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17 Nov 2023 12:33:08
Ridvan Yilmaz in a swap deal for Ryan Kent. Would you do it?

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17 Nov 2023 13:03:37
No No and No.

17 Nov 2023 13:04:02
Why is everyone still fascinated about Kent. He had one good season. One of the most overrated players we’ve had.

17 Nov 2023 13:04:52
Wouldn't swop wee Jock the cleaner for RK? There are better, cheaper and more consistent out there in the big wide world of players!
We need cash for Yilmaz not a returning RK - thanks?.

17 Nov 2023 13:08:30
Kent was flashy with not enough substance, we need numbers across the front line, goals and assists that’s what matters and is a main factor in why we haven’t won a lot of trophies.

17 Nov 2023 13:25:39
Rumour has it Kent wants to move back to Glasgow. From what i read in here he’s dug meat and it’s a big NO. I take it those fans would also be happy if he signed for Celtic then since he’s so bad?
IMHO Kent would be an asset in a PC team.

17 Nov 2023 13:27:14
Doesn`t make any sense, better to sell Yilmaz if possible and use the money elsewhere . If we want Kent back then take him on loan . I see that Jota might be available on a loan, would we look at doing that deal.

17 Nov 2023 13:32:00
Would honestly love kents 2 goals a season back. Adds so much to the side ??.

17 Nov 2023 13:58:13
I wouldn’t swap him for Scott Wright.

17 Nov 2023 14:13:21
Yilmaz must be moved on, but we would want cash?

17 Nov 2023 14:48:36
If PC could get the best out of Kent and some consistency, then maybe. The lad is lethal when he is at his best, just was never there enough before.

17 Nov 2023 15:05:55
I would keep yilmaz. He may be small but his potential is high and he makes good runs beyond the ball.

17 nov 2023 15:52:11
yilmaz was a mystery buy, still can't understand that, too small and so many other options at the money,

17 Nov 2023 15:55:31
Could probably get kent for a couple of Irn brew bottles so that's a no from me.

17 Nov 2023 16:08:13
Id sell yilmaz but would never want Kent back. i'd sign josh doig.

17 Nov 2023 16:23:39
Yilmaz is extremely well thought of in Turkey by Besiktas, Galatasaray and Fernabahce, why would we even consider doing a deal for him to get Kent back. If we don't want Yilmaz then we will easily be able to recoup what we spent on him and possibly even a profit.

17 Nov 2023 16:42:20
Agree Berkshire,

Kent could not wait to move on, house sold, can always buy another or rent, horses moved, can mov again. However let’s not take backward steps.

17 Nov 2023 16:43:50
do we geniuely believe the gers can afford to do any dealings in january
with our current wage bill and with
FFP would we not need to move or sell.

17 Nov 2023 17:04:38
Hell no! That would be like we've paid 12 million for. Awinger who you already know wants away and can't score

Looking backwards is crazy from our fans

All that happens with Kent arrival is mcausland gets dropped and I know he's different side but someone else would play right like Clement did with cantwell

Stay clear.

17 Nov 2023 17:05:36
2020 . You sound very suspect.

17 Nov 2023 17:36:13
I'm not saying for a second we should go all out and bring ryan kent back but if philippe clement decided to do this then i'd trust him and remember not one of us knows how good he could possibly be under clement ?.

17 Nov 2023 17:56:14
Paul123, I certainly wouldn't be bothered if celtic were to sign kent, would be a sign there going backwards. Palma in 10-12 games has scored as many as Kent scored in 2 years, you think that's the standard we need rite now? One cost 7m the other 4m. Someone posted the other day, PC will never go back to another manager's signings, unless it made perfect sense, which rk just doesn't.

17 Nov 2023 19:04:04
Love Kent or hate him but to say you wouldn`t swap him for Scott Wright is absolute nonsense . As for not signing people because of FFP, we have now announced profits two years in a row so I wouldn`t worry about it, I`m sure the board will know what they are doing.

17 Nov 2023 19:51:45
Why is anyone willing to pay 1penny for Kent?
He had a chance to stay here and refused, expecting a bigger payday down south and nobody wanted him.

He got what he deserves in his career.

17 Nov 2023 19:52:27
This lusting after Kent is getting embarrassing.

17 Nov 2023 20:13:17
It’s not nonsense wsl, it’s an opinion (my opinion) . There are a few differences between Wright and Kent, one could be the most overrated player to wear a rangers shirt, the other is a grafter with limited ability. I know which one I’d prefer in my starting 11.

17 Nov 2023 20:34:30
2020 we've still got 26.1 million in transfer fees due to us.

17 Nov 2023 23:51:03
I ain’t wrights biggest fan and I would swap him for kent don’t understand peoples need to want players back that weren’t even classed as a success he was a disgrace to the jersey the last two years and couldn’t wait to leave for free.

Yilmaz too small? Away and don’t talk rubbish the people that said yilmaz is too small would have said the same about messi xavi and inesta if they came here when they were young. Before any of you jump on he obviously will never be anywhere close to the standard of player but it’s the height I am going with. To think one of the people that says he is too small is an alleged ex player is embarrassing.

18 Nov 2023 00:04:12
Never want to see Kent in a Rangers strip again. Stole a wage for months.

18 Nov 2023 03:03:42
Here's a thought Yilmaz would outscore Kent playing in the lm position.

18 Nov 2023 11:17:27
I’ve wondered about trying yilmaz in that position before Beale.
Take it your the same?
I feel his lack o fb height is a major problem with Scottish teams style against us obv high balls into box and set pieces.
Left mid or left wing would maybe suit him better as he’s clearly got a lot of attributes.

18 Nov 2023 11:31:14
Ok I'll join the discussion. Yilmaz. is too small and not brave/ strong enough in the tackle. He's a back up and if a team in Turkey desires him. sell him. God. I preferred Devine at LB and he is a right back .
As for Kent. for heaven's sake. move on. He had his chance and wanted out. Could have signed and we would have got some cash but no. Forget him and Morelos. move onwards and upwards.

18 nov 2023 16:34:28
good to see some people realise the obvious stevie and colonel, is that you ronnie?



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