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02 Nov 2023 15:51:11
Any ub member on here or any other numpty on here who do pyros, kindly display them in your back garden or use your brains and see how dangerous they can be in crowds of people

1st and foremost, please keep them away from any Rangers games home or away before a fellow bear or bearette gets injured by them or even worse an innocent child who just wants to watch their football team Rangers FC.

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02 Nov 2023 16:25:01
Excellent sentiment I. N. T. R, enjoy pyro (s) in your garden/ open space not in football stadiums.
The thought of injury to other fans is horrendous not to mention the possible consequences for the club.
Please keep them away from the games folks.

02 Nov 2023 16:29:39
Devils advocate.
More people have been injured with hot drinks than by pyros in football grounds in Britain.
Do we therefore ban hot drinks?
And by seats.
Do we ban all seater stadiums?
And by being hit by footballs.
Do we use soft balls instead? Or put netting all around the stadium?
And 6 times as many people have been injured by celebrating a goal.
Do we just sit there when a goal is scored?

02 Nov 2023 16:34:19
Well said ?.

02 Nov 2023 16:45:14
MPH breathing in that smoke from pyros just can't be good for you my friend and taking into account some of our supporters who have respiratory problems/ asthma etc have a thought for them so i'm with the rangers supporters who are telling these so called fellow supporters to cut this behaviour out and stop doing it and harming people and our football club! Think for once ?.

02 Nov 2023 16:51:32
Nothing devil's advocate about it, backing the union bears as always.

02 Nov 2023 16:57:39
Ok MPH, I know you’re just being a bit facetious with that post, but if anyone in here does think ‘Ach they’re just a bit of a laugh, what’s the problem’ I urge you to spend about 12minutes and go and watch on YouTube the story behind the Bradford disaster and how just 1 dropped cigarette ended up causing the deaths of 56 people and injured 265 more. These things are always just ‘a bit of harmless fun’ right up until the point they are not. Especially when in an older stadium such as Dundee’s that is likely to still have a lot of wood in it.
This of course is not to mention in general the disruption to the game which could of put off our players or even caused the game to be abandoned, all just so they can hold up some ‘pretty lights’.
Honestly, I sometimes think that they see the bad press that lot in the green brigade get for their crap, in some way get ‘jealous?!? ’ that they are getting all the attention and think… ‘Hold my beer! ’.

02 Nov 2023 17:02:14
Mrpotatohead - am sure most people can survive a coffee burn or a skelp in face with a ball but think of Bradford fire 1985 where people were engulfed in flames so your analogy is not very relevant - ask the families of those who lost their kin? Pyros have no place inside football stadia full stop!

02 Nov 2023 17:30:28
I know all about the Bradford stadium disaster which was a tragedy on an unimaginable scale for those involved. But it wasn’t helped by an old style wooden stand and years of discarded rubbish under the stand, Gers1978.
I’ve yet to see concrete steps being set on fire by a flare?

02 Nov 2023 17:32:36
Are you honestly telling me that someone with horrendous breathing problems has travelled all the way to Dundee on one of the worst nights of the year and walked to a stadium in driving rain and howling winds could do so with a terrible respiratory problem, SWS?

02 Nov 2023 17:32:43
What a silly statement potato head people get injured with more hot drinks so let's allow numptys to stop our game by 45 mins can't wait for my watch and colleagues to have to attend a mass stadium incident cause some dafty with a pyro. I'm a firefighter these things can kill n start a fire or mass panic and a crush, they burn like sparklers then muppets throw them when live,

02 Nov 2023 17:35:59
I genuinely can't get over folks stupidly n self-centered antics too put a whole stadium at risk

I'm no prude or snowflake enjoy the football safely n leave the pyros at home

N sorry Mr potato head but I'm talking from years of experience

Not ignorance.

02 Nov 2023 17:36:56
All go and read the story of John Hill, Welsh supporter World Cup tie Wales v Romania.

He was hit by a flare, thrown by fellow supporters, his young son tells how blood poured from his dad, the son was covered in his dads blood

He never saw his dad alive again.

