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11 Nov 2023 21:25:20
If by chance we have a full squad what would be our best team and where would we need to improve
Tav. Goldson/ Souttar Balogun/ Davis Barasic
To many midfielders too permutlate
Sima not ours Danilo
Imho I don't think that we are that far off thoughts posters.

Sima not ours Danilo.

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11 Nov 2023 21:38:57
Think weather sima was staying or not we would still be signing a winger or another striker

Roofe will be offski
Possibly barasic

Lundstrum under clement I've been really impressed with him he's turned him around wanted him gone under Beale but looks a much better player now .

Target a couple of Scottish players to see if anyone can step up a level under Clement.

11 Nov 2023 22:46:00
Our strongest and best 11 imo is


Tav Goldson balogun barasic

Jack lunny

Cantwell Lawrence sima


12 Nov 2023 01:01:38
Shows how much more work needs to be done if the 6 players after Butland are considered the best we've got Stevie. At least 4 of them should have been chased before now imo.

12 Nov 2023 06:01:48
My best 11.
Gk Butland
Rb Tavernier
Rcb Soutter
Lcb Davies
Lb Yilmaz
Cm Cifuentes
Cm Raskin
Rw Sima/ Matondo
Am Cantwell
Lw Matondo/ Sima
St Danilo.

12 Nov 2023 07:32:25
We definitely need better across back four imo - with leader/ true captain in one of those positions and all who then can truly play their roles defensively first and foremost then attacking thereafter - could see Davies and Barasic away for next season - so more solid additions required.

12 Nov 2023 07:59:04
Good selection My star ?i'd have goldson in instead of ben davies and big balogun i also have always really rated and liked ?Apart from that i agree with you in most of your selections mate ???.

12 Nov 2023 09:12:46
Blue Floyd - what is a "leader/ True Captain "?

Is that someone who shouts and bawls at players? From the 70s or 80s?

Or Barry F who moaned at people?

By that rationale, Steven Davis would be a poor captain.

Or is a true captain/ leader someone who leads by example, shows up every day at training, never gives leas than 100%, is available for every game, even when carrying an injury. Steps up and takes a penaly, even after having just missed one?

Behaving with dignity and decorum at all times is a fundamental requirement.

You don't and shouldn't need to have an armband at rangers to be a leader!

Not having a go BF but this narrative that is often aimed at Tav by many.

12 Nov 2023 09:29:06
I don’t understand anyone putting Lawrence in our best 11 he may end up in it but he hasn’t played enough games for that.
Goldson hands down before souttar.
Also raskin in before Jack.

Cifu ain’t done enough to be anywhere near our best 11.

12 Nov 2023 09:46:44
Athole - a captain is someone who sees what is happening all over the pitch and is able to communicate well to fix problems as they occur -dont see that Tavs does that as we lose goals constantly from players not marking/ picking up at set pieces or leaving men spare and it still continues to happen -he never gives up as a player which is good trait but don't feel is aware of all malfunctioning areas and is able to rectify these routinely - yes as u say everyone should look at their game but not many are born leaders or organisers and feel that he falls into that category - jeez Butland can be seen organising/ shouting more times than not and he is just in the door as he must be well p***ed off with marking and structure for example at set pieces (all basic stuff)
PS love his abilities and goals from back so it is not a slight on his football abilities.

12 Nov 2023 09:48:39
Agree storm.

12 Nov 2023 10:47:22
Blue-Floyd2 As an ex goalkeeper the 18 yard box is a goalkeepers domain and he is the one who should be shouting at his defense to let them know who is unmarked. After all he is the one who can see all in front of him.

12 Nov 2023 11:42:41
I tend to agree with Stormtrooper, Cifuentes is nowhere near our best 11 and no Goldson? strange choice I'm afraid Star in the sky. You are determined to get at least one correct with Cifuentes I'll give you that my friend, very admirable. I have my fingers crossed for you.

12 Nov 2023 11:48:52
Couldn’t agree more storm especially with Cifuentes loads were putting him straight in the 11 before he even signed! Don’t look like Clement fancy’s him much either, makes me wonder how many of these players will be made available in January.

12 Nov 2023 11:54:55
Dado, I know what your saying mate on paper it doesn’t look great, but, we are performing well atm and the players deserve to be applauded for it. Even clement is surprised at how quickly they’ve responded to his methods and demands.

They’re playing for their rangers careers but also if they do leave they’re playing for their next counteract and which club it will be at.

12 Nov 2023 16:35:59
Blue Floyd - you make good points but its not a captain's role to see malfunctioning players on the pitch and change it, that's the manager's job.

You can't see everything from the pitch.

The GK will be marshalling his defence, not the full team.

Agree Butland is a good leader on the pitch also.



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