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19 Nov 2023 13:09:39
Hague is looking good international goal!

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19 Nov 2023 13:50:43
For me Hagi needs to come back in January, maybe alaves would take lammers on loan instead? Maybe Spanish league would suit him.

Front 4 for me of
Cantwell Hagi sima

Backed up by
Mccausland Lawrence Matondo

That would do for 2nd part of season.

19 Nov 2023 14:24:45
He needs to come back even if it's just for Clement to get another look at him.

19 Nov 2023 14:30:28
If we can keep Lawrence fit he starts before Hagi for me. I'd even play him as an 8 beside Lundstram to allow us to play Cantwell in the 10 position with Matondo, Sima and Danilo as the front 3.

19 Nov 2023 14:39:30
Lawrence and McCausland are too good to be back up. McCausland will only get better and better.

19 Nov 2023 15:30:07
can we afford shankland, sima not a gers player yet again can we afford him hope maybe another season on loan will any body take lammers off our hands and can we get any where near the 4 mill we spent with jack end of contract steve davis also finished and lyndstrum contract coming to an end where do the priorities start.

19 Nov 2023 15:40:19
There’s nothing wrong with having quality in reserve (mccausland/ Lawrence) one has only started 1 first team game and the other is always injured.
Best to have them as back up than relied upon as first choice.
If they take the position for themselves all the better.

19 nov 2023 16:19:29
i might be wrong here, but, i'm nit sure hagi can come back in january, hope so tho,

i miss that one good 30 mins per month.

19 Nov 2023 16:34:45
There isn't a recall option, and nobody in their right minds would take lammers.

19 Nov 2023 16:37:39
I don’t think we have a recall clause in the loan.

19 Nov 2023 17:01:19
Why would anyone want hagi in the number 10 before cantwell or Lawrence? He would be 3rd choice 10 at best so no point being him back. One great game in rangers strip some good but mostly ineffective but for some reason some fans think he is the 2nd coming of messi.

19 Nov 2023 17:36:08
Nobody saying that storm.
Simple fact is he’s better than lammers, Lawrence is always injured, so is Matondo, wright isn’t very good, mccausland isn’t proven, dessers not good enough, Roofe always injured, Hagi is still out player and would improve our starting 11 and if Lawrence is fit and ahead of Hagi he improves our bench.
Also cantwell has been told he will play right wing. He said this himself last week.

19 Nov 2023 17:37:21
There is a return clause in which we play a small fee, cheaper than signing a replacement and also I believe alaves paid us a fee to take him so we’re not out of pocket by paying small fee, likely half of the loan fee.

19 Nov 2023 17:55:47
Is this the same hagi loads wanted rid of so he did not hamper Lowry development.

19 Nov 2023 18:06:51
Well a doubt there talking about a different one john.

19 Nov 2023 18:12:59
I don't understand the calls for Hagi to return. He has never been a regular starter for us as he is too slow and not strong enough to be effective in our league. Just isn't suited at all and has anyone worked out his best position yet?

19 Nov 2023 18:14:00
all of a sudden hagi a world beater ?? he was at the club few year not once could he hold down a reg 1st 11 slot.

19 Nov 2023 18:21:14
The thing is though, John, we got rid of both.
Lowry is best off where he is, maybe even again out on loan next season.

Hagi’s only crime is wanting to play for us.

We play 4231 so, with wide pacy players.
Hagi would be great playing in his best, natural position of no10.
We doesn’t need to worry about lack of pace in that 10 role he just links middle to front with through balls and neat tidy passes.
That’s his main strengths, and he can chip in with the odd goal here and there.
We never got to see him in the natural 10 position and we all agreed that’s what he’s best suited to.

It’s a squad game not played with 11 players and he undoubtedly enhances our squad.

Put lammers out on lo am in the hope he finds form and we recoup a fee in summer.

Best move for football reason an and also financially it makes sense.
We play 3 from the following:


That’s enough for Scotland til the summer, and January we won’t have much money to spend.
To me it makes most sense.

19 Nov 2023 18:49:38
Hagi was undoubtedly our best player in the lead up to his injury. Not much, if any, have a better assist rate and he chips in with goals.

19 nov 2023 18:55:59
surely your not suggesting we pay money for our own reserve player stevie,

19 Nov 2023 19:32:48
Your entitled to your opinion Stevie, his lack of pace makes it a no from me though.

19 Nov 2023 19:36:19
Hagi missed an easier chance than the one he scored. I don't agree he would improve our starting 11.
Leave him where he is and re assess at the end of the loan is best imo.

19 Nov 2023 20:20:33
Are you serious Negri? Hagi has never been our best player at any time he was at the club, so what you have just stated is "undoubtedly" a load of single fish.

19 Nov 2023 20:41:58
Jfm, completely agree.

19 Nov 2023 20:44:07
We wouldn’t be paying for him Tom. We’re obviously due money for him from alaves, if they want £500k for recall then I’m guessing we got £1m for loan fee.

Someone mentioned at the time we got a fee and they are paying his full wage.
So all we’re doing is taking half the loan fee for half the time.
It’s not really paying for our own player is it?

I’m all for signing a better player for every position, but I’m a realist.
We can’t afford to sign a striker and another attacking player, we need a cm, and we need a ch.

We need to make it work somehow.
I figured Hagi is an upgrade on lammers at no cost.
Lammers then goes out on loan somewhere and hopefully we get a fee for him in summer, and maybe even sell Hagi aswell. Then we sign 1 player for the 2z

It’s just a case of juggling the money as best we can as we can’t spend a lot in January when we have a big rebuild in the summer.

Obviously we all have diff opinions, let’s just see what clement decides to do.

I did read earlier Hagi saying la liga is his favourite league and that he’s living life in Spain so chances are he doesn’t want to come back anyway.

19 Nov 2023 21:16:04
I can’t see hagi being back in jan but time will tell. Negri he has never been our best player ever.

20 Nov 2023 12:26:30
Stevie and not only half the loan fee. We then need to pay him.

20 Nov 2023 14:52:15
Did Clement not work with hagi before?

I'm quite willing to trust managers judgement on hagi even though I like hagi always have he offers something different and I believe most people where judging him on the performances of when he was trying to return from long injury which is unfair you often get players needing at least 6 months to get back to a decent level and that appears to be happening with hagi now.

It would also be handy if we actually played guys in their correct position

Also with the turn around in lundstrum under clement is it not reasonable to think he could do the same for hagi. When hagi first came in he was always forward thinking Gerrard and beale and gio changed him into a safe style of play sidewards passes keep ball when his strength was seeing passes others couldnt.

20 Nov 2023 15:18:00
Yes john, but that’s normal with players.
You do have to pay them.
He will be earning that wage unlike dowell for example.

The point being, what he will bring to the team for the wage we pay him is more than what lammers, dowell, even Roofe and wright are doing atm.

We disagree on hagis quality, and that’s all fine.
But u can’t deny he offers more to our team than lammers or dowell or wright or a few others atm.

U less we’re getting a better player for the £500k we will waive from alaves, then he’s the best option.

Listen I hope we get a better player than Hagi for a price we can afford that suits the club long term aswel but right now for £500k and paying his wages it’s a no brainier.
Then allows us to loan out lammers, maybe even dowel aswell and try get a fee for them early in summer to reinvest.



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