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30 Oct 2023 20:38:35
Ok fellow bears what do we think here ?
If a fully fit danilo gets a regular run as our no.1 central striker, how many goals will he score this season ?I reckon 20 plus as i've always liked and rated danilo ?.

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30 Oct 2023 21:48:43
based on his cameo yesterday then yes, but we need to see him playing a run of games to see how he does.

30 Oct 2023 21:52:53
He is a 20 goal striker but remember The experts say he is dug meat.

30 Oct 2023 22:09:33
Not sure who else we can play other than him.

30 Oct 2023 22:14:51
Can def see him being that 20+ goals a season striker we need. He Didn’t seem fully confident at the start and team performances were atrocious. With PC hopefully implementing a structure and style in the coming weeks and months it should be with playing to Danilo’s strengths.

30 Oct 2023 22:27:49
20+ from Nov onwards would be a great return, I expect him to start midweek and notch.

30 Oct 2023 22:39:56
Not one person has said Danilo is dug meat, tripe again John.

30 Oct 2023 22:40:10
I will criticize Tav when watching the match. Its he frustrates me some times, but that was a perfectly weighted pass for Danilo.

30 Oct 2023 22:45:28
Hopefully he will sws, doesn't hold back going for the ball, liking what am seeing from him.

31 Oct 2023 05:06:54
John227,who stated danilo is dug meat mate ?.

31 Oct 2023 06:36:56
He is bright has good movement with good blindside runs and is pacy with a definite football brain- I am sure he would deliver more if we have a big target hold up man to pull balls down and bring him into the game more (why not try Lammers beside him - just a thought) - hopefully a fit run in team will give goals and more confidence - its the players around him that need to step up more too!

31 Oct 2023 09:21:38
Gers when we signed he did, RFC why not ignore me u r so jealous I love it.

31 Oct 2023 09:22:38
Sws a couple who white horse and mols accused of being imposters especially our friend verdant.

31 Oct 2023 09:34:44
Danilo is a good quality striker and a goal scorer, he will do very well for us he also has a great attitude and passion, he is like a Kemar Roofe with the correct physical and mental attitude, I would say he can be in the 25 goal bracket.

31 Oct 2023 09:45:19
To be fair to John a good few on here said all beale's signings apart from butland were dug meat
Didn’t single out Danilo but said them all collectively.

31 Oct 2023 10:02:14
Why would I ignore you John and Jealous of what? That's twice now mate that you have said I am Jealous, so I ask again, Jealous of what? you made a statement that is incorrect. there has not been one post that has used the term dug meat to describe Danilo. one or two might have had reservations but have not described Danilo as dug meat. almost everyone has said that they can't wait for Danilo to get fit. I would like to see these posts that have said he is dug meat.

31 Oct 2023 10:50:31
U keep having snideydigs mate, u r obviously correct despite it being in archives, so u geton with it,

I won’t respond to any your posts.

31 Oct 2023 12:06:20
John sure you never responded to his other user name mate.

31 Oct 2023 12:23:28
John I have not had any snidey digs at you other than above re Danilo when you had a dig at the "experts". please explain my digs at you? Most people have said that our best signings are Danilo and Butland. please post these archives where people call Danilo Dug Meat.

31 Oct 2023 14:54:20
My star I’m not sure his other user name mate.

31 Oct 2023 22:27:39
Coldo John.



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