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03 Nov 2023 19:43:43
Just been talking to my wee sis. We're both based down south. Had a great chat about Scottish words we miss. Hers was boak, mine was skitter. Any takers?

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03 Nov 2023 20:11:27
I’ve done a couple of stupid things lately and I’ve been walking about saying to myself ( out loud scary )
“Hell mend ye “ ?.

03 Nov 2023 20:51:34
Good old Scots words there Parlane,
Loads to choose from but 2 I remember well are things my late mother used to say were,
"shut yer geggy" (Mouth)
Or "haud yer wheesht".

03 Nov 2023 20:56:11
"scunnered" ?.

03 Nov 2023 20:59:21

03 Nov 2023 21:02:14

Was talking to my good pal last week about meeting up for a drink at Christmas time i'm out of touch with the pubs in Glasgow centre so I suggested a pub I used to go to, his reply was don’t go there if you want a good drink it’s baw deep at the bar ?.

03 Nov 2023 21:25:33
The two I really miss, they mean the same, ish
Come ben.
Come away in.
The best welcomes in the world.

03 Nov 2023 21:27:27

Hadn’t heard it in years until someone at work said it last week to describe a rather dull meeting?.

03 Nov 2023 21:48:02
Parlane, my we mum god bless her, she's no longer with us, used to call the hall the "lobbie" also when we came back from being out all day she would say "oh look at the colour a you ya mink get in that hoose"

03 Nov 2023 21:53:08

03 Nov 2023 22:04:27
I heard a phrase on my last visit I found hilarious. "Yellow Bellied expletive"

03 Nov 2023 22:09:09
Jobby. gubrubbish. a do like them ?.

03 Nov 2023 22:09:11
What's fankle Tom?
That a big, huge jobby Cooper?

03 Nov 2023 22:11:51
How about toly another good word for jobby.

03 Nov 2023 22:18:19
My word is drookit.

03 Nov 2023 22:38:04
What about fannybawz.

03 Nov 2023 23:00:29
Parlance I think a fankle is a tangle.

03 Nov 2023 23:33:28
There's a few like person, weished, belt up, scunnered and the classic not ask why but demand HOW?

04 Nov 2023 00:29:22
Hawd yer wheescht.

04 Nov 2023 00:54:25
Footering, and the two words we have for dust; oose and stoor. But I'm just blethering.

04 Nov 2023 07:53:08
A Hudgie, when you jumped on the back of moving vehicle ie bin lorry or the Rag mand cart etc.

04 Nov 2023 08:17:17
Fair Scunnered or Going the Messages - when I worked down South the messages quote always confused the locals so I used it all the time?.

04 Nov 2023 09:02:27
Did they get the message.
We had a pully in our lobby it was for hanging the washing on, you unwrapped the string to get it down and pulled string to raise it up.
That's probably why it was called a pully.
I'm sure we used to call marbles (jorrys) .

04 Nov 2023 09:20:18
Tumshie, as in ya big tumshie. Sook, as in when the dug comes up for a clap. Just thinking Ed1 will be scratching his pow at some of these.

04 Nov 2023 09:21:42
Reddance is another one, normally used after one has done a number 2 ?.

04 Nov 2023 09:28:50
Gawn a Donner ya fud ?.

04 Nov 2023 09:31:42
To our non-scottish brethern ans eds, this thread must make absolutely zero sense ??.

04 Nov 2023 09:34:08
Shut it ya tube! My wife heard me say that to someone thought it was hilarious.

04 Nov 2023 09:40:45
My faves are probably getting drookit, having a glaekit look on your face, and a stramash ootside the pub.

04 Nov 2023 09:45:36
Empty and haunners.

04 Nov 2023 09:58:50
What about get Ben the kitchen and sine the dishes.

04 Nov 2023 10:42:36
Yea fankle is all tied up but it’s a bit fickle to say Michael beal got us in a fankle and just cause some called him fannybaws didnae mean he hud a fudface

04 Nov 2023 11:09:14
Is Gallas a Scots word? as in 'he thinks he's Gallas'.

04 Nov 2023 12:26:25
Brexitjam3 My parents had a pulley in the kitchen off all places, The clothes stank of what ever was for dinner the night before. ???????????.

04 Nov 2023 16:20:22
The clothes on our pully took days to dry Cunny especially in winter.
The clothes were like cardboard.

04 Nov 2023 20:40:28
Aye the pulley was a big thing I'm everybody's kitchen cunny pal. And yes, everything stank, usually of something fried! ????.

05 Nov 2023 11:04:34
Those were the good auld days ???????????.



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