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13 Nov 2023 13:31:01
After my discussion with amato, could i have a poll please ed. Do Aberdeen have the same drive to beat celtic as they do against Rangers? yes or no.

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Aberdeen drive poll

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13 Nov 2023 14:00:47
Lie down every time with no ambition to even try and beat them. It’s a disgrace.

13 Nov 2023 14:19:47
My star u said dons are basicly cheat by intentionly lying down to celtic that is just utter nonsense and the results on poll will be total nonsense.

13 Nov 2023 14:26:00
Kinda obvious one.

13 Nov 2023 14:31:14
Totally agree with you My star ? Anyone who opens their eyes over the years knows aberdeen have always given more against rangers as opposed to celtic ?Clear for all to see imo anyway ?.

13 Nov 2023 14:38:22
I don't think it's a nefarious thing. It's only natural to take down the most loved team in Scotland. It's more motivation out of jealousy. It can't be helped but to try and shut us up. :)

13 Nov 2023 14:55:02
Amato i never said that, what i said was Aberdeen raised their game more for Rangers.

13 Nov 2023 14:58:56
They’re more up for rangers as it’s a bigger rivalry and it’s more intense.

They DO NOT lie down to Celtic that’s an absurd statement to make and really makes no sense.

Different managers different players etc but they manage to all lie down?
Behave man.

13 Nov 2023 15:10:58
Kris boyd also said it on sky and if she was on other foot you can bet your bottom dollar mutton wouldn't shut his big mouth about it if it was us they 100% try harder against the biggest ow in Glasgow and amari nobody said the Aberdeen players have meetings don't be so daft mate?.

13 Nov 2023 15:13:52
Plenty on here say that Rangers fans have a part to play in driving the team on.
It’s no surprise then that Aberdeen fans are fired up more when they play Rangers than they do Celtic which will therefore cascade down to the players.
Not cheating or lying down. Just more up for it by the nature of the beast.

13 Nov 2023 15:33:36
It’s transferred from the fans to the pitch, the players also know if they get something against Rangers a lot will be forgot about, surprise you what how more you get out a player in games like that, , not just Aberdeen we are viewed as the team most fans want to beat across Scotland does not matter if we are top of the tree or not we are viewed as the scalp they want because we are the biggest club which most people support even if they don’t go to games.

13 Nov 2023 15:36:15
Last time they scored at parkhead in open play was 9 games ago. Sam cosgrove. Last 3 games there they have shipped 15 goals. There not very good travellers though, until couple seasons back aberdeen went 19 possibly more years ( eion jess winner) without a win at ibrox. But they certainly play games at pittordie v us like its there cup final that's for sure. This is also the energy they get from the fans aswel as were there most hated rivals.

13 Nov 2023 15:37:02
No point to this debate asking Rangers fans of Aberdeen lie down to celtic is like asking them if you wear a poppy. Aberdeen had a very tough game in Europe on Thursday night and don't have a big squad to cope with it like the OF. Going to sharkhead was always going be tough. When was the last time we got a result there?

13 Nov 2023 15:44:16
That poll is as pointless as a chocolate kettle, I'll be astonished if it's not 100%.

13 Nov 2023 16:26:24
Why are you so worried about it anyway Amato? Really, who cares? Btw they do try harder against us ?.

13 Nov 2023 17:33:47
Superb post MpH and better way of putting it. I don’t like the saying lying down as it’s basically saying they are cheating.



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