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27 Oct 2023 11:45:30
Everyone on here wrote Sima off and a few others and now they are coming good with the proper coaching and its only 2 games in. let's lay off dessers and lammers and see what we can do with them going forward. It only takes one Important goal and they are heroes. Too many positives happening right now since the new management team entered the picture . I'm sure Big Phil will get the very best out of them as time goes by. Great to see Danillo back. that's super positive . Knockout stages of the Europa took a giant step last night --onwards and upwards we go.

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27 Oct 2023 11:59:56
Clement already stated his is not a magician and it would take something magical to get these 2 to perform.

27 Oct 2023 12:05:46
Can't agree mate sorry. Lammers drifts in and out but Dessers is terrible. No defence for me and shouldn't be played again imo.

27 Oct 2023 12:20:47
The difference with Sima and Lammers, as opposed to Dessers, is that you can see potential there. Dessers will never amount to anything for Rangers.

If possible, Clement should look to offload him in January and look to bring in a proven SPFL Goal Scorer to supplement Danillo and Sima. I. e. Shankland, Miovski, Van Veen or someone of that stature.

Our focus should be League first, Europe second!

27 Oct 2023 12:22:06
The manager says clean slate for everyone but some fans have made their minds up and no matter what some players do (Tav, Dessers, Lammers etc) they will always be whipping boys.

For me

The Tav boo boys have a different agenda
Dessers will come good when the manager gets his message across to the whole team
Lammers has something that he shows in small bites - again I hope the manager will work some magic

The boo boys have written off many players who have come good over the years - Sima is just the latest.

27 Oct 2023 12:56:33
A think a fit Lawerance and Matando added to the present squad will relegate Lammers to the bench or the stand, he’s got a few games to show us something we haven’t seen, unfortunately I wouldn’t bet on it and might even see him out on loan come Jan.

27 Oct 2023 13:04:05
Spot on DK, I haven't written off any player in our squad, I want to see what improvement PC can get from them all.

27 Oct 2023 13:08:17
Lammers just as bad as dessers. doesn't really give anytbing to the side.

27 Oct 2023 13:14:05
Don’t see Dessers ever being a good player for us. Sima has attributes which with coaching can make him better, he’s fast, he’s strong, he seems to be a good finisher. Dessers lacks a lot of that. You can’t coach someone to be less clumsy, faster or have better decision making in front of goal. Lammers has some ability no doubt but lacks pace. He can be used in a no10 role or as a second striker but I don’t think he’s anywhere near as good as others in his position, notably Cantwell, Lawrence or even a Hagi.

27 Oct 2023 13:21:51
I'm willing to wait and see however for me I would prefer to win in Europe this year than win the league for a couple of simple reasons, one we would have direct entry to the champions League and two, that should see us into the World Club Cup.
That would generate us considerable income and objectively allow Clement to bring in players of the right quality.
Of course in an ideal world I would prefer that we win both!

27 Oct 2023 13:30:47
Watching Dessers last night he just shows a lack of awareness and anticipation of where and when the ball is coming to him, he is yards too slow and hesitates to put his foot, head or body in when the ball looks like a 50/ 50 . Lammers isn`t much better but he at least was working hard for the team and did get one good shot away. Neither look good enough but Lammers at least looks interested .

27 Oct 2023 13:33:47
DK19 There is as much chance if Dessers coming good as I have of pumpin Jennifer Aniston.
Anyone who can still defend this dumpling needs sectioned.

27 Oct 2023 13:38:04
Tav was honking last night. When he offers nothing offensively, it shows up how bad he is defensively as he has nothing to hide a bad performance at the back.
Dessers was terrible as well last night. Didn’t lead the line, run the channels and I don’t know how many balls he let bounce over his head.
Lammers for all the skill needs to learn how to utilise it better to the benefit of the team.

27 Oct 2023 15:07:35
i bet we would struggle to get dessers and lammers out on loan never mind sell them take hagi back
and get lawernce fit matondo back
and on song.

27 oct 2023 16:17:40
i would love to kniw what exactly you mean by “ tav and a different agenda,

hes one of the worst defenders I've ever seen at rangers, but his nunbers are phenomenal

what is the different agenda you allude to?

27 Oct 2023 16:48:56
In a team that lacks any pace bringing back Hagi doesn’t address this .
Dessers and Lammers need to find something because what their showing at the moment simply isn’t enough, they may well surprise and turn out to be half decent but on current form they’re not good enough to merit a starting berth.
I thought Celtic played well for the first half against Madrid, at the moment we need to find another level before I would have any hope at parkhead.
But football surprises all the time.

27 Oct 2023 16:52:22
Different agenda is a statement used by people who lap up conspiracy theories bit like deep state. No one knows what it means but it creates the illusion that you know something, know what I mean nod nod wink wink.

27 Oct 2023 18:34:41
Was going to ask the same Tom. What does "different agenda" mean dk? No point hinting at something, just put it out there if you've got something you are getting at?

27 Oct 2023 19:41:30
Dk once again with another ridiculous post.

Dessers and Lammers ain’t ever going to come good.

BB the league is bigger than Europe always.

27 Oct 2023 21:17:59
Jennifer ain’t no spring chicken anymore NRD so you might be in with a shout ??.

27 oct 2023 21:31:14
he is clearly suggesting that anyone who has criticised tav is racist, he's suggesting that is why you want him replaced or you criticise him
hes suggested this a few times before, he loves playing the perfect fan role,

28 Oct 2023 11:22:00
Well Tom (Son) why don't you have a go at explaining it to me?

Having player at a high level back in the day and having lots of pals in the know, I'm sure you can explain it?

Tav =

1 Best Rb in Scotland by a country mile
2 Best stats on any Rangers player for the last 3 years (at least)
3 He scores more goals than most of our forwards
4 He has more assists than any other player
5 He never misses a match
6 Successive managers have installed him as captain
7 Successive managers have him as their 1st pick on the team sheet
8 We have had 7 clean sheets in the last 10 games but Tav can't defend (even when he is no where near the goal chance he gets blamed)
9 The "fans" state that 7 out of the starting 11 (2 seasons now) are shi** but Tav is the root cause of our poor results
10 Successive managers tactics are to have the RB and LB starting positions well forward of the half way line and for a MF to fill in the gaps but Tav gets blamed when the MF does not fill in

Does he make mistakes? Yup but name me any player in the past 20 years who has not made an error (obs firm favs like McGregor, Gough, B Fergusson etc get a free pass) .

Have we won lots of trophies under Tav? Nah but which captain of the past would have made a difference to the playing squads we have had in the last 12 years

So what are we left with Tom (Son)? You allude to an Ali G scenario (I didn't) and have a go at my opinion so tell it as it is from your vantage point - is it Glasgow, Africa or Croatia today?

28 oct 2023 15:25:30
been in glasgow for hospital appts fir weeks, but thanks fir you4 concern

the rest i couldn't be bothered reading, only me you responded too so il take that as it was intended,

28 Oct 2023 19:46:56
Tom ????????

Excellent response thanks.



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