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01 Mar 2021 15:23:56
I've said it before and I'll say it again. why sell Alfie. if a premier league side comes in for him loan Alfie to them in return for a loaned striker back. if Alfie does the buisness while on loan his price will sky rocket.

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01 Mar 2021 15:37:37
Never in a million years mate.

01 Mar 2021 15:41:18
Just a question mate, what happens if he breaks a leg in first week?

It’s ludicrous to suggest this would happen, absolutely mad, you think rangers would risk a possibility of 20 million to allow him to take a chance he gets through a season for another club, and doesn’t come back to rangers with his reputation, or leg, in tatters, jeez.

01 Mar 2021 15:50:16
We could end up with a donkey in return though?
Better to cash in and try and replace with another gem like he is. 👍.

01 Mar 2021 15:51:40
Loan alfie 🤔 Absolutely no danger DD1980! Can't understand your logic at all here mate 🤔 If he's leaving at all, its for a big transfer fee that ross wilson deems acceptable, for the club, otherwise he stays with rangers which i would be delighted with personally 👍🇬🇧.

01 Mar 2021 15:54:28
Tomthumb, not sure where you've been the last 5 years but this is common practice in football nowadays with players. mmm just thinking we got zungu, Kent just like that didn't we.

01 Mar 2021 16:23:28
This is one of the most ludicrous suggestions that’s ever been on here IMO.

01 Mar 2021 16:24:23
DD yes it’s not common with teams best players so don’t talk rubbish.

01 Mar 2021 16:26:03
My reasoning behind this is look at virgil van dyke, Andy Robertson and the price quoted for John McGinn last season. granted a big sell on claus may be just as good but it's all about maximising his sale price. he goes down to England for 6 months and bangs in 10 goals his price will sky rocket.

{Ed001's Note - Robertson cost less than £10m mate. In fact it is only because all the clauses had to be paid that it has reached £9m now.} Become a Patron!

01 Mar 2021 16:26:07
DD, believe dfference is your suggestion is to loan our star striker and first pick who plays weekly. Don’t believe Zunga or Kent were in that category.

01 Mar 2021 16:35:42
Is this a recurrence of your post where you wanted to losn him out, because if he scored a few we would get 50m for him davie?

01 Mar 2021 16:46:44
Sorry add, although I’m obviously the only one you responded too il answer anyway, there’s not a snowball chance in hell of that happening,

Kent was available on loan about 10 times, he was about 200th in line for a Liverpool place,
Zunga was a basket case they want rid of

Alfredo is Rangers star striker

Bit of a difference there mate.

01 Mar 2021 16:48:14
Not a chance Davie.

01 Mar 2021 16:50:54
DD just for talking sake even tho your suggestion is ludicrous what if he goes down there and has a nightmare what then? I honestly can’t believe anyone would think this is a good idea.

01 Mar 2021 17:11:31
I think you might have something there DD!
Why don't you phone Rangers and ask to speak with a mister Gerrard or Wilson, pitch them your idea and ask them why they haven't thought of it, or pitched it themselves. I'm sure they'll be really receptive mate.
This is where I think they are going wrong. I think the dopey buggers are hoping that Alfie tearing up the Europa league will showcase his talents and clubs will notice him. Mental! Also, I bet they think that playing in the Champs league next season is a fantastic platform for him to perform on, and If he performs, interest will intensify. Crazy! They obviously know nothing!
What do you think?

01 Mar 2021 17:35:21
DD, your in a tight spot here I think.

01 Mar 2021 17:38:25
I’ve been in the real world for the last 5 years DD, were have you been,
Have you asked anyone else were they been, or is it only me you want to know about?

01 Mar 2021 17:58:55
Nah no tight spot bud. were all allowed our opinions. and if predicted he goes down there and smashed it after 6 months. his price sky rockets and whoever said that it's not top players that do that your talking nonsense. They have that model in England quite often and I'm sure if did bit research I could find 2 top players in 2 top teams that this happens to last year. as said tho it's all opinions so no biggy.

01 Mar 2021 18:19:19
A can see what you mean DD but we can’t take the risk of hoping Morelos scores for fun in the epl, but what a will say if teams are paying 40mil for joelinton! 20mil for oli mcburnie, Alfredo Morelos is 100% worth 20mil pounds he would outscore both am sure of that!

01 Mar 2021 18:59:43
DD, what you're suggesting is simply ridiculous mate, if you can't see that, then you have to listen to everyone else
The occasional deals like you talk about happen now and then usually because a player is a problem for one club and they agree a deal with another club basically to get rid, an arrangement is found and a price is negotiated to the appeasement of both partys no club gives away they're 20 million quid asset to try to earn a deal somewhere else, that's just madness mate, don't you see that? Sometimes a player is just no good in a certain club he may be loaned, but there's a reason for that, he's not the number one goalscorer and major asset you comparing Kent and zungu and using childish statements like " were have you been for 5 years " and using mmmm before mentioning Kent is ridiculous given Kent was about 5 miles from Liverpool dressing room, you havnt answered about alfie breaking his legs in game one, or scoring one goal in a season or running away to join the circus, what would Rangers do then?

01 Mar 2021 19:29:49
It was me that said it and I stand by it.

What you are suggesting makes me think you are either drunk or on drugs that is the only reasonable explanation.

01 Mar 2021 19:53:01
IMO Morelos is our most important player for Europe next year.

Sell any two from Barasic, Kent and Kamara and keep Morelos if we can convince him to strut his stuff in the CL.

If he plays as well in the CL as he has in the EL we’ll get £30m easy.

01 Mar 2021 22:03:45
The only players we should be talking about losing is the ones that aren’t good enough for the champions league we have the foundation of a great side we have a great manger if he can convince our best players to buy into what he’s doing and compete on the world stage in the champions league for Rangers then why should we consider selling any of out top players!



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