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06 Nov 2023 12:41:42

The game against Sparta Prague at Ibrox on Thursday, worries me even though we look better now, than when we played them away.

Yes we could have won it in the second half but could have been 5 down in the first.

For me we must score first or it could be a long night, did Sparta tier in the second half, if so they will be at their strongest in the first half.

We all know we need better players than we have, and need players moved on, that takes time money and a bit of luck.

If we can continue winning until the window then fine but its still close to the same team that MB had and that scares me.

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06 Nov 2023 13:16:00
Maybe the players will react better to a better manager, Clement clearly has got a rise out the squad, we have got a good squad fans are too quick to write players off, best we've been in ages and you seem to be focusing on a negative, I do hope Clement brings in a couple of his own players in January sometimes one or two players can galvanise a squad.

06 Nov 2023 13:56:35
There’s some positives since then, to me is the biggest is we surely won’t be playing Dessers upfront! Danilo is only just back from injury, and sure he’s got a few misses in him but I honestly couldn’t tell you how big the difference is having him even at 70% upfront. It’s like a different dynamic to our play. One we probably should have had since the start of the season but he’s here now. When he does find his finishing boots tbh he’s still 24 and we will be lucky to keep hold off in the future.

Dessers isn’t a Rangers striker, I’m not saying he’s bad but I don’t think he’s a Rangers striker, because I keep hearing we’re not playing to his strengths but we can’t play one way just to accommodate a limited striker.

Other positives are lundstrum, Tav, Goldson and others they all believe again and believe is huge in football. I’m looking forward to Thursday because the fans are back on side. The stadium will be at its European finest. And when we’re playing well there’s not many I fear there. I think we will need a fast start and concentrated throughout. And if we can beat Betis and draw with PSV with a unprofessional coach managing us then I’m believing again.

There will be a bump in the road somewhere- I’m just hoping we can win all our games until the international break. Get more guys fit with a couple weeks of training under clement. But it’s the first time I’ve been optimistic all season. Keep it going.

06 nov 2023 14:08:53
i think i would hold back on danillio until he actually scores a few goals, i like my strikers scoring goals,

06 Nov 2023 14:12:17
I fancy us to take it 2-1 tbh.

Their main danger is the lad who wears 14 coming in from left wing. Really really too looking talent and if he’s within our budget we should go for him.
His numbers are incredible I had a look at him during the game online.

Tavs going to need to be in top concentration form on Thursday to keep on top of the lad.

06 nov 2023 15:10:03
stevie, we can't go for everyone who plays a decent game against us, why should we go for him?

06 Nov 2023 15:13:18
Sparta are no mugs, as proven in last game, they could have been 3 up, they will score, please let’s not be over confident, I don’t like falling to far. But in saying all that negative stuff 2-1 would be nice .

06 Nov 2023 15:30:08
Tom we done it with bb and that turned out not too bad mate.

As I said I read into the lad while match was on tv.

He left Czech rep for malmo a few years ago, so he’s not opposed to moving, never truly worked out for him although he did win championship title with them, returned to Czech and has some incredible stats, not just goals/ assists but fouls won and booking against him dribbles. Etc
I looked into the lad and his stats are her very. Impressive. Tom.

He is well worth a look at, I’d actuallyy wonder. If we could. E be n afford him with how well he’s performing.

Ed do. U have any info on the Sparta Prague no14 u could share with us?

I notice on the Liverpool site the Ed has an assessment of any player. N he gets asked about and posts. It and it’s quiet. Interesting to. Read.

Do u have anything in the lad.

{Ed001's Note - I have not seen him play mate, sorry.}

06 Nov 2023 15:59:02
Will never be over confident, but we should never fear teams like sparta Prague especially at ibrox.
Stevieg2 really liked the look of that boy, if he's playing like that every week, plenty of teams will be looking at him way before we got a look at him.

06 Nov 2023 16:05:24
Hole-in-one I tend to agree

We seem to need the first goal for confidence at the moment.

We open up and play more when in front.

06 Nov 2023 16:14:06
Would love to beat them at ibrox on Thursday.

06 nov 2023 17:42:22
we need to play from the opening whistle, long been an issue of slow starting, i think the manager will change that, i'm just sad he isn't able to bring in at least 2 until jan so keep winning and a couple in, thatl do me.

06 Nov 2023 18:32:08
Thumb I wasn’t asking u, how u like your strikers?

06 Nov 2023 19:26:02
Cheers Ed. I have a wee look online and post the lads profile. ??‍??.

06 nov 2023 19:50:15
very nice mate, no problem
il say it anyway. i like my strike4 to score goals, I've no doubt danillo will, until he does il hang fire

if that's ok.



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