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15 Nov 2023 14:03:23
Reading through some earlier posts, I have to agree with Tom regarding McCausland. He's 20 years old now. Players that age are regulars all over Europe. Yes he's not the complete article yet but he'll only get that from regular playing time. He deserves time to make that position his own. Hopefully the likes of Lovelace and Rice will be given that chance.

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15 Nov 2023 14:21:15
As I said in that thread yes he’s played well but to imply we don’t need a right winger and can rely on a player who’s only started once is very naive. I’m not saying bring someone in and drop him entirely. Clement seems like a manager who likes to rotate so he’d still get lots of game time.

15 nov 2023 15:11:53
so you believe i'm very naive then dave, fair enough, , i personally would stick with mcausland, bring8ng someone to take the position will undoubtedly result in him going backwards, he's made it to the first team . now let him play, northern ireland want him in they're squad, , so i'm happy to see him in our team, been some time since we had a young player reach our team, king was a neccessity but ross is 20 years of age, not a teenager, and why would we now want to put him behind someone else at that age? because if we buy someone, he will be taken off to england soon afterwards,

15 Nov 2023 15:17:14
Or Clement might think the money could be better spent elsewhere and is happy with the contribution he has seen so far from Wright and McCausland.
we are forgetting that one of our biggest assets - Sima - isn't even ours. So will also need replaced.

15 Nov 2023 15:18:38
If you are able to move on guys who are on large wages like matondo and have mcausland as squad/ rotation it makes sense. We still need starting 11 wingers and although there was a small upturn in matondo form of being truthful it’s never going to be enough for him to be the man.

15 Nov 2023 15:56:30
I know some might not agree but I always thought there was something about Wright. NNow with McCausland I'd like to see what PC can do with them before the next window. If he feels we need someone for the position by then, then so be it. But it's nice to see a promising young man being given a good crack at the whip. Love it.

15 Nov 2023 16:11:21
Tom he’s started 1 game against the worst team in the league how can you say he’s good enough to be our number 1 right winger after that? If anything that’s unfair on the lad and will cause him issues. Look what happened to Leon King when he was thrown in the deep end. We need someone who we can rely on consistently in the big games and a 20 year old with 1 start isn’t that person. He should be pushing for the starting place and up until Jan he would be my starting right winger when fit. If he consistently plays well until up to that point then fair play but it’s a lot of weight to put on his shoulders.

Look at Butland in goals. We had McCrorie who performed well at the end of last season and people called for him to be number 1 but we brought in a keeper who’s better and now I don’t think anyone would call for McCrorie to start. I think the same will happen in our right wing position.

15 Nov 2023 16:27:20
Let's wait and see the position Clement improves on, do we need another wide player? we have Sima Matondo Wright Lovelace McCausland, then Cantwell Lawrence Dowell if required, i agree 100% with Tom's take on McCausland.

15 nov 2023 16:56:07
thousands of 20 yr olds are the mainstay of they're clubs, many are captains, riss is at least 2 yrs older than king, he's a first team player, if he fails, he fails, but you dint just buy someone to put in front of him

what age were you thinking of letting him keep his place, the place that he has taken right now, pull him back and tell him to come back when he's old enough, nah dave, celtic play they're talented kids, often much younger than ross is.

15 Nov 2023 18:01:31
Dowel at right wing is this sg with arfield and aribo all over again lol are wright and mcausland going to hit jota and palma numbers? If no then we need better simple as that.

15 Nov 2023 18:28:29
Yes Tom and how many appearances have they made? I couldn’t care less about his age. You’re ignoring the fact he has literally started 1 game against the worst team in the league. It’s far too early to say he’s going to be a mainstay in the first team. He’s inexperienced and inexperienced players are inconsistent. You’re putting way too many eggs in that basket to go another 40 odd games this season with no improvement in that area.

15 nov 2023 19:05:38
ni david, your ignoring the fact i never said once he should be number one of anything, i said i would leave him in place, h3 may have played one full game, but was also called up fir international football, and you want us to buy yet another player to replace him, how many players can we buy?

we have found a young player from our own stock, 20 yrs old and now an international player, beem praised widely by everyone fir the past 5weeks, now you want us to buy someone to play in front of him, he's 20 mate, and in situ right now because the manager thinks he's good enough, that's enough.

15 Nov 2023 19:33:38
McCausland has been a stand out every time he’s been on the pitch to be fair and with us playing two games a week from now till January he will get plenty of game time, we have too big a squad and cannot see us bringing anyone in January unless injuries force it.

15 Nov 2023 19:41:27
Give them a chance Raskin. Palma just through the door and already a world beater. ?‍♂️.

15 Nov 2023 21:26:54
If we play Celtic tomorrow who you starting on the right wing Tom?

16 nov 2023 02:38:27
maybe mcausland, but we don't play celtic tomorrow

silly question david.



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