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25 Mar 2021 12:51:44
I've seen a fair bit of Barry Ferguson bashing here and astonishingly, some massive praise for the likes of Hemdani and Kevin Thomson.

Fergie would walk into today's team as the captain and best player we have. Anyone who doubts that is crazy IMO.

Hemdani was useless for us. Half hearted and talk about sideways? He had a cultured touch and a bit of class but certainly no Rangers great. Dailly should have man marked Arshavin in the final instead of Hemdani getting dizzy watching him from afar.

As for Kevin Thomson, I'd rate him as one of the worst midfielders we have had (in successful times) and a complete personification of McLeish's management style. Wasn't even useful as a hard man, as much as he tries to tell us every week on RTV that he was one. Appalling at football and marginally worse at commentary.

We have had some absolute genius midfielders in recent history. Tugay, Reyna, Fergie, GVB. Our current crop are great but these guys were on a different planet.

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25 Mar 2021 12:58:30
Note, I do often talk nonsense and accept I've done that! KT wasn't a Mcleish player! Just realised that after i'd sent the post. Stand by what I say however, brutal footballer.

25 Mar 2021 13:01:41
What about hamed namouchi.

25 Mar 2021 13:11:31
Fergie was head and shoulders above. Hemdani and thomson were also very good players in there own right. have had far worse midfielders than them 2 anyway. But everybody is entitled to there own opinion. Its not worth taking to heart.

25 Mar 2021 13:19:04
Bang on the money there GRG, Tic got the better deal when Hibs sold Brown and Thomson.

25 Mar 2021 13:36:00
Agree about Ferguson #legend! but I have no idea how you came away with the rest of that drivel. Thompson was a very good Rangers player perhaps not the most memorable but a very technically sound player hampered by injury but can’t believe a rangers fan having a go like that! Hemdani was also a very decent player and Ferguson said himself one of the best midfielders he’s played with.

25 Mar 2021 13:44:43
If you think Thomson is one of the worst midfielders you've ever seen then Sir Walter must be terrible at signing players?
Looks you have just joined the "crazy gang" you talk about. 🙄.

25 Mar 2021 13:52:30
Don't agree regarding Kevin Thompson especially, he played in 2 Rangers championship winning sides and a uefa cup final. We paid hibs 2 million and got it back off Middlesbrough so apart from his wages he was a free transfer.

25 Mar 2021 14:16:38
The year we played bayern and drew 2-2 at ibrox wee fergie was out this world would walk any of our teams.

25 Mar 2021 14:33:12
I don't know where to start with, "As for Kevin Thompson, I'd rate him as one of the worst midfielders we have had"? Oh, I do. Balls! At least you admit you often talk nonsense.

25 Mar 2021 14:34:36
Thomson wasn't my favourite as I always thought he picked up silly bookings for no reason. He got sent off v St Mirren in 2010 for two silly bookings.

However, he wasn't a bad player and actually offered good balance as a left footer. He was a key player in the UEFA Cup season so I think it's a bit harsh to describe him as one of the worst. But it's all about opinions!

25 Mar 2021 14:51:30
Kevin Thomson was a very good player and complimented players like Ferguson and Davis. Thompson was unlucky with injury but was undoubtedly a sound player.

25 Mar 2021 14:58:41
The original question was who from the 2008 team would get into todays team. Taking Davis out because he was in both sides. The midfield 3 of ferguson, hemdani and Thomson would run all over the top of Kamara, Aribo and Jack.

25 Mar 2021 15:00:43
Kevin Thomson was far from one of our worst midfielders! GRG seems to have become an expert on Rangers worst players today! Maybe he didn't see the likes of Namouchi, Kyle Hutton, Ian Black, Amdy Faye, even Joey Barton! KT was head and shoulders above them and many more.

25 Mar 2021 16:12:25
Ferguson Davis and kamara would be my midfeild 3 of
The combined teams. Jack would feel unlucky if he was fit.

25 Mar 2021 16:28:42
KT a really good rangers midfielder for me and just can't understand most of that rant glasgowrangersgooner 🤔.

25 Mar 2021 16:39:12
Ferguson was decent, that's all. It was great players around him which made him look good.

25 Mar 2021 17:22:11
Talking of worst players what about Emerson? 🤦🏻‍♂️.

25 Mar 2021 18:00:57
Aye BIGIKS, i suppose graeme souness,
dick advocaat, walter smith, alex mcleish, mark hughes were all wrong when they all said what a class midfielder baz was 🤔 somehow i don't think so mate, baz was a quality midfielder, don't you worry about that 👌.

25 Mar 2021 18:05:44
Was bayern no 1 each?

25 Mar 2021 18:59:51
Yes Paul86 it was 1 each and I remember being disappointed that we didn't win both those games. That was a cracking Rangers side, one of the best I've seen.

25 Mar 2021 19:12:39
Emerson namouchi mladenovic. jesus.

25 Mar 2021 20:24:07
Barry Ferguson our ex winning captain?

Who’s bashing him?

Barry was a top professional for our club on all levels and anyone skating or bashing him isn’t a Rangers fan and I don’t say that lightly
Barry was a top player top professional and gave his all on the park and too top it off captained the team to 5 premier league titles 5 Scottish cups and 5 league cups won player of the year and got us to uefa final 🤔🤔
can’t agree with original post can’t see anyone bashing Ferguson as a player for Rangers must have been a Tim on winding folk up 🤔🤔.

25 Mar 2021 20:25:02
Can't remember jesus playing for the bears paul86 🤔.

25 Mar 2021 20:27:32
Oh and too top the last post off Barry done it when Celtic were in the league and a strong opposition
how many titles cups etc did brown win when Rangers were in the league and playing line we should be

Not browns fault I know but no way he would have had the succes he had
If our club were not banished to the bottom division and year spent building backup
He was a lucky caption for Celtic in that respect as for my in my honest opinion he would t have won have the trophy’s had that not happened to our club
But again I’ll say not browns fault he got lucky in his career for what happens to us and when it happened.

25 Mar 2021 20:58:55
I'm certainly not worrying about it SGL. Just my opinion, I'll say it again, Ferguson was a decent player.

25 Mar 2021 22:32:40
Jesus. aka Pedro Mendez. Champions League winner.

26 Mar 2021 00:34:49
Did you know anything about Barry Fergus mate, yesterday you were giving it the " oh dear oh dear " about my saying he was one of the greatest midfield players Scotland has seen , yet you didn't respond when coop asked you to name 5 better? Yiur knowledge of Rangers greats leads me to believe your not old enough to know his achievements and how he was miles ahead of his time and played the game against the likes of bayern Munich with his head up and running the show, having the likes of lothar Mathew's, the bayern and Germany captain tied up in knots, until they cheated again against the Rangers, Barry was a boy, captaining many international players, a superstar 👏.

26 Mar 2021 06:52:15
Hahahah sorry if any confusion. i meant jesus christ they 3 were garbage.

26 Mar 2021 10:04:27
Oh dear, oh dear.

26 Mar 2021 13:08:43
And yet you still don’t tell us your knowledge of great players

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.



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