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31 Oct 2023 09:38:45
I am a bit concerned about the impression other clubs will have over buying our players in future.
I can't think of anyone who has left Rangers and gone on to smash it at their new club.
Aribo, Bassey, Kent, Morelos have not progressed. I have heard nothing of Kamara, Katic, Sands.
Colak is scoring a bit but not a starter.
Itten, Sakala and Arfield going to leagues not considered very high quality.
Lowry not a stand-out at Hearts on the regular.
If you were spending your clubs money would you have confidence that anyone you are picking up is going to pushon?

{Ed001's Note - Leeds fans on their site are very impressed with Kamara so far judging by their posts.}

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31 Oct 2023 10:04:29
Kamara should never have been sold. it was a crime that the likes of Jack lundstram got game time before him.

31 Oct 2023 10:38:04
GERS Kamara spat the dummy out the pram he didn't want to play for us anymore.

31 Oct 2023 11:02:09
Loved Kamara but I think that's right, he did want to go. Class act on his game though.

31 Oct 2023 11:03:29
I believe kamara had a problem with rangers signing of sima due to the whole racism incident while sima was at salvia Prague.

I believe, although I could be wrong, sima was one of the players (or the player) who gave a statement in the defence of the player who abused kamara.

I have to say, if this is the case, I would have to agree with kamara’s stance on that.

Kamara is a class mf player. He’s absolutely biased games at international and European level against widely regarded superior players.

I don’t think he’ll be a t Leeds any longer than 2 years and he’ll be off for at least £10m.

31 Oct 2023 11:11:51
It was a crime kamara got to stay as long as he did.

31 Oct 2023 11:19:53
Gers kamara was absolutely brutal once he downed tools simce his mates left.

31 Oct 2023 11:45:33
Kamara wanted to leave. we can't keep players with that attitude.

31 Oct 2023 11:54:39
Stevie kamara downed tools and wanted to leave summer 22. Long before any move for sima.

31 Oct 2023 12:27:56
It was nothing to do with Sima, and talk like that, is not helpful at all StevieG2.

31 Oct 2023 13:02:11
Itten has done really well since moving back to Switzerland and I noticed him playing in the Champions League the other night. He didn`t get much of the ball against City but he did look more mobile than when he played for us. Another one who wasn`t great but is better than the two dumplings Beale signed.

31 Oct 2023 13:15:40
Kamara had about 3 good games in him a season. Downed tools for sure.
Had a couple good shows in Europa but should have been sold ages ago.
He only really passed backwards as well.

31 Oct 2023 13:54:58
Stevieg2 he downed tools long before anyone knew sima was coming mate, that's a crazy statement.

31 Oct 2023 14:05:50
Gerrard wanted to take Kamara to Aston Villa, for £7M when that didn’t happen he downed tools .

31 Oct 2023 14:17:28
Isn’t helpful to who Roofe? We’re on a forum I don’t think what we say is helpful or unhelpful to anyone mate?

Boy blue why is it a crazy statement?
That’s apparently true mate.

Nobody is saying he didn’t lose form and want a move previous but he also signed new deals after asking for moves.

The sima thing I just said definitely has substance to it mate.
Kamara wasn’t happy at signing of sima that’s a fact.

31 Oct 2023 15:11:45
I liked kamara he got a lot of unfair stick playing with injury a lot of the time to help us out

But he wanted a move fact

Thank you and we move on.

31 Oct 2023 16:19:46
Sorry StevieG2, if you can't see why your post wasn't helpful, then it's pointless explaining it.

31 Oct 2023 17:53:08
Mph I just noticed that comment from coldo the man with no shame is back ?.

Stevie that is ridiculous post kamara leaving was nothing to do with sima coming and just because you say fact doesn’t make it a fact it’s utter bs.

31 Oct 2023 18:03:16
GERSRFC1 ?????
I don't think I need to say anything else, do I?

31 Oct 2023 22:24:29
Storm he's been back a while mate.

31 Oct 2023 22:25:51
Think he was beadle about as well.

01 Nov 2023 10:38:38
Devil’s advocate storm
Just cause you say utter bull dosnt make Steve’s post not a fact ?.



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