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26 Feb 2021 07:02:48
As if the Celtic Family aren't already up to their knees in paranoia:-
A pesky European Masonic referee gives us 2 penalties.
And to wind them up even further, Gerrard puts 3 of the CV 5 in the match day squad and then introduces Patterson as a second half sub who makes an immediate impact finishing of a brilliant team move.
The only person more raging than the Tims is sweep1! Fail FailπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

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26 Feb 2021 07:36:02
MrPotatohead your boring me, I've got my reasons for what I said. People like you sit at a keyboard all day with nothing better to do than talk about football while others have actually thought through this C.V. and know professionally the impact it has had, so don't come on here acting the big man because I don't agree with what a football club has decided to do. I'll never forgive peterson and Co no matter what SG says as I have my opinions in life and I'm not a sheep like some.

26 Feb 2021 07:57:20
A bit of topic here mate. Did you see Hasbro, the company involved with the Mr Potato Head toys are going gender neutral and it will now just be called Potato Head.

55 coming home and great Euro performances. Signs of hope in a world gone mad!


26 Feb 2021 08:02:48

26 Feb 2021 08:20:51
Superb post MPH.

26 Feb 2021 08:30:31
Stormtrooper are you and MPH using a laptop and mobile from the same household? You both seem to comment on the same posts and agree on a lot of similar stuff.

26 Feb 2021 08:35:53
Maybe the subs boards will send them ovrr the edge;
16 came on for 90.

26 Feb 2021 08:36:48
I honestly can see both sides to what MPH and sweep1 are saying in their posts! You're correct sweep1,the 5 players and the 2 before them were totally wrong and out of order by breaking the CV protocol rules and the seriousness and danger it could have brought to other, innocent people 😞They were totally, selfish, irresponsible fools, who let our club down badly as well as our management, us the supporters, themselves and their families πŸ‘ŽLets not beat about the bush, they behaved like irresponsible clowns 🀑 I've lost close pals to this terrible C.V. and work in an environment surrounded by it and no you devestating it is. Having said that let's try and drop this horrible bickering subject regarding this C.V. and concentrate more on the football side of things at the famous glasgow rangers πŸ‘πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§.

26 Feb 2021 08:40:46
Oh no CofI, I'll need to change my username and dress in pink 3 days a week! 😳.

26 Feb 2021 08:41:25
C'mon guys quit the bickering, this is the best moment in our footballing life's for a decade, so let's stay together and enjoy it all.

26 Feb 2021 08:47:10
As if you don't dress in pink already.

26 Feb 2021 09:06:26
He keeps referencing my name in his posts, he's like a wee dug with a bone.

26 Feb 2021 09:33:23
These could be good players for us or make us great money in the future. Gerrard is doing it in gers best interests. Plus if we let them go we need to splash cash for replacements doesn't make sense focus on adding a couple quality additions n move on quite afew fringe playersπŸ‘ŒπŸ’™.

26 Feb 2021 09:42:33
Forget it Sweep1 mate, will argue till the cows come home . (never wrong) .

26 Feb 2021 09:51:46
Was that you I kissed in Club Tropicana that night, Orange Tinted? 🀣🀣😘🀣🀣.

26 Feb 2021 09:57:24
SGL - I've always respected your consistent stance on the CV 7. Yours is done from the impact of CV on our daily life whilst others were just worried about the impact of the CV 7 on our title ambitions.
And my stance has never wavered either. How can I chastise others when I break the CV rules every week visiting my parents?
Plus SGL, at no point have you wished Rangers players to fail.
You are one of the most passionate / positive posters on here regarding all things Rangers.
So your opinion I can respect - doesn't mean I have to agree. πŸ‘.

26 Feb 2021 10:59:57
If you put yourself out there to be shot down. Alan Hutton 🀭 and Fail FailπŸ™„.



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