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24 Oct 2023 21:10:19
Does any one know if you don't use a season ticket for 4 games in a row do rangers sell it on without your permission?

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24 Oct 2023 22:21:28
There was rumours of that going about but if you pay for a season it's yours wether you use it ot not surely.

24 Oct 2023 22:35:09
Yea that’s right barber . They sell it through seat sub whereas you get a percentage off your next season ticket or shop tokens .
Worse than that you have to reapply to get it back . I think if you put it on seat sub though it didn’t count as a non attendance.
Don’t agree with it but what can you do?
cannot even buy Broxi bear in the shop now . so it’s a strip or a scarf and that’s it.

24 Oct 2023 22:38:03
Would seriously don’t it. You would have bought all the games for that season at the very least. And as far as I know you always have the right to renew - hence the reason there can never be a return to the 8000 away fans.

In fact the seat next to mine was empty for nearly two seasons. During that time I asked the ticket office if I could take it for the boy but said it was a season ticket holders and they kept renewing every year.

24 Oct 2023 22:40:48
Don’t have a clue on that one mate but can I ask why u ask that?

My thoughts are if u pay for the seat it’s yours for the year whether u use it or not, surely?

24 oct 2023 22:46:17
wouldn't have thought that was even legal mate, never known that to occur, i think that would be challenged by plenty of people who work away or whatever, i'm sure that is false.

24 Oct 2023 22:48:52
Barber I’m sure I read that somewhere, apparently they email u.

24 Oct 2023 22:49:47
Can't imagine so as you've paid for it.

24 Oct 2023 23:22:06
Best thing to do is phone customer service mob.

24 Oct 2023 23:24:28
Just incase you die and don't inform them they will replace your presence in the stadium.

25 Oct 2023 00:33:51
It happened on Saturday iv got a ST and so does my daughter but she hasn't been lately, turned up and her ST went red sneaked her in with me and when I got to our seats there was a woman with a paper ticket sitting in her seat, asked the steward and he said as she's got a paper ticket she gets priority WTF so I got moved, tried emailing as you can't phone them but no reply as of yet, madness.

25 Oct 2023 00:43:19
Also I'm travelling from rothesay so it's no a short trip to not get in when its slready been paid for.

25 Oct 2023 00:45:37
I have family in New York, Sydney and Toronto who are season ticket holders and attend maybe two games each season. They have never been threatened with this and have had their seats for many years.

25 Oct 2023 05:34:53
Customer service is terrible Barber, I would t waste my time on the phone or emailing. Next home game go a bit earlier and go to the ticket office and speak to them. It sounds like they might have changed their policy this year but can’t imagine them seat subbing your ticket and not notifying you. The good thing though it sounds like your daughter will have quite a bit of credit saved up.

25 Oct 2023 08:13:48
Absolutely ridiculous I'd take that to a lawyer. You pay for your season book you should decide what to do with it.

25 Oct 2023 08:19:41
I posted last night about this but I don't know where the post has gone? Ed, where'd it go?

Section 7 clause 2 of the terms and conditions details exactly what happens and how to avoid losing your season ticket.

{Ed001's Note - it must be the link has got swallowed up in the spam filter as we get problems with sites such as SkyBet spamming the sites with spam links: 25 Oct 2023 00:01:10
Link to the Ts and Cs. Copy into the address bar of your broswer.

https:/ / tickets. rangers. co. uk/ PagesPublic/ UserControlled/ TermsAndConditions. aspx#step9.

25 Oct 2023 09:05:36
It's not a good thing if you pay a fortune from rothesay to go to a game only to be told you can't get in with your season book.

25 Oct 2023 09:33:21
Thanks Ed, there was a much longer post where I posted the clause in full for Barber. Is that in the spam folder too?

{Ed001's Note - must have gone in there too as it also has a link: 24 Oct 2023 23:57:11
Section 7, clause 2 of the Season Ticket Terms and Conditions.

If you do not attend Ibrox for four consecutive home first team Scottish Premiership matches and do not respond to the email messages sent to you by the Club, your Smartcard will be deactivated for subsequent matches (other than Old Firm matches) unless and until you reclaim your seat. You can reclaim your seat by emailing Seatsub@Rangers. co. uk up to 48hours before the match or, if within 48 hours of the match at www. rangers. co. uk/ myaccount by logging into your account, checking the box for the match from which you wish to reclaim your seat, clicking continue and selecting the appropriate reason and clicking continue again. To be valid for a forthcoming fixture, your seat must be reclaimed, and Smartcard reactivated at least 24 hours prior to that fixture. Where practicable and where the Club has an up to date contact number, it will seek to contact you by phone before deactivating your smart card.

25 Oct 2023 10:07:34
Yea that’s it exactly KF nice one . As I say
I think if you sub out your seat normally it dosnt count as a non attendance.
It only started end of last season .
It used to be you could sub your tick out and get full refund . not now .
My biggest gripe is there is no merchandise like there used to be like videos ( no that’s there’s a lot to watch again lol) and stuff like that .
I’ve been looking for an authentic Broxi bear .
They used to have them all sizes now nothing .
They could make a fortune.

25 Oct 2023 10:19:47
Ps seat sub you only get a percentage of the value of the seat in tokens or subtracted from your next season ticket.

25 Oct 2023 10:21:31
Thanks Ed.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome.}

25 Oct 2023 13:44:48
Thanks guys ? quick update I actually got a reply AND the reason IS that because my daughter hasn't attended 4 games in a row and hasn't seat subbed her ticket the club automatically sell your ticket on,



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