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22 Oct 2023 11:45:29
Good luck to the
Lassies today ., sky
12 pm go gals.

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22 Oct 2023 12:11:07
Here's a question for myself.
Watch women's football? Or hammer nine inch nails into my eyeballs?
Right, where's my toolbox? ?.

22 Oct 2023 12:48:18
Bang on Moles, Kirsty Maclean is an outstanding talent, not sure how long we’ll keep her.

22 Oct 2023 13:04:59
If you love football it could be even a game in the park .
If you’re watchin your kids playing under 12s are you going to say … na this is rubbish I prefer watchin Real Madrid ?.

22 Oct 2023 13:08:32
Red hot needles through two very delicate parts of the anatomy raisetheroofe.

22 Oct 2023 13:56:55
2-1 in favour of the bearettes.

22 Oct 2023 13:57:40
Well done ladies brilliant ., top of league.

22 Oct 2023 14:14:25
They represent our Club, and deserve some respect, they've done more that our 1st Team so far, so come on folks a little respect please, have your opinion by all means, but no need to belittle the girls.

22 Oct 2023 14:14:40
Good game and a great result for Rangers. We are now top of the league!
Women's football is improving and we have some good players coming through.
It shouldn't matter whether it is the men's game or the women's game, it is always good to beat tat lot!

22 Oct 2023 14:39:43
Some really poor and disappointing comments here. I’ll show this to my 12 year old daughter who plays at the top level for her age group in the hope it continues to motivate her to continue to develop and improve to be the best but as a reminder overcome the sort of crap.

22 Oct 2023 14:45:03
Some really poor and disappointing comments here. I’ll show it to my 12 year old daughter who plays at the top level for her age group in Scotland and hope it motivates her to continue to improve and develop to be the best that she can be and go as far in the game as possible which I hope means pulling on a Rangers top one day but also as a reminder that no matter what, you’ll still have to put up with crap attitudes like this unfortunately. Well done Rangers women’s team today, great performance especially in the second half and a great result to go top of the league.

22 Oct 2023 14:53:05
Auld sexiest fools wonder if you would say the same If your daughter etc were playing.

22 Oct 2023 14:54:27
Only one disappointing comment
And you’re always going to get the one .
Well done girls . great game.

22 Oct 2023 15:06:09
Whether women's football is your cup of tea or not, some of those comments ain't called for ?A very well done to rangers women's team on beating them away today ?? Always want us to beat them, even if it was tiddlywinks ?.

22 Oct 2023 15:12:22

22 Oct 2023 15:38:06
Can I borrow your hammer and nails after you RaisetheRoofe? ??.

22 Oct 2023 16:11:07
You certainly can MPH, but be careful, the moral compass brigade, with all their wokery, will be out to get you.
I'm still struggling to work out how me saying I'd rather hammer nails into my eyeballs than watch womens football is sexist?
Auld "sexiest" fool, Raskinloyal? I don't want to break your heart petal, but I'm spoken for. I appreciate the compliment, but be careful, it could be construed as sexist! That's sexist not sexiest! ?.

22 Oct 2023 17:27:58
The moral compass brigade? Wokery? Na just respect. You could’ve just said you don’t watch or like women’s football but you didn’t or even better just not say anything. I support Rangers Football Club and to me that means all of the teams within and as a women’s team season ticket holder I want to see the women’s game develop and improve which is only a positive for girls, women, Rangers and football as a whole.

Just for awareness, adding laughing emojis doesn’t make something funny when it’s not?.

22 Oct 2023 18:12:07
I agree, just say nothing if no interest in it.

22 Oct 2023 18:58:43
My laughing emoji was laughing at posters like you, Cooper11, or Raskin's Freudian slip, not at anything I said. There's a big difference, you know?
Oh, and just for awareness, the thumb emoji doesn't mean you're right. Just saying!
Thanks for the advice OT, I'm sure to take that onboard.

22 Oct 2023 20:31:48
Hhmmm, Your laughing at posters like me which can only be because you think what I/ we have said is funny, when it’s not, about quite an important issue. Great you focus on the emojis part in response though. Any sign of that toolbox?.

22 Oct 2023 20:42:40
Toolbox found, and nails in eyes, Cooper11, thanks for asking!
I've got to be honest, the nails through the eyeballs are sore, but not as sore on the eyes as womens football. Every cloud and all that!

22 Oct 2023 21:34:13
Be careful when you put the hammer and yourself back in it tonight, wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself any further?.

22 Oct 2023 21:56:06
???? You're a funny guy!
I'm not hurt, however, it would appear my posts have hurt you, and touched a nerve. ?.

22 Oct 2023 22:37:14
I don't know why people are getting upset, how can anyone take the women's game seriously when there has been plenty u15s boys teams thrashing professional women's teams. its a very poor standard and always will be. that's just facts. but am all for them playing and good luck to them but I wouldn't watch them if they were playing out the back door.

22 Oct 2023 23:12:23
No need to thank me raiserheroofe, but your welcome.



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