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06 Nov 2023 23:55:20
When I was at primary school my auld uncle told me when he was fighting in the second world war. He shot two Japanese soldiers with one bullet in Germany.

I told teachers, class mates, in fact everybody I met. I was so proud. Busting with it.

Never got a chance to get him back for that.

Even through the horror of war. The humour was still there.

I will never forget. Including you uncle.

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07 Nov 2023 02:01:57
Must have had some aim whitehorse,
No wonder you were so proud. ?.

07 Nov 2023 05:16:32
I was the same WH my dad had two fingers missing .
He told me he had the shot off by a German soldier.
I was so proud I used to tell everybody. All my teachers school pals .
Found out he got them chopped off in a car accident in Glasgow.
See you da.

07 Nov 2023 09:02:56
I had an uncle who died in WW2 also. A german tank ran over his fingers.
Unfortunately he was picking his nose at the time.

07 Nov 2023 11:08:01
BigDado, I don't find your post funny, especially at a time of year when we remember our war dead.

07 Nov 2023 13:41:14
My Papa told me the scar he had on side was from a German bayonet. Only found out many years later that it was a appendix scar.

07 Nov 2023 13:49:09
Apologies, no offence meant. But my uncle was german.

07 Nov 2023 14:18:18
?? dado ??.

07 Nov 2023 15:22:27
It was a joke mark have people lost their sense of humour? Snowflake society.

07 Nov 2023 15:49:53
Storm I'll let you know when I see something funny.

07 Nov 2023 16:06:22
Storm, very poor taste of a joke. I'm certainly no snowflake.

07 Nov 2023 16:15:21
Mark people like to use the snowflake jibe against anybody with morals and standards. Woke is their other favourite.
If anybody calls you either wear it like a badge of honour.

07 Nov 2023 16:23:07
My Grandad was highly decorated in World War Two.

Infact, many people believe it was the tinsel on his helmet that got him shot.

07 Nov 2023 17:03:57
Cmon guys if you were to hear that down the pub you would laugh ?
A daft joke no need to get all sensitive.

07 Nov 2023 17:27:05
You both are if you think that was anything else than a joke, you don’t need to find it funny but it’s still a joke grow up.

Morals and standards ?? both of you are acting like snowflakes.

07 Nov 2023 17:28:13
My grandad was in the sas during the war as it started, but I still don’t cry like a baby because someone made a joke.

07 Nov 2023 18:26:47
I didn't say anything about the joke other than I didn't find it funny, I was talking about your comment.
You've got a cheek to comment about people being bitchy.
Thanks for the compliment I'll add it to my collection of honour badges. ???.

07 Nov 2023 18:36:05
Big Dado I'm more likely to hear it from the primary school kids than down the pub. I think they tell funnier jokes than that.
Each to their own, if Mark finds it offensive he's perfectly entitled to say so without people like Storm throwing out the insults.
Mark wasn't nasty about it he just didn't like the joke.
It's more like the Edinburgh Festival on here than a football site at the moment.
Best thing about the Edinburgh festival is that it's in Edinburgh.

07 Nov 2023 19:36:09
Neither was the joke nasty so nobody should find it offensive. No need to question folks morals and standards.
So i won't be seeing you at the fringe then that's a shame.

07 Nov 2023 19:45:29
He was being nasty IMO and I can also say what I like on here thanks. Also never mentioned anything about been bitchy on this post so what you talking about?

Are you trying to tell me what I can and can’t post? .

Also how can you say that you didn’t say anything about the joke apart from it’s not funny ? which is saying something about the joke ?‍♂️.

07 Nov 2023 20:26:39
Storm, I told BigDado I didn't find his joke funny, could you tell me how that's being nasty?

08 Nov 2023 09:13:51
I thought you wouldn't be able to answer that question.



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