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29 Oct 2023 22:10:52
Seen most of the game today. Honestly couldn't Believe it when I seen Lammers and Dessers starting.
Why drop Souttar? I think he's our best Cb. Yilmaz also got caught out a couple of times.

Cantwell isn't up to speed yet.

It's clear that Dessers isn't good enough. If PC didn't know that then he sure knows now!

Both pens for me were pens. Fantastic header from wee Danilo.

I think our manager learned a lot from today. Please no more Lammers or Dessers.

Great 3 points!

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29 Oct 2023 23:09:17
Sorry As we should have prioritised a centre half in the summer, Not for me on what I’ve seen so far not been convinced with big Souttar.
From what’s available would go with Goldson and Davies, Hopefully we are able to bring a centre back in January.

30 Oct 2023 05:26:50
I think the biggest miss in recruitment in the summer apart from the obvious signings of Dessers and Lammers was not recruiting a number 6 that can control the game. I would be surprised if PC doesn’t look to correct this in the next two windows. I think Steve Davis was a huge part of our 55 season and we haven’t replaced that quality for me. I was off the believe Raskin was this player but he, Ciffuntes and Dowell all appear to be more number 8 or 10. Most important player for them is McGregor and before that was Brown. With us in years gone by it was Barry Ferguson or Steve Davis. Lundstrum has been decent lately but miles off being that player that controls and dictates the game.

30 Oct 2023 05:38:36
I agree cantwell _13, that wee davo was a superb midfielder, who controlled the game and pulled the strings for us back there, but to get someone in the mould of steven davis, would cost us a lot of money mate ? We've still got no midfielder anywhere near as good as davo was ?.

30 Oct 2023 07:19:41
We had a chance to get a great midfielder in lewis ferguson but the snobbery on here said no.

30 Oct 2023 07:21:23
True SWS hard to get someone as good as Davo but we’ve spent so little in midfield and Gerrard knew that’s where we needed strengthening when trying to get Veerman and that was what 3 years ago. For me the four signings that should be prioritised are LB, CB, MD (number 6) and a winger. Danilo as our CF. I like many others wasn’t convinced by Dessers and Lammers given their poor numbers. Shifting these two and getting any kind of decent fee will be very difficult.

30 Oct 2023 07:45:41
We need more creativity from Todd, his energy is not in question, but he tries to do too much on his own, probably frustration, if he just tempers it a bit and lifts his head more before playing a pass we'll see more of the kind of pass like we saw to Dessers last week.

30 Oct 2023 07:46:52
The same snobbery that says no to Shankland Storm?

30 Oct 2023 07:52:51
Storm what do you mean? We had the chance to sign Lewis but the snobbery on here said no? You mean we were about to put a bid in and just before that the board checked this website and came to the conclusion that some anonymous posters didn’t think he was very good and withdrew the bid? Have a word ??.

30 Oct 2023 10:46:59
Why would Cantwell lift this head?
imagine looking up and seeing Dessers or Lammers and knowing that unless you give them the perfect pass then they will not do anything with it LOL

Trying to blame Cantwell is hilarious when he's likely the best player in the whole league. The boy can only do so much.

30 Oct 2023 11:03:19
Storm you have to be the biggest hypocrite on here mate, You don't want Shankland and have said so many times that you don't think he's good enough but its snobbery to reject ferguson for the same reason you don't want shankland. BTW I would take both Ferguson and Shankland. we should have went for Doig aswell.

30 Oct 2023 11:06:58
Correct Todd but why let the truth ruin a good story? My take on Ferguson is that, based on seeing him in the flesh against us a good few times, he wasn't good enough. Nothing at all to do with snobbery and glad I was apparently wrong and that the lad is doing well with Bologna. Hope this puts this snobbery nonsense to bed. It really is becoming embarrassing ?.

30 Oct 2023 12:41:32
Try and remember storm that it wasn't snobbery on here that stopped us signing either lewis ferguson or lawrence shankland for that matter, it was our management team that deemed them not good enough ?We can talk all we like on here but we can't sign or not sign players for our club, try and bear that in mind ?.

30 Oct 2023 12:45:18
More hypocrisy on this site than from me but I love the replies makes me smile thanks lads ?‍♂️ obviously a lot of you don’t get why I said it ?.

30 Oct 2023 12:46:54
The seeker it won’t be the end of the snobbery and it certainly doesn’t come from me. I said it because a lot have said on here about certain players but they never said it about Ferguson but they did say he wasn’t good enough ?.

30 Oct 2023 13:26:40
Allymac, nobody is blaming Todd, he is not as creative as we should be seeing though, and I believe (just my opinion), that he just needs to slow himself down a bit, and take his time with his passing, he gave the ball away quite a few times yesterday by not looking first, he's a very good player though, that's why I personally want to see more from him, as he's definitely capable.

30 oct 2023 16:30:05
nothing at all to do with anyone on here, or any fan anywhere drivel
i wanted ferguson and shanks, both rangers guys, both strong,

30 Oct 2023 17:21:43
Did ye aye TT? You still have selective memory on roofe.

30 oct 2023 19:31:55
wit you on about warrior.

30 Oct 2023 20:32:53
Storm you said that you never rated Beale and never wanted him at the club. but then you said you trusted beale's judgement playing morelos over Colak. is that selective memory?



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