bit saturated at Ibrox right now.

{Ed001's Note - Markovic was awful at Liverpool then sent on loan. He was never ever indispensable.}

17 May 2019 23:03:23
@blueberry - Murphy, Middleton and Jones don't strike me as enough.

17 May 2019 23:50:38
I think Kent is a big game player. He obviously loves the old firm games and has done very well in them. His attitude is bang on. And we'll always have that snap of him skelping slope heed :D.

18 May 2019 05:43:08
Pretty sure Jones and Middleton have as good if not better stats (goals, assists) than Kent. Middleton is still just a young lad, with bags of potential.

18 May 2019 07:52:55
Markovic was a complete flop at Liverpool and was there for about 4 years. It’s a position we have more than enough options in, especially while Kent is still available.
It’s obvious we need a LB a quality number 10 and potentially a striker if Alfredo goes.
I think it’s more than likely he gets sold with the funds being used to buy Kent, a 10 and a striker.
Halliday, Barisic and Flanagan have all at different times looked decent at LB so although it’s not a priority position I think at least 1 of them will be surplus to requirements with an upgraded replacement added especially as Waldo is off also and his wages become available to reinvest in squad.

18 May 2019 08:03:01
Blueberry they don’t. Kent has played more games thou. Jones in a Rangers team playing on the front foot will eclipse Ryan Kents stats for this year.

18 May 2019 09:05:30
😂😂😂😂 what utter nonsense!

18 May 2019 10:50:14

I don’t share your view on Lallana. He is an above average player who has hardly played in two years (I know he has been injured) . I think he is too light weight and his goals assists stats are actually pretty poor scoring 1 in 6 throughout his career and only 20 career goals in 140 starts. Is he good enough for Rangers - yes but not at the salary or fee he would demand. I would take him on a free but never pay a fee for him. As an England international trying to regain his England place why would he ever come to Scotland

He has never been the same player for Liverpool as he was at Southampton which suggests he may struggle with the pressure of a club who has to win every week.

18 May 2019 12:16:34
Ryan Kent, played 38, scored 6, assists 4.
Glenn Middleton, played 27, scored 5, assists 4. I do like Kent but think spending £5-6m on him is that wise. Another season loan would be great though.

18 May 2019 13:22:50
Blueberry, since when was 'okay' good enough for Rangers? We want to be the best we can be in every position, not just 'okay'.

18 May 2019 13:34:53
I said we'd be okay for the left side/ winger position with a fit murphy, Middleton and jones. Do you think Kent is the 'best' player we could sign for £5-6m daisy yore?

18 May 2019 14:04:24
Blueberry I posted yesterday Kent is worth no more than 2 1/ 2 mil Very inconsitant player, Whom only turns up for games against THEM. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🇦🇺.

18 May 2019 16:12:01
Agree fully MOLS well said. Riddled with injuries for 2 yrs very little end product. Money is better invested elsewhere for instance the young boy Turnbull at Motherwell. I’d rather have him thinking long term and money.

18 May 2019 17:57:56
Mols and L17MAC, entirely up to you guys if you think a fit lallana wouldn't be a good signing for us. It gobsmacks me you don't, but hey ho that's your opinions, which of course your entitled to. I tend to disagree, as i think a fit and healthy lallana, would destroy defences up here! that's not to say i disagree with L17MAC, regarding young david turnbull, who i've continually on here, stated how highly i rate him. I've stated often enough that jake hastie will be a good signing for us, but i believe turnbull would have been the better signing, of the two! All about opinions.

18 May 2019 18:47:00
The problem though is that you can’t guarantee a fully fit Lallana for any period of time. A loan deal i'd be open to but it’s highly unlikely given his probable wage demands. I think he’s a good player but not a great player I tend to agree with L17mac about both value for money signings and signing Turnbull. Murphy’s stats are unreal and that’s in a poorer Gers side than we have now.
For me Kent is a massive player in games V celtic which are pivotal to our success in the league but he’s far from the finished article and not worth more than £5m.
With the English football riches on offer Iv no doubt Liverpool will be able to get closer to £10m for him. If it’s only top Championship clubs and bottom 6 BPL clubs who want him there’s every chance we will get him on another loan deal.

18 May 2019 19:26:49
Oh my god am I actually hearing this?! Everyone who said markovic is a class player please delete your account, go to your room, pack a bag and take a hike! The boy has not kicked a ball for the last 4/ 5 years! He showed 'promise' at benfica and was subsequently bought as potential at Liverpool (as u do) . however dross is not even the word. The amount of u people who think he's a good player r just showing how little u actually know abt football on here. I'm now actually thinking people are saying this to get a reaction from normal humans. See if your serious, and u want to stop 9 in a row, then get your head out of your arses and wake up. we need quality now. Markovic, or Jordan Jones and Jamie Murphy are NOT GOING TO WIN US THE LEAGUE!

18 May 2019 19:50:20
Not sure what all the fuss about Kent is if the buffalo is sold
Where will our goals come from
When we do find out how good pollster is as tav is no right back
Will Bb turn up next season or do we
Require a left back
Defoe at 36 ok for the cup games
Or fetching Gerrard coat
Will big Laff ever get a game
Or do we give him a pay off
Another 1mill down the drain.

18 May 2019 19:51:48
Who, in your opinion should we be signing then easy tiger?

18 May 2019 21:41:09
Kent can be replaced his stats are below average for a winger for the season 2 great games against Celtic doesn’t make him a great player we must keep, Lallana up here would be the best player in the league without a shadow of a doubt. i also can’t see it happening at all. I can’t understand the rangers fans that say sell fredo to buy Kent it’s beyond belief and people wanting to spend 5mill + on him is embarrassing.

18 May 2019 21:57:42
Well certainly not markovic. His wages would be a dent Alone. I know we have a lot of cm's the now but David Turnbull at Motherwell is absolutely flying! I think barisic needs one more season to see if he will settle. He has (with us) became a world cup final team international and scored aswell so he 100% has talent. Now up to us to get him fit Nd going. He'd be like a new signing. I felt katic was getting stronger each game. He rarely loses a header. Just needs to sort his positional awareness. If we don't break the bank for Kent then I think we should for a top defender. Maybe mariappa at Watford or Jake cooper again. I know he's recently signed a contract but there's no reason why we should lay big money for attacking players. Goldson worries me. Good games and bad ones. I don't know what's happening with Alfredo. I would build a team round him; he's a young super talented maniac. If we can calm him down 30 goals a season for another 4/ 5 years would be my preference but of he's getting sold then it should definitely be dembele money and two top strikers.

18 May 2019 22:47:27
I'm sorry but markovic is one of these guys that will join a big club early and plummet down the leagues. Never good enough for Liverpool and not good enough for us. As people have pointed out we are well stocked for wingers who are proven at this level.

19 May 2019 11:55:37
Can’t believe people are comparing Kent with Middleton. Watch the game with your eyes and don’t rely on stats, Kent is miles ahead of Middleton in every department.



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