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24 Oct 2023 13:09:39
I see beales stupid decision to leave yilmaz out of the euro squad has come back to bite us. Why on earth would he have done that yet added scott wright when at the time we had several forwards fit anyway.
What an awful decision.

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24 oct 2023 13:16:13
ive yet to see yilmaz have a really good game mate but i hope he comes good and i agree totally, a poor decision among hundreds, like ridiculous subs in old firm games, he should never have been in the job,

24 Oct 2023 13:17:41
It's only one of many.

24 Oct 2023 13:25:32
Because Beale was a useless lump of skin, who was full of BS, and didn't know his arse from his elbow.

24 Oct 2023 13:34:37
Let's hope young Devine gets his chance. I truly think he could be as good as Patterson given a chance.

24 Oct 2023 13:41:57
Deano Wright was added as we had room for homegrown players. Yilmaz was omitted due to his constant niggles and fact we couldn't register more foreign players

Wasnt a stupid decision at all. Davies, Sterling and Devine can all play LB aswell as other positions so made sense.

24 Oct 2023 14:02:57
Delano go learn the rules.

24 Oct 2023 14:17:17
Raise the roofe beale wasn't the best but he was a Rangers manager give him a bit of respect.

24 Oct 2023 14:18:57
Yip deano it doesn’t work as u seem to think.

Need to brush up on the rules bro can have as many Scot’s trained players as we want but can only have 17 non Scot’s trained so yilmaz lost out at time due to injury and loss of form and barasic being first choice.

Would have to sacrifice one of the other non Scot’s trained.

I’m not actually sure if we even have the 17 used up as we don’t have enough Scot’s trained players to fill the quata.

For every non Scot missing from the required 8 we lose one foreign from the 17.

24 Oct 2023 14:25:10
I personally have not yet seen yilmaz have an unreal game. Everybody over in Turkey seems to think he's a top talent though. Fingers crossed.

24 oct 2023 14:35:15
your right jbf, i firgot about the home rule, and yilmaz has done nothing and hardly got his laces wet so i understand that one,

24 Oct 2023 14:36:05
He had an outstanding win rate though ???.

24 Oct 2023 14:46:40
Yilmaz is a very good lb, our best, if you not already seen it you will soon.

24 Oct 2023 15:03:10
I thought Yilmaz was injured and therefore not 100% certain to be fit, hence, not included in the squad.

24 oct 2023 15:19:38
nobodys already seen it beally, but what we paid he should be,

24 Oct 2023 16:11:45
Stevie go read the rules

Dk u r 100% correct as to why Beale excluded yilmas. He tells us this in a media conference.

24 Oct 2023 16:15:50
Yilmaz goal the other week was pure class
Also he was injured when euro squads were listed .
My goodness beal will be getting the blame for the rain soaking the pitch soon.

24 oct 2023 16:44:49
no mols, m he will only get the blame fir being the only person in the stadium and on sky that couldn't see mcgregor was strolling through an old firm game at ibrox and didn't makes moves to counter it, that and being 7 points behind already,

24 Oct 2023 17:17:47
Don’t think I need to John.

Squad of 25.

Max of 17 non Scot’s trained.

8 Scot’s trained.

Of which 4 must be club trained.

It’s not that hard to grasp.

If we fail to fill the home quota then we lose a non homegrown player for each place not filled.

That’s my take on it.

If I’m wrong f*** it.

24 oct 2023 17:50:50
i usually just take that kind information from john stevie, i forget a lot, but your probably correct too, , john's invaluable in that respect.

24 Oct 2023 17:53:24
Sorry StevieG2. Don't think u lose any players or theoretically u could end up with a squad of 9 players if u didn't name any homegrown. It's simply u can only name 17 non homegrown. Still think was a mistake not to name Yilmaz as one of them tho.

24 Oct 2023 18:14:24
You don't lose a player for every one of the 8 Scots missing. You get up to 17 foreign players and up to 8 scottish trained. The additional ones that are academy are on a b list. So obviously is hard to grasp for you. Maybe not tell someone else to brush up when your not 100 percent yourself.

24 Oct 2023 18:41:15
A see a see, cheers kaiser ??

It would be silly tbf then wouldn’t it.
Fair enough then.

Orange, u say up to 8 homegrown players?

What is that the max we’re aloud?

Maybe not do the same as I just done if your not perfect on it either mate eh? ??

I’ve got it right except the losing a place, what it is if u don’t fill the quota u lose the place.

I’m pretty sure though that u need to have 4 club trained and 4 non club trained. (Or 8 club trained if u wish I suppose)

Club trained between 16-21 gor 3 years I believe?
for us is


Non club trained


Does that mean we go with squad of 23 then?

See tbf it’s more complicated than it seems isn’t it


24 Oct 2023 19:31:05
55Rangers, Beale lost any respect he may have been due as a Rangers a manager after what he has done to our club over the last year. Not only was he not the best, he`s right up there with Pedro as one of the two worst. An imposter who conned his way into the job .

24 Oct 2023 19:45:22
We named a 22 man squad. McCrorie, K Wright, Souttar, Jack, S Wright. Squad lists on the euro website. Devine, King etc on b list.

24 Oct 2023 20:49:47
Cheers kaiser.

It’s an over complicated rule anyway.
Something should be done about it.



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