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19 Mar 2021 17:13:55
Right i have said this on another post. But if get it on a thread good see everybodys thoughts. after tims game why not 3 or 4 youngsters in each game to see if they are going to cut it. king etc. Would have been great for barjonas unfortunately he's away on loan. there not going to learn playin covw and such like. Get them in v aberdeen hibs etc.

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19 Mar 2021 17:56:51
Agree paul.

19 Mar 2021 17:57:07
Paul apart from king who else.

19 Mar 2021 18:04:13
Paul hopefully we tank Celtic, if we do I think we will try and go undefeated probably not playing many youngsters. I believe the best young players that would come into the category of being the one’s you want to see are already out on loan. But I’m with you, I’d like to see some young prospects.

19 Mar 2021 18:13:48
I'd like to see more from bassey, Wright and Simpson but I think most of our better youngsters are on loan.

19 Mar 2021 18:34:45
After Celtic on Sunday game would like to see McLaughlin, Bassey, Simpson, Wright, Itten and Roofe given significant and regular game time post split and in Scottish Cup.

19 Mar 2021 18:49:51
Paul 86 agree totally Patterson to continue at right back Leon king to get minutes build confidence and experience great prospect and for me itten would benifet from more starts with good service he will score goals Scott wright as well getting a good run will set him up well for next season and this maybe controversial but for me kemar roofe is way to injury prone and is no where near good enough to be our main forward and average on the right side and after that shocking assault on the Sparta goalie that in my opinion he meant he should be moved on first chance wee get 🇬🇧.

19 Mar 2021 19:37:41
It wasn't a shocking assault mate one on. Clear red, but he has his eyes firmly on the ball there's absolutely no attempt to hurt goalie. Like I said clear red but when you say assault it reads like he meant to hurt him, anybody who has ever played football knows there is absolutely no malice in it.

19 Mar 2021 20:10:32
John i wouldn't have loaned barjonas out would have played him until end of season. Would be great to see how kelly would slot in.

19 Mar 2021 20:21:58
Herewe he did mean it your going for the ball at that height and speed you onow the keeper is coming to I honestly wouldn't play him again its really bad dangerous he seriously assaulted the goalie shockingly bad.

20 Mar 2021 01:02:05
Sir Walter you for real? never play him again 😂 jog on mate its sport. Reckless but never assault that's why a Romanian swat team haven't swooped him out of scotland to face charges. These things haven't do you remember peter cechs head injury?

20 Mar 2021 02:52:37
Here we go

There was nothing but malice in it to get goalie out game. What was worse he was clearly brought on to press for goal and lasted whole 5 mins. Depleted us immensely. Team game but he needs to look at himself and colour of studs perhaps.

20 Mar 2021 03:12:38
Disagree 100%. Like I said a red all day but if u think he's went out to do the goalie there then I really cany agree with that.

20 Mar 2021 05:27:29
Paul, we don’t have the amount of players ready for first team action to play out the season

Rangers are wanting to go unbeaten
Other teams are fighting for survival, Rangers playing kids would simply be wrong
Our season would peter out into obscurity and dismal defeat by hardened pros
I understand your thinking and one or two fine, but there’s a duty to the entire league to play the season out as professional as we can, it’s simply would not be fair on other clubs, or Rangers players wanting to remain undefeated.

20 Mar 2021 06:12:51
. illerbrandwilson. clearly never played the game. he was runming through on goal with eyes on the ball and tried to flick the ball over the keeper. Was a high boot and a sending off. But if you think he deliberately tried to injure the keeper you are an idiot.

20 Mar 2021 07:49:10
Am with herewego55 roofe tackle was stupid and reckless but the guy never meant to hurt the goalie. Red card but saying he shouldn't play again is stupidity. Players get hurt in football it happens.

20 Mar 2021 08:22:13
Shocking challenge and worthy of a long suspension. Has Roofe even come out and apologised for that challenge. Wonder on some on here would have felt had that happened to McGregor.

20 Mar 2021 08:29:28
It was a rash and thoughtless challenge that deserved the card but it was not an assassination attempt .

20 Mar 2021 09:12:17
Horrible outcome to Roofe's challenge and the reason why outside UK any raised foot challenge is outlawed. No intent to injure but still reckless. Another example of poor decision making on the evening alongside leaving Balogun on the pitch when still in the tie.

20 Mar 2021 10:46:27
I would expect Simpson to get more mins after this game but can’t see many youngsters getting mins unless they deserve it that is the only way they should get game time.



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