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25 Oct 2023 10:44:18
Does anyone know if we can drop into the conference league if we finish 3rd in our group?

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25 Oct 2023 12:00:37
we do drop into Conference but we won't as we will finish top 2 in group.

25 Oct 2023 12:11:01
Yes that's how it works, 3rd in cl drops into el, 3rd in el drops into diddy leauge.

We don't need to worry about the Diddy league as we will finish 2nd minimum in our group.

It's a Diddy cup and no one cares who wins it and that's a fact.

25 Oct 2023 12:13:07
Giving up already? WOW.

25 Oct 2023 13:12:23
Famous you try telling West Ham fans there win last season means nothing or the Roma fans who celebrated the year before its laughable fans of our club would dismiss a European trophy or any trophy win given how sparse our cabinet is since 2012.

25 Oct 2023 13:33:53
Well said onewaltersmith, just have to look at the way jose mourinho celebrated winning it, a guy that's won so much in thr game. I would love to win any European trophy.

25 Oct 2023 13:55:41
1walter, yes its a Diddy cup, and absolutely no one cares west ham won the Diddy Cup. I've never watched one game in that brand new Diddy Cup. It's for Diddy teams to play Diddy teams so they don't feel left out. There should be no cl or el drop outs in that competition, celtic the only team to be knocked out all 3 in same season that's a record they will keep.

It's on par with our Ramsdens Cup win.

We were a penalty kick away from the greatest British European Cup win in history. The Tims were terrified of a gers Victory. There is no one upmanship or gloating rights in winning a brand new Diddy Cup with zero historical value to it.

And it's not laughable Walter, the fact is we have never been in that Diddy Cup and as a rangers fan we should never be in that Diddy Cup. I think its laughable some rangers fans think it would be an accomplishment to be in that Diddy Cup. Only 3 domestic trophies and 2 European trophies hold weight.

If they introduced a European Cup for championship teams and we got relegated so we could be in it would you be delighted to be in the uefa championship conference leauge 1 Cup that uefa just invented. thought not. have some standards and pride.

25 Oct 2023 14:08:18
I don't want to drop into the conference and don't think we will but it would be a brilliant achievment to win it. Nonsense to think otherwise.

25 oct 2023 14:15:45
great post, from a great big diddy.

25 Oct 2023 14:27:25
Walter, the famous said its a fact so it must be then eh! Probably getting fact mixed up with opinion but there you go, let's drop the conversation as there's no point as its a fact, as the famous has proven it to be true.

25 oct 2023 14:54:13
and heres the reason why your talking drivel mate

millions of pounds, and more full stadiums all spending lots of money,

25 Oct 2023 15:08:19
It's a fair bigger competition than the Scottish league Cup so I doubt you will celebrate winning that either?

25 Oct 2023 15:34:18
What is it with the arrogance of some of our fans I want us to win anything that we possibly can fill out trophy cabinet and I would love to see these fans that go on about diddy competitions ect what they would do if we were to be in that comp and on the final would they say nah to a ticket for the final would they be washing their hair that night and not watch the game on TV even? That is if we were to end up in that competition at some point and make the final although what I would say is after having a look at the trophy for the conference league I think UEFA could have done better but a trophy is a trophy I'm a fan and even used to wish that we won the old tenants 6s back in the 80s and 90s or whenever the old bears play the 5 a side comps that happen every other year even though it's not the actually 1st team they are representing Rangers and I want us to win as much as we can anything we can.

25 Oct 2023 15:49:38
There are some top notch teams in conference league and there have been since it came into existence. It has more cash and more credit associated with it than winning the league cup and Scottish cup put together. Given our recent history we shouldn’t be mocking any European competition.

25 Oct 2023 15:56:57
calm yersel famous, its not that many years ago that the europa league was seen as a Diddy cup, now we were a penalty away from the greatest European cup win from a British side? All euro trophies are a step up from what we compete for usually and I'll celebrate the viaplay cup like its the Skol cup.

25 Oct 2023 16:12:24
What an embarrassing Rant. Both finals have been played by 4 very well known teams made up of Seria A, Eredivise and EPL. 10 years ago we were at the very bottom of British football. If I had a choice between winning that and losing a 3rd uefa cup/ europa final in my lifetime I'm taking the trophy. I don't want us to be in it but if we find ourselves there then we should be trying to win it with Pride.

25 Oct 2023 16:18:24
Now I know you're the Diddy famous to say us winning the EL would've been the greatest British achievement when our rivals won the European Cup and we've won the cup winners cup I think you should go for a lie down the fact no1 agreez with you shows your talking nonsence.

25 Oct 2023 16:41:39
It’s a European trophy that believe it or not most teams in Europe would love to have in their trophy cabinet, I don’t believe some folk on here?.

25 Oct 2023 16:46:04
The famous iv never heard so much nonsense mate. Diddy cup and diddy teams? behave yersel

Any club outwith the superpowers now would love to win it as many of the lads have said

to round of your post you also state celtic are the only team to be knocked out of all 3 tournaments in one season, that's incorrect. They were indeed knocked out all 3 in a season but another team that same season done it before them, can't recall who but you are wrong on both these counts.

25 Oct 2023 17:06:52
there are no diddy cups its classed as a major scalp.
your still playing great teams still making plenty of money,
it would be an amazing achievement to win and not easy.

the conference is still above the English league,

plus it gets your best players noticed in Europe.

25 Oct 2023 18:24:07
Roma sure cared when they won it. Another rangers fan who doesn’t think silverware matters.

25 Oct 2023 18:45:27
If we didn’t managed to be top 2 I would take the conference no problem no trophy in Europe is a diddy cup. More cash also.

I still think we will be in top 2.

25 Oct 2023 18:49:56
Andy I'm sure you said you don't care about Europe.

25 Oct 2023 19:21:21
Winning any Euro trophy in this day and age is a major achievement. There are some biggish hitters with far more resources than us, already in this tourney . Aston Villa for one.

25 Oct 2023 23:29:38
No one is a bigger diddy than me … and I have two extra big diddys so that makes me three diddys actually
So the diddy cup will do me .
In fact we can all be the diddy
Men on here . we certainly act like a bunch of diddies
at times ?.

26 Oct 2023 02:30:21
West Ham got nearly £13 million for winning plus a percentage of the gate money, not bad for a so called diddy cup.

26 Oct 2023 05:52:03
Sorry but if your not interested in your club winning trophies you shouldn't be following football.

26 Oct 2023 05:52:25
Even if it's the hope of winning it's still worth it.



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