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14 Nov 2023 14:50:47
If we had the funds to go out and buy only 1 player this window (for talking sake) what position would you be looking to improve? For me it’s got to be right winger. McCausland has done well in his cameos but he should be backup to someone. Get that position sorted and move Cantwell back full time into the middle and get Lammers out of there.

Could also argue centre back as Balogun can’t last all season and some people may not like it but Souttar and Davies aren’t good enough.

Defensive mid as well Jack and Lundstram have done well recently but we can’t rely on Jack to stay fit and we need more than them 2 plus Raskin in there. Could Bailey Rice step up? Possibly but I don’t see that happening this season.

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14 Nov 2023 15:08:28
Cifuentes david.

14 Nov 2023 15:34:16
We still have to see the REAL Cifuentes. and it will come. still getting his feet wet not only in our spl but also in europe-- imo of course.

14 nov 2023 15:35:54
odavid, we are in danger of thinking everyone under 25 should be “ back up “ to someone, why ? , , that's a sure fire way of losing talent, he has been back up, now he's a first team player, i think we need a good strong ch, and i think we have one coming soon.

14 Nov 2023 15:49:09
Would be a striker for me if Danilo gets injured we can't rely on dessers.

14 Nov 2023 15:50:08
Quite happy to give mcausland a run.

14 Nov 2023 15:52:19
Also with a few players in last 6months of deal we could sell someone

Sima. if Brighton get an offer.

14 nov 2023 15:59:46
theres boys all over europe and beyond at this boys age, ripping it up, a good footballer only gets better, first team is where ncausland belongs now, and watch him tear it up imo, we could do with another few boys being let loose at ibrox, because its a place that takes a bit of getting used to, when fit i would play ross, lovelace, yfeko and rice at certain times in certain games at ibrox, and let them enjoy themselves and find they're bearings in what can be an intimidating arena,

14 Nov 2023 17:03:47
Mccausllqnd has done great just give him more games a chance to improve and show what he can do.

14 nov 2023 17:27:08
i also want another striker, a goal grabber. always, liked shankland but possibly that ship has sailed, sadly for the boy i don't think rangers will pay now, unless a deal isdone re king or indeed the boys whos already there on loan, i think danillo is a good wee player, just not certain he is the 20 odd per season type, so another poacher type would be good.

14 Nov 2023 17:44:36
Def a right sided attacking player to give us better balance and Shankland to come in with Lowry loan becoming permanent as part of the deal.

14 Nov 2023 17:49:57
Yea - bring McCausland on gradually, he’s still quite young and inexperienced at the first team level. I see Michael O’Neill has brought him into the NI first team setup, probably just to acclimatise.

14 Nov 2023 18:29:25
It's a striker for me, the defence can wait until the summer, our midfield looks ok, our goalkeeper is outstanding.

14 Nov 2023 18:54:23
Still feel that would be a mistake Scotty unless we have a buy back option for lowry.

14 Nov 2023 19:10:20
I’d go centre back but it’s hard to come by quality at right price for us as we found out in the summer.

Cifuentes needs to start making appearances and performing as jack and lunny can’t play every game 3 times a week.

14 nov 2023 19:14:50
if he's in an international squad it seems ludicrous that he wouldn't be a first team player, he is a ft player now and should stay there for now, his confidence is building and he needs to get used tp playing for rangers.

14 Nov 2023 19:18:13
There will be 4 or 5 players leave at end of the seasin that won't get contracts renewed. With player trading model we will likely need to sell 1 or 2 players also.

14 Nov 2023 19:21:04
Centre half aw day long and a right winger.

14 Nov 2023 19:34:23
I would like a winger and a striker but if I had to pick one it would be a striker. We need someone more clinical, Danilo looks the part but after that we only have Dessers and Roofe . We are missing so many good chances to kill off games . If we started to do that losing the odd goal wouldn`t matter so much, although to be fair we aren`t conceding much at the moment.

14 Nov 2023 20:45:19
Also just read there our wage bill is higher that celtics. That is ridiculous considering the lack of sucess on the park.

14 Nov 2023 20:46:16
Ross McCausland has been good in his cameos but to say him and Wright are enough for right wing is totally naive in my opinion. He’s only made 7 appearances and started once. Apart from anything else inexperienced players are generally inconsistent. He needs to lockdown that starting right wing between now and Jan. If he hasn’t then I think we should and will go for someone else.

14 Nov 2023 22:57:11
Bang on Paul86, cannot understand it. A huge waste of resources on a lot of players we have currently.

15 Nov 2023 10:08:17
Shankland must be the main focal point for the transfer window.
Firstly he is very good goal scorer and with better service would score even more goals. Also you make one of your main opponents weaker.
Next would be a CH for me. Souttar is never healthy/ fit. Balogun is a good back up and loves the club but doesn't stay fit/ healthy either. And Davies. well i think everyone knows he is not for us.

The issue we will have is finding the right players at the right price for our level.
A good winger, CH and striker of the level a lot of the fans expect is likely well out of Gers price range.

Just look at what was paid for Dessers and Danilo and they are by no means lighting up the Scottish league never mind Europe.

15 Nov 2023 10:32:37
Got to be a right winger or striker for me.
McCausland and Lovelace have shown promise but we can't fall into the trap that scott wright is good enough again.
Less said about roofe and dessers the better.



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