02 Nov 2023 17:48:37
MrPH - Concrete doesn't burn but plastic seats and clothing does - there is no decent argument to allow pyros in fans hands within any football stadium.

02 Nov 2023 17:50:13
MPH you ain’t playing devils advocate as you stick up for the UB a lot they are a disgrace to our club and that last night could have had serious consequences.

02 Nov 2023 17:53:22
I can’t believe anyone would try and defend their actions.

02 Nov 2023 17:53:53
Pyro is for 5th nov and new yr .
Has no place in a football stadium.

02 Nov 2023 17:59:01
Gers1978, think you are spot on with that last bit. I don’t understand why some of our fans want to go into competition to be seen as bigger idiots than GB. It’s one prize I am more than happy for them to have. Risking safety, delaying the match and causing the club another fine that will stem from this is pointless.

02 Nov 2023 17:59:05
The Bradford fire was an accident waiting to happen, like the London underground fire, a build up of litter and antiquated wooden design caused the fire, the cigarette just decided the date. Hopefully such tragic disasters should not happen in the UK again. There are plenty of examples official pyro displays in stadiums throughout without much issue. There are risks of injury to the user or someone nearby with last night pyros and possibly the smoke covering a nearby road causing an accident like the motorway pile up a few years ago from a rugby club display which killed 7. Guy fox night is the biggest cause of accidents when it comes to personnel injury mostly from back garden displays. Personally I don't have an opinion on last night.

02 Nov 2023 18:05:43
Its the 5th on sunday . look out hampden.

02 nov 2023 18:06:21
Well, I'm shocked and appalled at this. Hot coffee doesn't set fires in people's clothing, nor can it kill. I'm actually in disbelief at the absolute nonsense a man of your apparent intelligence has just posted, MPH. I don't know if anyone's been killed by a hand grenade at a football match, maybe they should be allowed to because more people are injured with bovril!

02 Nov 2023 18:24:54
MPH, you are correct, concrete won’t go on fire. I however could not tell you the exact building materials used in every stadium throughout Scotland (and further afield) and whether they contain any materials that would. Do you think all those that like to use flairs do a thorough risk assessment of all stadiums prior to going in order to check there is no risk? (No need to answer, I already know) .

Also just because I know how much you love a stat, how about spending some time compiling a list of stats of all the injuries that HAVE already been caused by the use of pyros and flares at football games and other sporting events. Maybe that would change your mind on their use.

The thing is, whether it would be possible to have pyros ‘used safely’ every single one of us here knows someone that we would think should never have one in their possession in a month of Sundays due to them being a moron, and of course they unfortunately are exactly the kind of folk who would want to have them and would use them all the time if there wasn’t rules against them.

02 Nov 2023 18:25:15
Common sense,
Don’t light pyrotechnics at football match,
Ok to have coffee or hot chocolate at football match.

02 Nov 2023 19:12:42
Storm he can't himself with his defence of the ub, but what he does is he puts playing devil's advocate in front of what he's saying to try to distance himself from it, instead of having the balls to say, I Don't think there's anything wrong with what the ub done. I noticed the pattern a long time ago, any time anyone says anything about the ub, it was always followed by a post from mph and big Ben defending them.

02 Nov 2023 19:13:05
Your not usually like this.
I know you don't mean this.

Contact the local fire brigade about pyros. Your answer is there.

If you support that's up to you but surely what you said was taken out of context.

02 Nov 2023 19:13:11
C'mon MPH, you're trying to defend the indefensible here mate. Sorry, you're miles off with your post, and as someone I hold in high regard on here, that's poor form from you there.

02 Nov 2023 19:16:00
MPH use your loaf pal ?I know plenty of rangers supporters who go to rangers games home and away who suffer from asthma and COPD mate ? So why condone this ? It's terrible behaviour and should be eradicated full stop! No excuses get it cut out!

02 nov 2023 19:22:03
here's the point the people who take children to watch rangers have any choice if they're surrounded by fire, does anyone, only the idiots choose.

