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24 Oct 2023 19:41:45
Evening guys, I hope everyone on here is well, and if not, please speak with someone.

I have been on another Rangers forum (Rangers media) for many years, but I very rarely post on it, due to a few reasons.

One of the mods/ Ed's on the site, Gabriel Tomato, or to those who knew his real name, Ben, decided he didn't want to battle his demons anymore, and took the decision to end his suffering, and leave this world early. Heartbreaking!

I didn't know Ben personally, but just like on here, you get to know people, and you get to like them - Ben was a guy you got to like! He was a very good poster, a good Mod/ Ed, who was very fair, but wasn't slow in nipping things in the bud if things got out of control (sound familiar ?) . Considering what Ben was dealing with, and for many years, his dedication, and time he put into the forum, was very very commendable! He will be sadly missed!

Anyway, I've just read the sad news about Ben, and as he was one of us (massive Rangers fan), I wanted to share this tragic news amongst more of his own, and to ask everyone to take a minute, think about others, make a call, let someone know you're there, but most importantly, if you are one of the silent ones who are struggling, please talk to someone. If you don't have someone, talk to me, or someone else on here. We might come across knobs sometimes, but we all have a heart, and we care! We might argue, disagree, fall out, and whatever else, but I'm sure we'd all be there for each other.

I'm taking full responsibility for my posts on here, and how cutting they can be towards some players, MB, and to other posters. This news tonight had made me think, and I'd like to reach out to anyone I have fallen out with, been a dick with (one person in particular), to just apologise, and say i regret what I've said in the past - I really do!

Fu@k man, life is too short as it is, for things to get so bad, you want to end it sooner than planned!
God bless lads, you know where we all are.

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24 Oct 2023 19:55:51
Wise and beautiful words my friend ?.

24 Oct 2023 20:13:15
Raise the roofe, great words,

24 Oct 2023 20:15:36
Here here ?.

24 Oct 2023 20:23:44
Great post @RTR
Stay humble and healthy.

24 Oct 2023 20:24:18
Raisetheroofe ???.

24 Oct 2023 20:27:22
Really puts everything into prospective.

24 oct 2023 20:34:43
god bless the guy. the editors in these forums read a lot if good stuff, and a lot of nonsense, but they allow people to discuss and argue about football, its a great thing. but occasionally we hear stories like this and it brings it all into perspective.

24 Oct 2023 20:44:17
I applaud you my friend ?.

24 Oct 2023 21:16:13
Great post . raisetheRoofe. ???.

24 Oct 2023 21:21:20
Great post Roofe. Very sorry to hear about Ben. Didn’t know him but that’s desperately sad. Your points make for a good reminder.

24 Oct 2023 21:26:53
Well said Raise the roofe ???.

24 Oct 2023 21:31:13
Great words RR.

24 Oct 2023 22:13:36
Hear Hear mate,
You can never tell what’s going on in another’s mind and a real reminder to always try to be respectful to others as you never know what they’re going through.

24 Oct 2023 22:25:46
Hope your words give others strength raisetheroofe. Great words.

24 Oct 2023 22:28:44
Raise the roof You seem a top bloke good on you.

24 Oct 2023 22:31:02
Great post roofe ?.

24 Oct 2023 22:39:56
RR I think we all second that .
Thanks for posting x.

24 Oct 2023 22:46:29
Such sad news and we'll said raisetheroofe.

24 Oct 2023 22:55:13
RTR well said pal, very sad indeed, too much of this at present, it's always good to talk.

24 Oct 2023 23:10:07
Sorry to hear that mate. Good post. Take care all.

24 Oct 2023 23:22:09
Congratulations on that post mate. Life is far too short.

25 Oct 2023 00:30:16
brave and touching words raisethe roofe, well said.

25 Oct 2023 01:09:50
Well said my man. I was struggling with something 20 years ago, don't know what the situation is like now but back then it was woeful. Needed some professional help and there just wasn't any available, just had to get on with it. Thankfully, I'm in a much better place now. The difference is night and day but I recognize that I'm one of the lucky ones and will echo RaisetheRoofe's sentiment, if you need to talk, I'm here and always willing to listen.

25 Oct 2023 03:26:39
One family and one love. Big up RTR. Have self harmed and popped pills due to my childhood and back in the day could have done with someone like you. I remember years ago I was getting assets in Gartnavel royal by a shrink. Am spewing my stuff to her and then notice she looks at her watch.
I lost it and got sectioned. I am posting this, just to say I have nothing to be ashamed of and nor should anyone else.

Eds, Don't know if its possible, but can emails be swapped for this very reason and not just for Rangers forum?

{Ed001's Note - we don't store emails mate, so we can't pass them on if that is what you are asking.}

25 Oct 2023 09:33:51
Brilliant post RTR
It’s happening more and more and affecting many families my own included very recently
It’s devastating ❤️?.

25 Oct 2023 13:23:50
Raisetheroofe that post was different class mate. ?.



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