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13 Nov 2023 19:35:26
Told Clement shares the same opinion as Waller on Tav and Jack that they are carrying too much muscle mass on top half of body. He also believes Lundstram is one of the fittest players he’s worked ever worked with.

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13 Nov 2023 21:57:34
Know a few coaches at the club and they have said that PC is far from happy with the conditioning of a lot of the players and has moved a number of them on to specialist training plans.

Tried to get specific names, but they wouldn't say.

13 nov 2023 22:12:27
these things occur when players are allowed to go off on they're own fitness regimes and gym work, often with personal trainers who are not football orientated and too concentrated on body look.

13 Nov 2023 22:14:11
A lot of people blamed Bale’s injuries at Reao Madrid due to the amount of muscle he put on when he went there.

13 Nov 2023 22:35:48
Great to have a manager that can identify these issues and try and sort them out.

13 Nov 2023 22:37:18
Never good when player become top heavy think that's what did Kent in.

13 Nov 2023 23:12:01
Imagine what Clement would be thinking if he seen El Buffalo's physique ?.

13 nov 2023 23:36:58
in bales case i would imagine he had a home gym, personal trainer and the full monty david, , the very best of body imaging people around him if he wanted, so yeah you could be correct mate.

13 Nov 2023 23:48:50
Bale was always injury prone, he was probably too fast for his own good as a youngster and constantly done his harmstring.
Hence always having that sports tape on.

Nothing to do with Madrid just his body.

14 Nov 2023 06:46:21
Gofor - Dunno about muscle mass re Kent? - think it was more to do with that little bit of grey matter located between the ears which affected RK and more his attitude as can be seen as what's happening currently at Fenerbache!

14 Nov 2023 08:45:00
Gofor what did Kent in was he is as thick as two short planks. The guy had no football brain. He never knew when to release the ball, no awareness of his teammates, and never knew how to keep it simple. That's why sakala, sima and anyone else who played there would always have better numbers than Kent.

14 Nov 2023 09:49:23
Purely in the sake of accuracy. Kents stats for assists to the assist were second to none in Scotland by a country mile (thumbs up) :)

14 Nov 2023 10:21:42
Livi bear i take your point about kent. But sakala having brains? Lol.

14 Nov 2023 10:33:15
Look at the pictures of him before and after he went to real. Not saying that’s all it was down to but have definitely seen people saying the increase in muscle mass was part of the problem.

14 Nov 2023 12:52:51
I wonder if Clement would actually have got Alfie fit as opposed to talking about it and not doing anything about it like our last two managers, or would he have just said this guys attitude stinks and he`s not worth the effort.

15 Nov 2023 11:23:05
Dado sakala kept it simple and direct.



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