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11 Nov 2023 18:23:34
Here's a wee poser fellow bears to one and all on here ?Most think that hagi will be brought back in january and correctly so imo ? Also including myself, a lot of us on here think todd cantwell is better in the position that lammers is currently playing in so here's the question ❓ From hagi, cantwell and lammers who all play in that no.10 position behind the central striker, who would you prefer to play there between hagi, cantwell and lammers and is the better player between the three ?.

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11 Nov 2023 18:26:43
What about a fully fit tom Lawrence who is better than hagi and lammers.

11 Nov 2023 18:29:25
Cantwell at night 10 for me. Lammers sitting in the main stand and Hagi as sub.

11 Nov 2023 18:31:38
Cantwell and Lawrence before Hagi, leave him on loan and bring in a very good loan signing for six months.

11 Nov 2023 18:31:57
Cantwell for me, he has a huge appetite for the game and works his socks off. real quality lad. Hagi a close second as he is a very clever player. Lammers firm third on current form.

11 Nov 2023 18:40:12
Most think? C'mon coops, a slight exaggeration there, is it not? ?

Although I think Hagi would do a better job than Lammers (wouldn't be hard), what exactly has he done in his Rangers career that would indicate he's the calibre of player we need to be successful?

For some reason, Hagi remains one of the most overrated players at Rangers, who some fans still believe could be a top player for us. He never has been, and never will be, a top player, sorry!

Cantwell is streets ahead of Hagi, so he's never getting in front of him. Clement obviously sees something in Lammers, and with Lawrence now fit, Hagi would be fourth choice. Can you still see him coming back?

11 Nov 2023 18:45:07
For me it would be Cantwell every time Coops.

11 Nov 2023 18:52:03
For me cantwell. Follow by Lawrence.

11 Nov 2023 18:52:09
Cantwell, no doubt about it.

11 Nov 2023 18:59:20
Hagi never been a regular simce he joined not sure why now all of a sudden he's a world beater.

11 Nov 2023 19:08:53
I'd agree that Cantwell is the best we have in that position, even though he's played most of his career on the left.

I wonder if we'll see Lawrence on the right and Cantwell in the middle after the international break.

11 Nov 2023 19:10:29
It's Cantwell for me.

11 Nov 2023 19:26:21
I went Cantwell.

11 Nov 2023 19:37:19
Can we afford to have a player that can't run. Do we need 10 players that can cover the pitch at EL level possibly CL level or at Parkhead for 90 mins, that the players we need. HAji has some technical qualities but I don't think they suit the SPl or when we are up againt is at a higher level.

11 Nov 2023 20:19:27
I don’t think hagi will be back in jan was it not a season long loan? Why would we bring him back? He wasn’t a regular before what will make him one now?

Cantwell hands down is the correct player for no10.

11 Nov 2023 20:21:54
For the record guys it would be todd cantwell for me also ?The guy is sometimes moves ahead of his teammates and is a talented footballer ?I think there's also a starting position for tom lawrence and for me hagi is technically gifted with both feet ?From what i've seen at the minute sam lammers would be fourth in that pecking order behind cantwell, lawrence and hagi ?.

11 Nov 2023 20:55:22
Not seen enough of Lawrence, so cantwell for me all day workrate, creativity, vision and definitely has that killer pass for the role.

11 Nov 2023 21:00:31
Storm our new manager may want hagi back and we just never know hagi could be a regular under clement ?.

11 Nov 2023 22:20:39
Commented above then saw this thread. Cantwell for me, can see Lawrence playing deeper. Maybe Clement could unlock Hagi but I don't see benefit of bringing him back in Jan. Lammers is an enigma, willing to give him time but shouldn't start with everyone fit.

11 Nov 2023 22:46:20
Hagi will not suit how PC wants to play, better to leave him where he is in hope we can get money back come summer window. has never been regular starter, so can't see how all of a sudden he is going to return and start regularly, if he returns may get a few games of bench but that's it. PC going to bring in his own players next couple of windows so that would put Hagi further down pecking order.

11 Nov 2023 23:21:40
On the run up to his injury, Hagi was our best player without a doubt. A fully fit hagi is a great weapon to have his assist record is great. And scores too.

12 Nov 2023 07:37:01
I personally don't see hagi playing for us again, I actually like hagi but if we got good doe for him I wouldn't be too upset, we need some wiggle room for incoming players Clement has identified, i'm hoping he has atleast two lined up.

12 Nov 2023 09:32:43
Coops he also may not. I ain’t only one that said it but you pick me out? ?.

What has hagi done to warrant a place back? He will never become a regular at rangers IMHO.

12 Nov 2023 14:15:37
I feel hagi is not what we require going forward, plus I would not pay back half the loan fee.



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