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13 Nov 2023 15:40:59
ED and JOHN can i have an honest opinion from yoùs 2 guys can yous honestly say aberdeen mean to lose to celtic by lying down to them.

{Ed001's Note - no idea, but I very much doubt it.}

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13 Nov 2023 15:51:40
Amato who is saying anything like that?

13 Nov 2023 15:53:46
dont think they lie down, just don't believe they put as much effort into the game as they do when playing us.

13 Nov 2023 15:55:04
Silly conspiracy theory hardly worthy of comment. Specifically on yesterday’s match Aberdeen were always going to struggle after their exertions of Thursday night. Likewise a response from Celtic after their trip to Madrid was always likely. No conspiracy and no lying down.

13 Nov 2023 16:16:25
My star you are saying it also people need to grow up ? with all these polls.

13 Nov 2023 16:19:47
AMATO you're missing the point what My star is meaning my friend lying down and trying harder against certain clubs are most definitely 2 different things my friend ?.

13 Nov 2023 16:23:08
Mystar just ĺìsten to yourself to lie down means meaning to lose to them me thinking your digging a hole for yourself here.

13 Nov 2023 16:30:52
Not my debate. Let’s continue to ruin site.

13 Nov 2023 17:21:48
John, don’t know what you mean by continuing to ruin the site. Far from it I find many of the posts on here interesting and some of them informative. Having said that the quality of some is poor, ill informed and clearly “plants” from the other side. Having said all of that everyone has right to their opinion no matter how ill informed.

13 Nov 2023 17:29:55
My star and coops. Rangers fans always have a go at Sutton because he said Dunfermline lay down to us that day we won the league and they say sutton is a disgrace for saying it so what is the difference him saying it to you two saying it?

13 Nov 2023 17:30:39
posters on here will say that aberdeen will play twice as hard against us on 17 Dec. Of course they will. It is a CUP FINAL.

13 Nov 2023 17:36:18
Ruin the site John? Because it’s a debate you don’t want to be part of? ?‍♂️.

13 Nov 2023 16:03:24
Thanks ED your the most honest person on here some of our fans hate that they won 6nil i hate they did but to believe dons lay down to them is just dilusional from a lot of us CONSPIROSIES CONSPIROSIES OMG SOME ARE WORSE THAN CELTIC FANS ON HERE think about it do mystar again i say does this mean we lie down to them cause how often do we lose to the.

13 Nov 2023 17:51:36
Careful Storm?

All about opinions ya know.

13 Nov 2023 18:00:51
Bankie many have taken to running down others views,
At times I get it many do not support our team, sadly I’m not very good at picking them out, that’s wwhy I love the more switched on to I’d them.

13 Nov 2023 18:47:24
Cool John. I love critical thinking and welcome well informed opinions that criticise any aspect of our club. Like to think I’m also old and wise enough to realise that true supporters are also fickle and sometimes can be swayed by a good tale or even a snake oil salesman purporting to support our club.

13 Nov 2023 19:23:52
Of course they lie down …. I swear they turned up in pyjamas and slippers Before the warm up . I saw them getting off the bus I’m with beals.

13 Nov 2023 20:15:29
Dk what you on about? Am just giving my opinion or is that not allowed?

13 Nov 2023 22:49:14
I really don't think it's the players but the managers tactics Robson knew what he was doing opening up and going for it at Celtic park.



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