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19 nov 2023 01:31:44
with imo, yolmaz just too small for a left back in scotland. no disrespect for him as a player but is it not time we seen more of sterling atm? , surely this boy has a lot more to offer than what we havd seen, , tav has proven himself way more than i honestly thought with his firward play and i commend him for that, but at some point we have to know what we have in reserve, gas sterling played many minutes, is devine due a full game again. ? , i think so, i would love to see these two boys play a full game at ibrox. , with mcausland rice yfeko and lovelace, how refreshing would that be?

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19 Nov 2023 06:35:33
Yilmaz has now played under 3 managers and still not a first team pick . That says it all really .

19 Nov 2023 07:27:06
That's correct Gvb11 and james tavernier has played under i don't know how many rangers manager's now and has remained our first choice right back and each manager has said how highly they rate and regard him?says it all really and i've always rated and liked tav ???.

19 Nov 2023 07:38:40
Sterling is injured.

19 Nov 2023 08:11:47
Coops i don't think the tav doubters until we no longer have him. The guy goes about his business, gives his all, is always available, got us to a European final. Sometimes if a player has made it clear to his agent and the club that he is happy and is going nowhere, then you won't hear of bids. Then there are agents who are constantly touting their players when there is no interest. he's coming up to his 300th league game over 420 altogether. I want to see him make 500 and i'm sure he will. Doubters please ask yourself how many players play the amount of games he has in that period of time and even that many over twice the time, have never been good enough for the club they are representing. Tav isn't just playing he is representing us. The way he conducts himself the way he looks after himself and how approachable he is to the fans. Look at when that halfwit was shouting at him after a game. The man stood amd listened some would have told him where to go. i'm really sick and ashamed of the treatment tav gets. The man is the rangers captain and legend. ????.

19 Nov 2023 08:45:51
Tav is good player if he could defend he’d be playing in the premiership no doubt.

19 Nov 2023 08:54:08
The rangers fans don’t know how lucky we are to have tav.
What he gives to us going forward is nothing short of miraculous.
One of the best attacking fullbacks in Europe.
Top scorer in Europa final run, made team of year for UEFA
But he’s not good enough for spfl or rangers?
Makes me laugh.
Imo he could have easily went and played in epl a few years ago and been a starter at most clubs, maybe not city (walker) Liverpool ( Arnold) Chelsea (James) newcastle (trippier-now) but most other teams, I’d actually say he’s better than dalot at Man Utd few years ago and rest of league aswell.

If tav leaves in the summer we will realise just what we had,

Look at the pining for Alfredo and Kent and kamara

Imagine what it will be like for Tav.

19 Nov 2023 09:20:50
The very good news StevieG2 is tav won't be leaving rangers in the summer or anytime soon mate ?Next season 24/ 25 season is his testimonial year and i look forward to see which club will provide the opposition for tav's testimonial. ? I would hazard a guess it'll be either Leeds utd or Newcastle utd ?.

19 Nov 2023 10:28:10
Think he is a Leeds fan so that would be the one Coops.

19 Nov 2023 10:36:19
Yeah coops I’d guess it will be Leeds Utd mate. That would be good to see for him.

Hopefully he gets to play a wee 20/ 30 mins for Leeds in that game if that’s aloud by the rules.

Why do u suggest newcastle mate?

19 Nov 2023 10:51:50
SWSO whilst he played for both, I would think Newcastle would be the bigger attraction.

19 Nov 2023 11:18:59
StevieG2,tav had a spell with newcastle utd when he was young mate, that's why i also suggested them ?.

19 Nov 2023 11:54:48
Coops I remembered that after bluetoons post, wonder if his brother may play in his testimonial as well so they get time on pitch together.

Hopefully it all goes the way he wants it whatever that may be.

What a fantastic servant to our club he has been.

Talk about value for money, £250k was it?
He must be up there with the bargains of Scottish football history.

19 Nov 2023 12:12:37
If Tav could defend he would be nowhere near rangers.

19 Nov 2023 13:40:25
Does anybody think we would win a game that we played Sterling, Yfeko Devine, Rice, McCausland and Lovelace? Maybe the best way to see them all play at Ibrox would be to move a B team game there.

19 Nov 2023 14:06:51
We could definitely play a game with them all in it at some stage mate if we play a good mix with them.

It’s all about timing

Hypothetically speaking we could field a team of say


Devine Goldson king yfeko

McKinnon lunny rice

Mccausland Lovelace lyal

That should be enough to win a game at Ibrox against a lesser opposition.

Thing is it’s too big a risk.

19 Nov 2023 14:27:45
Sorry lad your to small for Scottish football

Is this the 1970s or 80s


Barasic has lost plenty of people at the back post too and he's taller ?

Which is it shankland is good or yilmaz is bad wish you lot would make up your minds.

19 Nov 2023 15:11:05
Yilmaz is a very good footballer.

19 Nov 2023 17:06:21
100% gofor, the 2 small carry on is embarrassing and come from one goal we lost. Too many fans stuck in the past with the height rubbish.

19 Nov 2023 17:58:22
I like yilmaz and would be in no hurry to move him on, he makes it to a very good turkey squad even with his lack of game time.

19 Nov 2023 18:31:37
John, would u accept a bid of €5m for yilmaz and try to get someone else instead?
Or do u rate him enough to blow fb him into left back and hope for more 18months?

Just a question, not a debate mate, I agree he’s a very good prospect but he should have nailed the position by now.

I’d take €5m and reinvest or i'd try him at left wing.

19 Nov 2023 19:17:53
StevieG2, you forgot that TT wanted Sterling playing as well so he would be at RB, Devine switched to LB and Yfeko in the middle with King to give him what he wants . While I would love to see more youngsters drip fed into the team, I still say that team wouldn`t beat the other teams in the league, even at Ibrox . The first eleven make heavy weather of beating most of the other teams at Ibrox.

19 Nov 2023 20:49:35
Wsl I get that mate, that’s why I put Goldson in the team and lunny just to hold it together a bit.

Wee bit of an experienced spine with mccrorie Goldson and lunny in the team.

Sterling doesn’t interest me, I’d be happy to put him out on loan to English champ in Jan and try get a fee in the summer.

I don’t think he has a future with us

I do see what u mean with it being a slightly weak team, that’s why I didn’t put king and yfeko in the centre I felt it’s too weak and maybe yfeko at left back til he bulls up a bit or even yfeko with Goldson and Devine and left back mate.
Just hypothetical anyway.

19 Nov 2023 21:18:41
Yilmaz hasn’t been able to nail done the spot because he has had a lot of niggling injuries hopefully he stays injury free and we will see if he is really good enough.



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