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23 Oct 2023 12:41:00
Big Test for our defence on thursday. Is it too much to ask for a clean sheet. ? . The midfield and attack will do their jobs on the break, but can only Imagine that Big Phil's priority is the lads at the back . Thank the stars for Jack in between the sticks.

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23 Oct 2023 13:15:36
Appreciate it's early days, but noticed at the weekend that we were back to the high press and defending from the front.

Hopefully we see that sustained and we take a bit of pressure of the backline.

Didn't see much praise for Scott Wright over the weekend, but noticed he was quite often the catalyst for the press - which I thought was a pretty smart use of his pace as he tends to find it difficult against the low block.

23 oct 2023 13:30:55
i don't believe we should consider playing in the break, i think attack is our best defence, take the game to them at every opportunity, i know we will be pinned back at times but that comes with starting passively, we are capable of causing them real issues if we go for it, our defebce isn't capable o surviving an entire game under pressure, get at them and turn them imo.

23 Oct 2023 13:51:37
I don`t know how you can be confident that the midfield and attack will do their jobs when they have missed chances and given the ball away in all the away European games this season. Our single goals against Servette and PSV were by Tav so only Simas goal in Cyprus was scored by a forward. We will be under pressure and probably won`t get many chances, so the forwards will need to bury any we do get. Even S. Gs teams struggled in Prague so this will be a tough game for this set of players. A point would be a great result.

23 Oct 2023 14:14:53
The stats you are quoting were under the management of MB. Looking forward to see how Big Phil goes about his business . I stand by my original post.

23 oct 2023 15:00:34
yip firward thinking manager could see things very differently to the drivel that beale spouted, ,

tora tora tora!

23 Oct 2023 15:01:43
Would just try and play similar on Thursday, maybe pick our spots with the press against a decent team, on Saturday we had a lot less possession but created much more basically because we tried a lot more forward balls, not all came off but defiantly better for us to watch, long may it continue ???.

23 oct 2023 15:26:29
and some of the things said about wright have been disgusting, the guys at ibrox knows what he can and can't do, but regularly use him, now he's in clements very first team, other pros appreciate what he can bring, some people dont, m he won't ever be a superstar, but walters teams were built around guys like him, he has never said a bad word about rangers or his treatment, but that's armchair fans for you, they feel they can say whatever they want, , i like the boys attitude myself.

23 Oct 2023 15:34:49
Big test for that defence most games unfortunately, Deecee.
But I'm assuming Clement will tweak his style slightly for a step up in class from Hibs in Europe on Thursday.
And going by the effort on Saturday and Clement saying there will be the occasional bump in the road until the players are fully immersed in his style, then I'm sure the fans will give him some leeway after the Beale sh$t show.
The players themselves are due us a performance after that diabolical effort in Cyprus.

23 Oct 2023 15:42:41
Deecee I read somewhere that the manager goes for a more conservative approach away from home against better team. I am looking forward to seeing his team and the shape he adopts against Prague.

23 Oct 2023 15:50:34
Walters team was not built around guys like wright.

He was only playing because the injuries we have and he down absolutely nothing.

23 Oct 2023 16:13:45
after the result in cyprus a point would be welcome anything else would be a bonus.

23 Oct 2023 16:35:55
I think we'll see a different animal on Thursday. Mr Poirot will have his little grey cells ticking over nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing how we set up and apply ourselves to a difficult but doable task. I wouldn't be saying that a couple of weeks ago.

23 Oct 2023 17:09:58
Hopefully Scott Wright becomes a starter every week as he gives us something different.

23 Oct 2023 18:09:08
You really don’t like Scott Wright do you storm .
You kick the boy at every opportunity.
I’m on the fence to be honest . He’s done some good stuff but very inconsistent when he plays.

23 Oct 2023 18:19:44
Sima30, I honestly don't think Wright is good enough for us.

23 Oct 2023 18:23:54
Agree parlane61, bloody hope so mate.

23 oct 2023 18:36:37
i wouldn't have him in my first 11 every week, but there's akways a place for someone with blistering pace,

23 Oct 2023 19:39:45
Well said guys, Scott Wright is an honest pro who brings something different to the squad. I've always thought if used properly he can be very useful asset. For somebody to say he has zero talent is just wrong, and hugely embarrassing imo.

23 Oct 2023 19:59:53
Mols I just don’t see what he brings, we signed players like him from Aberdeen when he wasn’t a 1st team starter but turn our nose up at players like lewis Ferguson and look at him now. I ain’t kicking him, I hope he makes me eat my words by playing well in multiply games but you can count on the one hand how many good games he has had for us.

23 Oct 2023 20:12:07
Wright is better than half the deadwood Beale signed, although that is not difficult. better option than most.

23 Oct 2023 20:27:36
Not embarrassed in the slightly to say Wright has no talent, he never lifts his head, his final pass or cross is always poor, he creates almost nothing and scores even less. He is quick but he doesn`t have blistering pace and although he works hard, we need that and a certain amount of ability from our players. Clement might try to get a tune out of him short term, but he will disappear as players get fit and won`t be at Ibrox after next summer. He wouldn`t have got anywhere near Walters teams.

23 Oct 2023 23:24:42
Sorry gers4 you say that but then broadfoot did .
I agree Scott Wright needs to show more if that’s possible though.



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