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12 Nov 2023 14:18:25
Cantwell with an other unnecessary booking, What a stupid boy, Good 3 pts to get though at a tricky venue. ???????????.

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12 Nov 2023 14:28:08
A Cantwell yellow card is becoming as safe a bet as Tav to score anytime.

12 Nov 2023 14:28:40
He certainly needs advice from big Phil, and I would imagine he'll get it!

12 Nov 2023 14:28:51
He’s murder for some of these daft yellows he gets.

12 Nov 2023 14:30:06
As much as i'm a fan of todd cantwell it was a stupid booking and there was no need for him to do that ?He needs to cut that out of his game as these stupid bookings mount up and he could crucially miss big games because of it ?.

12 Nov 2023 14:49:55
Dragged out to a craft fair at Stirling Rugby Club but managed to catch some of the game on my phone. Saw the yellow card. Utter madness the boss needs to take him to one side.

12 Nov 2023 15:03:11
Fair play to Steven Mclean, during a treatment break, I saw him having a long discussion with TC, he is a daft boy at times, I would advise him to screw the nut, as Lawrence was more effective than him while he was on the pitch.

12 Nov 2023 15:06:48
Cantwell will be getting it full belt by Clement for his petulance and silly behaviour. He needs to be careful as I am sure that it will not be tolerated.

12 Nov 2023 15:11:08
Dado, looks like Tav needing 2 pens to score 1 recently as well lol!

12 Nov 2023 15:13:51
As a famous captain on tv would say Stupid boy.

12 Nov 2023 15:28:48
This could end Cantwell Rangers career if he doesn't get his finger out.

12 Nov 2023 15:38:06
Clement will have to have a word with him, needs to cut that out off his game.

12 Nov 2023 16:15:27
Lawrence was more effective than Cantwell? Would that be because he played 70 mins and not 20 or because Cantwell replaced McCausland and played wide and it was the invisible Lammers who played Lawrences position. Was Lawrence more effective than Cantwell on Thursday night when he came on? It was a daft booking but a lot of the bookings he has had, have been unjustified and he doesn`t half take a kicking at times. Disappointed that fans take the opportunity to pile into the guy when he makes a daft mistake . As for fair play to McLean, the guys an ass who hardly got a decision right all game for either side.

12 Nov 2023 16:29:13
Massive fan of cantwell but needs to cut out the petulance. Didn’t seem interested in what PC was saying to him when coming on and I still think he needs playing through the middle behind strikers.

12 Nov 2023 17:04:31
I honestly feel it's frustration from cantwell, he hasn't started the season well lbh, he really needs to knuckle down and give knuckle head commentators (Chris sutton) other things to talk about than stupid yellow cards, he is so much better than that.

12 Nov 2023 17:14:55
I absolutely agree that Cantwell needlessly gets involved and has to cut out that petulant behaviour. I remember fans turning on Alfredo when his petulant behaviour cost us. I'm sure Big Phil will have a word! Social media also seems to be a distraction for the lad.

12 Nov 2023 17:38:57
Duncan Disorderly, you seem a lot like Coldo??.

12 Nov 2023 17:50:47
Wslgers, NO, because Lawrence is not a stupid as Cantwell, we all criticised Morelos for his petulance, so Cantwell needs to behave himself in a Rangers jersey.

12 Nov 2023 17:53:50
Daft mistake it’s every week.

12 Nov 2023 18:11:25
I think boy blue has got it right.

12 Nov 2023 18:25:34
DD’s ( Coldo ) has had more usernames than Cantwell’s had yellow cards???.

12 Nov 2023 19:23:35
No Mark I am not, why do you ask?

MrPotatohead your comparisons are like hot coffee's and pyrotechnics, absurd my friend, however I do see the humour in your post.

{Ed033's Note - Maybe DD lives in the same building as coldo?
DD's 2 previous usernames come up as GersRFC1, coldo [this is not 100% accurate though.]

12 Nov 2023 20:17:46
You are comparing Cantwell to Morelos now, a guy who was sent off numerous times in big important games. Cantwell has been sent off how many times? Todays was a daft booking, he shouldn`t have reacted the way he did to the guy kicking him on the shin, he should just have gone down and rolled about in agony. He hasn`t started the season well as he was playing with an injury until after the OF game when he couldn`t play on any longer. He is now making his way back and he is one of our main hopes of doing anything this season . He was excellent on Thursday night, scored a terrific, winning goal, and brought out two good saves from the goalie which is better than some of our strikers do. Cut the guy some slack, he`s giving his all for the team.

12 Nov 2023 20:28:50
Mph you would think he would give up by now.

Good post wsl.

13 Nov 2023 01:27:59
Just seen on social media Cantwell never touched the Livingston player, It’s the Livingston player that tried to kick Cantwell ???????????.

13 Nov 2023 06:27:57
Whoops, Coldo.
Looks like your new username ( DD ) has made a right t$t of you?.

13 Nov 2023 06:28:46
Cantwell has to be careful but in fairness the grounded player kicked out and got him on the shin bone. Naughty kick out that the ref should've picked up.

13 Nov 2023 06:36:08
I can actually understand cantwell's booking. If he hadn't moved his leg, he could have been injured, felt the guy was out to get him.

13 Nov 2023 08:50:54
Dear oh dear, Coldo?????????.

13 Nov 2023 11:19:55
You would think he would learn ?‍♂️ embarrassing as always coldo.

13 Nov 2023 13:11:24
Storm, I'm 100% convinced he's a Celtic supporter. his last user name ethelbert was a anagram for the treble.



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