02 nov 2023 19:27:26
and these clowns have zero interest in what rangers cost if this is

nir the fact its just a matter of time before someone is on fire, alm full of coke n booze, if they were running through your streets with burning sticks you wouldn't be happy, so why should anyone go to football to be surrounded in flame and smoke.

02 Nov 2023 19:44:44
I don’t see how they can be safe within the crowd but at the end of the day a big majority of the guys don’t want them there and just a small majority wasting it for others.

02 Nov 2023 19:45:16
Simple as this lit cigarette ain't allowed in the stands and for good reason, so why should a bloody pyro

You can have 50 thousand folk
All it takes is two people too start pushing too get away from the smoke then visibility is slim . 2 becomes 4 n so on it creates a mass panic

Could be kids
Autistic folk
Or anybody who is just scared or alarmed

It's a disaster waiting too happen

As I said go enjoy the foot ball

But don't be selfish n put others at risk especially folk crammed into a stadium tightly who then might not be in a position to do anything about it.

02 Nov 2023 20:15:57
How do they manage to get them into stadiums in first place? Proper searches need to take place to make them think again. I know they are not the smartest guys going, but does it need someone, or many, getting maimed for life to see sense?

02 Nov 2023 20:17:22
When they scroll threw every cctv and get these numptys i hope the board ban these daftys for life before someone gets seriously burnt or so by these pyros

And police scotland throw the book at them with danger to the life etc

Said it a million times both ub and gb should be kicked out of ibrox and parkhead for good they bring nothing but disgrace etc to both clubs and scottish football.

02 Nov 2023 20:20:20
Boy blue I get on with mph and like him as a poster on here love reading his posts 99% of the time be we always disagree on the UB. Like everyone else he is entitled to his opinion but I just don’t understand this one as they are banned.

A few of these people would have been drunk as well last night.
If something isn’t don’t someone will get seriously hurt. I don’t know what the answer is as not everyone will get searched.

I have never been a big fan of fireworks even on the 5th November.

Time and place for pyrotechnics and football is not it.

02 Nov 2023 20:30:19
The game got stopped for 45 mins because the team was late the pyro only stopped play for a short time.

02 Nov 2023 20:35:27
I don`t remember a game ever being stopped because of someone burning themselves with a hot drink. I don`t remember any club being fined because of someone being burned by a hot drink . A ridiculous thing to say and comparison to make. I did a fire safety course once and part of it was a video of the Bradford City fire. It was the most horrendous thing I have ever witnessed and anything that increases the possibility of a fire in a football stadium should ne nowhere near the stadium . Like the Green Brigade the Union Bears seem to think they are a law unto themselves. Yes, they sing a lot but even then they think they can sing songs that are banned . Get their season tickets off them and sold to fans who want to watch the football.

02 Nov 2023 20:42:10
We need to find away to identify and ban them.

They continually bring shame and embarrassment to our club.

02 Nov 2023 21:00:44
Sorry MPH. I can't and won't agree with you on this one. Ave put some crap on here after a few beers and cringed the next day. Nothing bad or controversial, more stupid.

I enjoy your posts and stats mate. We all have opinions so keep posting mate.

02 nov 2023 21:15:39
why did you add the word " horrendous " into coops use of breathing difficulties and asthma?

you clearly added " horrendous breathing difficulties " to upgrade the nonsense you posted,

flares will cause a major fire someday, and someone will be badly hurt or worse, on fire, bradford was horrendous, a flare can cause clothing to catch fire the same as a lit cigarette can ignite trash, imagine being stuck in the middle of these morons with a child, or catching fire and being unable to get out, no, they should automatically fine heavily if even found outside a stadium with a flare, same as a knife, imo.

02 Nov 2023 21:23:44
Mph that’s probably your worst post, cup of tea won’t cause a stadium to burn down or kill any one etc! You normally have some good posts but dearie me! P. s are you a union bear?

