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15 Nov 2023 02:51:03
Who would you say was the greatest die hard Rangers fan who played for Rangers.

Am with Ian Ferguson. Played for St Mirren.

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15 Nov 2023 04:40:56
Kenny miller.

15 Nov 2023 06:43:39
Your at the wind-up Paul86.
Kenny Miller? No Rangers diehard would ever play for Celtic.

15 Nov 2023 07:49:39
I’d go for Ian Durrant as one who is up there with Ian Ferguson. Fergie possibly edges it for his 9 in a row contribution but Durrant was a wonderful player, particularly prior to his injury.

15 Nov 2023 07:50:28
Bomber Brown.

15 Nov 2023 08:01:28
Totally agree white horse, what a superb rangers diehard ian ferguson was and still is even from his home in australia ???Fergie was as hard as nails in midfield and took no prisoners ?He absolutely adored the rangers just like us guys on here ?
That hooked shot against aberdeen in the cup final at hampden, sticks out in my memory, as if it was yesterday, what a goal and him at full time running around with the flag wrapped around him? Fantastic memories of a very good diehard rangers midfielder, who knew what it meant ??? Absolutely loved him at rangers ?.

15 Nov 2023 08:07:16
I’m going Barry Ferguson lads.
Or Iain Ferguson.
Or durranty.

Need to remember lads, if your a rangers man your a rangers man, so is there such a thing as more of a fan?

15 Nov 2023 09:30:12
Bomber, Barry Ferguson, John Greig.

15 Nov 2023 09:44:12
Let’s not forget super ally .

15 Nov 2023 09:47:18
Every name above has merit, there is a lot of diehard players/ supporters, the two Ferguson’s, Durrant, Coisty, John McClelland, Greig, Davis. I think the old cliche is true, “ once a Ranger always a Ranger “?
In a local paper over here, McCausland says he’s living his dream, even to play at Ibrox as a first team player gives him goosebumps.

15 Nov 2023 10:11:17
I'm sure Greig was a jambo initially Carrick, but yes now absolutely a Ranger through and through.

15 Nov 2023 10:24:04
I didn’t know that seeker, I apologise, I always thought he was there from a boy.

15 Nov 2023 10:46:39
I wasn’t aware of that either Seeker. I know that the wonderful Sandy Jardine was a jambo but I didn’t know that about John Greig.

15 Nov 2023 10:57:47

15 Nov 2023 11:09:16
Aye Carrick until his agent gets it into his head that he could earn a fortune and be a superstar down south.

15 Nov 2023 12:23:23
John Greig was signed from Whitburn Juniors in 1959 for £200, Even though he never played for Whitburn, John was signed on a white form even although he was going straight to Rangers from Edinburgh Athletic, Signing this form made John a registered Junior player and ensured he could play Junior football if he hadn’t made it at Ibrox, At this time players couldn’t be reinstated from Seniors to Juniors if they hadn’t previously played or signed White or Green forms at Junior level. ???????????.

15 Nov 2023 12:54:08
What about Davie Cooper?

15 Nov 2023 12:55:05
Just for clarity John Greig was at Rangers from when he was boy but like Sandy Jardine comes from Edinburgh and supported Hearts as a boy. Still the Greatest Ranger of all time though.

15 Nov 2023 13:10:27
Seeker spot on JG was a Hearts supporter as a boy, Until his father told him to sign for Rangers, And as they say the rest is history. ???????????.

15 Nov 2023 13:10:27
You’re probably right Alloa ger1, money talks, but let’s be realistic here- is he good enough for EPL or top championship teams?

15 Nov 2023 13:21:41
Didn't know that . Cunny.

15 Nov 2023 14:20:02
Id have to go BF, I remember and will always remember him coming back from Blackburn like the king had returned or something! There was no social media back then and plus I was a kid so everything I got was through newspapers. I remember one day he wasn’t going to come back because Blackburn wanted more money, but Barry pushed it through by handing in a transfer request and refusing to train. It was easily the happiest I’ve been at the end of a transfer window and it was a January window.

We went on to win the league that season on helicopter Sunday. And Barry definitely helped a lot as well as big marvins faith ? Marvin turned me into a believer after that day lol ?

So Barry Ferguson in my time will be the Rangers man. But lol things change and now my idol has more Botox than my bird and the exact same teeth too ? I’m only kidding everyone looks like that now. I’ve had my teeth cosmetically done too. So can’t be a hypocrite.

But I’ll always remember his first game back being brought on as a sub in a 7-1 pumping on Dundee United.

15 nov 2023 14:24:56
yip griegy came from whitburn not hearts, think he still lives out that way actually,

he's the top ger, along with fergie, bomber sandy and many others long gone.



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