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11 Nov 2023 07:41:17
Ryan Gauld out of contract end of 2024. Would like us to sign him. He's really kicked on since leaving Sporting and unfortunate not to be in Scotland squads. Was Farense best player and he's been great in MLS for Vancouver Whitecaps as well. Scottish homegrown as well so helps with European squad. Possibly get him on a cut price deal in January. Thoughts? I know some have said McKenna wouldn't sign for Rangers but he's also out of contract next summer and a much better left sided cb than Davies.

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11 Nov 2023 08:42:53
Wemt on loan to hibs 2 years back and done absolutely nothing. The mls is a pretty poor league regardless of messi etc there. Cifuentes supposed to be an absolute baller in that league can't get a sniff here. James sands highly rated. absolutely garbage in scotland no even close to good enough.

11 Nov 2023 09:13:37
My worry about players from MLS, Canada or USA, is they seem to be a yard or 2 slower than players from here, Cifuentes case in point.
I think Gauld had his moment in the sun quite a few years ago and is best to wish him all the best but no thanks.

11 Nov 2023 09:15:11
A Scottish player who struggled in the Scottish game, I don’t see it myself. agree regarding McKenna.

11 Nov 2023 10:13:22
Paul Cifuentes is an excellent footballer you will see it very soon. Ryan gauld should be payers we looking to sign, don't know if he'll drop his current salary to make it happen.

11 Nov 2023 10:19:57
cannot say I see Cifuentes as a yard or two too slow? - u must be looking at R Jack instead - he just needs a run in the team as the boy has some football about him imo and wastes very few passes! Hopefully PC gives him a chance.

11 Nov 2023 10:26:32
I would sign barron and ship cifu at the first opportunity.

11 Nov 2023 10:32:42
Davies has been good since pc came in so don’t see why we need McKenna lol take gauld tho.

11 Nov 2023 11:07:38
McKenna would be an excellent signing and a definite improvement on Davies. I'm not sure about Gould, I think I'd rather see Lowry developed further before we brought someone in in that position.

11 Nov 2023 11:18:13
Paul mls is a pretty poor league? What do you think spfl is then? Much better players play there than here.

11 Nov 2023 11:42:00
Cifuentes might not be a yard or 2 slow in the legs but in the head he def is so far. Too many touches and obv used to lots of time on the ball that won’t get here, but I reckon he will come good and he can pick a pass through the lines.

11 Nov 2023 12:23:21
Gauld and Lowry don’t even play in the same position.

11 Nov 2023 12:25:26
Sadly Paul I tend to agree, I'm of the opinion that Cifuentes is not in our plans. He's had a cameo at Dundee where he made little contribution and he had the best part of two minutes the other night. with the January window coming up and Big Phil looking to strengthen I feel both Cifuentes and Dowell will be moved on. I would also like to see Dessers and Lammers moved on, perhaps I would like to see is not the best phrase to use as we never want players to fail but I think its best for their careers that they be moved to clubs more suited to their level before their confidence is completely shattered.

The SPL is not a great standard as we all know stormtrooper, But both Rangers and Celtic would run amok in the MLS, the step up is huge at both our clubs and often, as I'm sure you are well aware, players struggle with this. The MLS does not have clubs with the same expections and mentality that prepares players for that step up. Its a bit like Joey Barton coming from a Burnley.

11 Nov 2023 12:32:53
Has no one learned people take different amount of time to settle in a new country/ club? Cifu not been great as yet but give the boy a chance.

11 Nov 2023 13:31:43
As i said ryan gauld was terrible at hibs so not sure why we would want him anyway. there's also zero chance of rangers signing Mckenna.

11 Nov 2023 13:34:36
Haven`t seen much of Gauld but I have often wondered if he was that good in Portugal and now the USA why can`t he get into Scotland squad . They are not exactly brimming with creative attacking talent as witnessed by the number of caps McLean, Christie and Armstong have got and Russell used to get picked from the MLS so why not Gauld. What is it about him, that Clarke doesn`t fancy?

11 Nov 2023 15:33:21
Paul he’s kicked on massively since that spell at hibs and that was over 2 years ago! Was farense best player and got them promoted. Sure he’s won something at Vancouver as well. Excellent numbers last few seasons as well.

11 Nov 2023 15:36:08
He was at hibs in 2019, it’s nearly 2024! As I said kicked on massively since then.

11 Nov 2023 15:43:28
He’s been Vancouver's best player and he’s captain. He’s been nominated for MLS MVP as well I believe. Sort of signing we constantly turn our noses up at! Doig, Hickey, Ferguson, Shankland list goes on! There’s a 12 minute documentary on YouTube about Gauld. what happened to the Scottish messi, give it a watch.

11 Nov 2023 15:53:57
The one thing guald and lowry have in common is they won't get a game for rangers as they aren't good enough.

11 Nov 2023 16:35:47
Wow. not good enough for rangers lol! We’re no Real Madrid pal! He would be in that current starting 11 100%! 11 assists and 11 goals this season. He’s been getting nothing but praise. MLS pundits have said Vancouver wouldn’t be where they are without him. Some just base an opinion on zero knowledge ??‍♂️.

11 Nov 2023 17:40:21
Paul i don't think you can write off an entire league because we made a bad signing in sands, I think more bad scouting, than bad league. I also think its crazy people are writing off cifu already, he's came from half way round the world, to play a totally different style of football and people think he just going to adapt instantly, certain players take longer than others. I agree with my star, that he will come good, the boy came from the gutter, so will give his all I believe and make us money in the end.

11 Nov 2023 19:21:09
MB said Cifuentes would take our team to another level but I'd rather go with Big Phil and he'll play him if he proves he's worthy of a game but I'd be looking for him to show a lot more than we've seen so far.



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