02 nov 2023 21:58:55
i day after celtic quote " illegal use of flares and incendiary devices, as a reasonable reason for removing season tickets, this lot if imbeciles do the same thing,

02 Nov 2023 22:15:22
Let’s ban fan groups because a don’t agree with pyro or song choice lol was plenty of fools in our support well before the ub were a thing.

02 Nov 2023 22:17:28
MPH I cannot believe your post, pyros can’t be compared to getting hit by a ball or spilled coffee, don’t think your thinking straight tonight, in fact I don’t think you’re thinking at all.

02 Nov 2023 22:19:14
If you were unlucky enough to see the results of a human being after being involved in fire you certainly wouldn’t post that nonsense again.

02 Nov 2023 22:42:50
Mph I normally enjoy your posts but that’s pathetic and you should be ashamed.

02 Nov 2023 23:21:02
Excellent original post. The wee UB neds are a disgrace with their antics. People’s safety in danger. I’m fed up being at games with their p*sh. Dens last season was embarrassing, last night was horrendous. If my kids or pals had been injured, they’d have got a leathering. Wish they’d grow up. Their behaviour will lead to sanctions and another fine.

MPH, an unbelievably stupid post. Stick to your stats.

02 Nov 2023 23:41:22
What amazes me is the fact one if the green brigade tiffos had not caught light with the flares .

02 Nov 2023 23:56:16
Bluedreamer ; I’m a retired firefighter of 31 years experience And I agree with all you’ve said! an absolute crazy post MPH.

03 Nov 2023 00:00:00
MPH wow. that's the worst post i have ever read on here. Beyond belief.

03 Nov 2023 05:29:48
Don't like these pro/ con argument re pyros. Not a fan but in final instance if club support warned then points deducted which is a distinct possibility overall thoughts might change very quickly. Just read post someone upping union bears. Well if club in danger of point deduction well see if cease like true blues or continue like little s#### I think they are.

03 Nov 2023 06:18:13
There is a lot of people on here who would gladly see the UB banned and go to ibrox with no atmosphere. Although I don't agree with everything the UB do they certainly make the games more enjoyable. For the supporters who don't agree there is always the nearest library to go to.

03 nov 2023 06:20:29
im still trying to understand the post re, coops,

adding words like horrendous and terrible to coops words, then suggesting none of those with asthma would go to dundee, in bad weather, why not? what if they live in dundee! , your actually saying they shouldn't go to football because they have breathing difficulties so itl be their own fault, because the neds are entitled, to do what they want, no matter what anyone else wants, , and nonsense about bovril and flying fiotballs is very weird comparison to incendiaries.

03 Nov 2023 07:25:25
The only "Flares "that should be allowed into grounds are the trouser type - which I proudly wore trying to chat up birds in the Seventies dancing to Mud, Slade and Showaddywaddy - bring back the high waisters I say! - these modern youngsters have no style?.

03 Nov 2023 07:41:47
Raskinloyal, not just because 'i don't agree with them* - it's because they're against the rules, damage the club's reputation, impact the club financially and most importantly are morally and socially wrong.

03 Nov 2023 08:05:49
One of my sons is a fireman and some of the stories he's told me about what happens at this time of year would put you off fireworks for good. We've never been a family who've ever really made a big thing of it tbh. His 2 daughters never get to go near them and that will be his stance from now on. These flares are dangerous and it's only a matter of time before somebody is killed through them. Big no fro me.

03 Nov 2023 14:00:06
First of all, I agree that MPH's comment was ill judged.

I need to disagree with the comments about hot drinks in a venue not being a comparable health risk. I manage a large venue and have to risk assess each show. The worst injury I've had to deal with was a customer with a scalding hot coffee pouring down the back of the person seated in front of her. The burn was horrific.

Since then, we had to risk assess the sale of hot drinks, and now only sell them with plastic lids and never fuller than 70%.

My risk assessment for flares would of course be not to use them, and anyone using them would be removed and banned. Only had one issue with flares, at a Lewis Capaldi gig when a wee ned tried to bring one in.

03 Nov 2023 14:54:41
Bluedreamer81 is a fireman. End of story. No-one understands fire better than they do.



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